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What Can We Expect During the Millennium, Part 5?

It is very difficult for the average person to imagine a society where oppression no longer exists and true, unqualified peace reigns. We would remind readers that this will be the case because of the fact that Jesus will rule with a rod of iron, as the Scripture notes (Revelation 2:27). If Jesus were to ease up restrictions, both oppression and conflict would become a normal part of society then as it is now and has been since the fall of humanity. It is also important to understand that God will have poured out His Spirit upon mankind as He promises to do so in Scripture (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17).

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Do You Remember When You Could Buy Things at Stores?

Brick and mortar stores are having a hard time not only stocking items, but continuing to remain open. I’ve seen many, many hobby shops go out of business because they cannot compete with the low overheard costs of online stores like Amazon. In fact, a guy can open up his own model and toy shop on the ‘Net and just keep everything in his garage. If he has a great-looking, easy to use website, he’ll attract business. For brick and mortar stores, people normally have to go inside them. They look around and decide if and what they’ll buy. Having an online presence also cuts back on shoplifting as it’s extremely difficult to steal from an online store. People still try using stolen credit cards, but usually, their found out before the item(s) ship.

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Russia Supports Syria and US Supports Rebels

The world has never really experienced peace at all and one might argue that since WWI, global tensions have increased. There has always been some conflict, some chaos in various parts of the world. These things exist because of the fact that powerful, egotistical, self-righteous, deviant, thoroughly evil men serve themselves. They have plenty of yes-men and sycophants that are all too ready to do their bidding in exchange for a small piece of the pie and a place in their coming kingdom. They don’t consider eternity though and that is their biggest downfall.

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Politically Correct Problems with the United Nations

The UN wants to accomplish a number of things. It wants an International Criminal Court established in The Hague. They would have the power to arrest and charge anyone in the world and even have the power to remove constitutional rights from Americans. In essence, the UN sees this criminal court as higher than America’s Constitution. America would lose her sovereignty to the UN.

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Out of the Shadows, Pt. 1

I am well aware that there are people who fancy themselves intellectuals of a sort and because of that, they believe they are guided by logic. Logic tells these folks that though our government (or aspects of it) may be corrupt, there is no government behind our government that really pulls the strings. For these people, the plain fact of the matter is that they don’t like anything that smacks of a conspiracy theory because by their nature, conspiracy theories are plainly something that people with tin hats wear. They are the fringe of society, not the mainstream.

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