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Ecclesiastes and Vanity of Life, Part 1

After his brief introduction with verse 1, Solomon gets right to the heart of the matter and does so with vehemence. He wants people (including you and me) to understand that his overarching view of life is that all is futile. While this might make people think that Solomon is completely depressed or at least bereft of any positive view of life, as we continue through the book we realize that this is only true in one sense. It seems clear that Solomon has chosen his open words very carefully. He seeks your attention and craves your indulgence. This is a man who is desperate to teach the truths he has learned. Are you willing to listen?

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All is Vanity Because All is Utter Futility

One day, all will stand before God. Only those who love God (and who have received the only salvation He offers) will be pass the judgment. Even then, loss will occur (though not loss of salvation; 1 Corinthians 3:12). Those who love self more than God will realize that they wasted their entire earthly lives struggling to gain what they were never able to reach. In the process, they will have lived their life totally dedicated not to loving or fearing God, but loving themselves and fearing never finding fulfillment in the things they chased after.

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