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Islam Wants to Rule…the World

Muslims want a world in which Sharia Law and dhimmitude work together hand in hand. This will mean that the world goes back to BEFORE the dark ages. Women will be treated as less than furniture. Their husbands will beat them whenever necessary and evil kill them if the “sin” the wife commits calls for it. Women will walk at least three feet behind their husbands and will be required to wear full length burkas, allowing only their eyes to be visible.

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Mosque at Ground Zero Remains in the News

The proponents of this mosque at Ground Zero are liars and they can lie because they are allowed to lie when dealing with infidels. It is their normal, native language. Every time a Muslim mosque is built anywhere in America, it is Islam saying, “Here we have conquered.” They will not stop all by themselves. They will only stop when they are forced to stop. It is up to all true Americans to fight the threat of Islam wherever it is found. To ignore the threat is to voluntarily come under the subjugation (or execution) of Islam.

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Satanic Strategies…

Our newest book – SATANIC Strategies – is currently at the printer and should be available very soon through our own Web site at: and also via

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And they Say Christians are Intolerant!

Kids are raised to believe that it’s only sticks and stones which can inflict real pain and they should ignore it when being called names, or when they come across someone who is intolerant in word. Yet, in the adult world, this is not the case. Tell people today that homosexuality is wrong and possibly go to jail (it’s already happened in Great Britain). Tell people that Jesus Christ is the only way to receive salvation and be accused of being intolerant. If you happen to be a Christian living in Iraq, then you’d also be prepared to give up your life too.

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Obama, Israel, and Arabs…Oh My!

I am amazed at how many people in America seem not to notice what is taking place in our country. They seem totally unaware of the fact that Islam is serious when it says it will one day rule the world through Sharia Law!

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Mark of the Beast?

If the system whereby the Antichrist can make everyone take the mark, is on its way to us, in the guise of worker verification, then maybe other things in the Bible are not so improbable either.

May God open your eyes to the coming holocaust, headed by one man; the world’s final ruler.

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