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Is Society Improving Part Two?

Every day, I hear of people who have passed into eternity, but to what end? I am a student of history. I enjoy studying and learning about the lives of individuals and what life was like 100, 200, 300 or more years ago. My sadness usually bubbles to the top after watching a documentary, no matter how interesting, because I’m always asking the question, “Where are they now?”

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Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

Though this life is often filled with storms, difficulties, and problems, the Christian is on the only path that ends well. Christians, due to their faith in God and His extended grace and forgiveness, will end this life with the greatest reward of all. Our path – and only our path – leads to heaven, where God dwells, where we will not only never sin again, but will never even be tempted to sin. The path that we are on is often difficult because it is opposed to the world’s system. That alone creates the drama, the problems, the issues that normally would not be there and will not exist in eternity.

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You Cannot Forgive More than God Has Forgiven You

Do you want fellowship with God? If you do, you will need to understand just how much your sin cost God. I have to realize the same thing. Friends, we cannot create that knowledge or feeling within ourselves. If you are serious about wanting fellowship with God, it is something He will show you about yourself. You will then see firsthand your sin compared with His love and forgiveness. It will be different for each Christian, but the results should be the same. We should then begin to truly know what love is all about. We will see that there is no love without forgiveness.

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Today I was Reminded that I Have a Sin Nature

In our relationship with God, the fault always lies with us, never God. We are the ones who need to move back toward God. He waits for us and His throne room is always open to us. But we need to move past our pride and be willing to confess our wrongdoing so that He can (and will) receive us back into fellowship.

There will be many Christians who leave this life who never knew that they were out of fellowship with God. They had/have salvation and that’s really all they cared about. They failed to understand that they were supposed to be in relationship with Jesus, a relationship that would expose their sin, bring it to the surface, and allow God to siphon off that “dross.”

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