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Judge Not? Don’t Throw Stones?

But in today’s “Christian lite” world, “love” is all that matters. Unfortunately, that love is often a gushy mix of feel-good emotions and a desire for no harm. Today’s “love” strives to create a false unity, where everyone just “gets along” and no one critiques another for his or her failures. This is not Christian love. It is the hippy love of the 60’s where it was believed that if it’s okay with a person, then it’s okay for them and no one should dare to tell them otherwise. That has absolutely nothing to do with love as defined by God. If that was love, then there would have been no need for Jesus to die a terribly brutal death so that we might receive salvation.

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Compromised Christian Leaders

Savage has kept this hidden for 20 years from the public, for his own protection. It was hypocritical and duplicitous. He used his position of authority to overcome a weak-willed woman who looked up to him (2 Timothy 3:6). By his own actions, he has disqualified himself from further professional ministry and should do the right thing. 

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