Russia Supports Syria and US Supports Rebels

February 4, 2016 at 12:09 PM 1 comment

syria-russian-airstrikesIn my last article I talked about “wars and rumors of wars” from Jesus’ Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 (see also Mark 13 and Luke 21). I also discussed the reasons for war and who profits from them. Clearly, the average person does not profit at all. Most of the time, the average person is seriously maimed or just dies, while those pulling the strings in the shadows gain quite a bit in the form of money as well as greater control over the masses.

Wars create fear and bondage. It’s the winning of those wars that makes people feel free, but it’s all an illusion because the results of war never include greater freedoms, but simply the illusion of greater freedom. There comes a huge relief that is often felt at a war’s end, but that tends to dissipate as the hard realities of life after war come into focus. Death toll, a nation’s debt, rebuilding, and even a new cold war are the hard realities of wars and conflicts.

As stated last time, I think it’s more than possible that at some future point, Russia will attack either the U.S., Great Britain, or both. It all seems to be carefully created now, moving us toward that future point. If we consider what is happening right now in the Middle East, the situation there shows that tensions between these two super-powers – the US and Russia – already exists and is worsening.

The United States demanded Thursday that Russia immediately halt its bombing campaign in Syria after a bitter breakdown in peace talks exposed the deep rift between world powers aiming to end the five-year conflict.

That’s something, isn’t it? The U.S. “demanded” Russia stop bombing in support of President Assad. Why? Because the U.S. wants Assad out. Why? Because he is of no value to the globalists who want to control that area of the world with some puppet regime. Assad is not a puppet. Another reason could simply be that Assad is playing his part – ostensibly refusing to kow-tow to the United States and allowing Russia to publicly flex her muscles. This brings public tension between the U.S. and Russia into focus. Remember, all the world’s a stage…

It's raining men from Syria...

It’s raining men from Syria…

Ultimately, it’s a pretty sad situation in Syria where the civilian population of that country reaps the terrible consequences. Oh, and I’m not talking about all those male “refugees” that are being shipped throughout the world. I’m talking about the women and children who are at the mercy of powerful people who continue to create havoc in a nation of largely innocent people and they do so for personal and global gain.

But aside from everything, please do not miss the fact that Russia and U.S. diplomats are calling each other out. We are made to believe that tension between the two countries is increasing and is at best, tenuous, liable to break down at any moment.

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Moscow to halt its bombing of the Syrian opposition in what he said was a “robust” phone call with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov (emphasis added).

Wow, so Kerry had a “robust” phone call with his Russian counterpart? Gosh, I wonder how that exchange went. But no fear, because Kerry clarifies for us.

‘We discussed, and we agreed, that we need to discuss how to implement the ceasefire,’ he said, adding he and Lavrov would speak again later Thursday or on Friday.

What was that, Mr. Kerry? You “discussed” and “agreed” that you need to “discuss” a ceasefire? I see. And you’ve agreed to speak again Thursday or Friday? That’s swell. How many people will die in the meantime? Right, right, these things take time. Got it.

People of Syria are trying to get out. All are just trying to survive. The ones who remain are reduced to eating grass to survive and find makeshift shelter among the rubble, but not to worry because countries like Great Britain, Germany, and the U.S. have all agreed to send money to help. The total pledged so far is around 3 to 4 billion and I wonder where these countries are getting that money? The U.S. has promised (via Kerry) to send just under $900 million. We have that much? Hmm…interesting. Is there any way to follow up on this money to know for certain that it is being sent and that it will be used to help the people of Syria? What do you want to bet that all of this money will make not one bit of difference for the average Syrian? It would not surprise me to learn that no money makes it to Syria, that it is all siphoned off elsewhere. It’s one of the ways agents of globalists are allowed to enrich themselves.

Oh, and not to be outdone, the UN is seeking about $8 billion dollars in aid from numerous countries for the situation in Syria. But I forgot, the UN exists only because of the dollars it receives from various nations, with the lion’s share already coming from American taxpayers. Isn’t that swell? Forgive my jaded outlook, will you? It’s just difficult at times to ignore the things that go on behind the scenes, things that we are told do not exist and anyone who thinks they do wears a tin foil hat.

That aside though, we can probably expect the rhetoric between Russia and the U.S. to heat up and in the end, no agreement will be reached. Bombs and aggression will continue to fly. Of course, more heated words will be tossed into the mix too. Russia will continue its bombing campaign and the U.S. will continue to yell, “Stop, or else!” But because of the disarmament and reduction in our own military, America doesn’t have the teeth to back up its threats. Russia knows this and besides, China supports Russia for the time being, so it would be Russia and China against the U.S.

The fact that China holds most of America’s debt also plays into this. America needs to be careful not to “offend” China or they might stop buying up our debt. If that happens and no one else buys it, a total economic collapse of America’s economy is not far behind. You may recall not too long ago when China started loudly complaining about all of America’s gun violence (as if America is the only country in the world that has any amount of gun violence). The implication is that we “owe” it to China to make America a safer place. Why? Because they hold our debt and I suppose if they decide to visit, they want things to be safe. In the end, with China holding our debt, they have the power to bring America to its knees if we don’t do things their way.

Actually, the situation between China and America mirrors the way the bankers lord it over countries to which they loan heaps of money. The banks are in positions to make demands from the countries that “owe” them. It’s the same nonsense between America and China.

President Obama plays into all of this with his false statements regarding how violent America is with respect to guns. He is simply and dutifully doing what globalists want him to do to create a false narrative. The media then backs him up on it. This is all designed for a specific outcome: greater gun control and even the eventual and ultimate elimination of guns.

You know, once you see how the game is played, it’s really easy to see how much it is continually played. You can’t not see it anymore.

But getting back to the unfolding tragedy in Syria where the Syrian people are being used as pawns in yet another power play by globalists, it seems everyone thinks these problems are solved by talking them out. In a world where theatrics was not a regular part of the daily picture, this might actually be a worthwhile idea. As it is, it is simply nothing more than theatrics, done for those who love a soap opera. The Romans did this to perfection. Talking does not solve anything, in this case. It simply brings the world that much closer to absolute control by globalists.

…the pause in the talks was ‘the right decision’ and [the HNC delegation] called on the United States to help create ‘a balance’ between the opposing delegations to avoid failure in a fresh round.

Right. Got it. More talking. Good. Verbiage and talking the talk. Nothing more because it’s all for show and to bring about more needed change in the world.

‘There needs to be pressure from the Americans on the Russians…’

Yes, Russia needs to be provided with more reasons to hate the United States and it needs to be done publicly so that when a nuclear strike against the United States occurs, there will have been a trail leading up to it. People won’t be surprised and will say, “Yeah, America was not fair where Russia was concerned. They pushed too hard and were hypocrites during the process.”

In fact, this is exactly what was done during WWII where Stalin (Russia) and Hitler were concerned. Originally, they were tentative partners, but then Russia sided with the Allies against Hitler. Imagine that. It’s all a game, folks. Question: how many globalists lost their lives during WWI and WWII? None. Question: how many military personnel and average people lost their lives during WWI and WWII? Millions.

There is no good reason why the United States should be negotiating here especially when we support the rebel factions against President Assad. There is a clear lack of impartiality because of America’s indirect (some would say, direct), involvement in the crisis. That’s like using a guy who is robbing your house to negotiate against another thief who is throwing stones at your house. It’s just asinine to even think that this is what intelligent adults allegedly do and the world accepts it generally speaking. It’s all Hegelian.

And what about the UN? Don’t they have people who might have the appearance of impartiality that could be used to negotiate here? What is the actual purpose of the UN if countries are supposed to negotiate directly with other countries? For what is the UN receiving all of our tax dollars?

The balance needs to change, at least so it can be equal between the government and the opposition so each side can then make compromises.

Now, isn’t that some sage advice? Wouldn’t it be better if the globalists stayed out of things in the first place? They can’t. They’re the ones who cause these problems, conflicts and constant chaos. They’re the ones who are always upsetting the apple cart and they do so because it serves their purposes (of course, it ultimately serves Satan’s purposes, the beyond that ultimately brings God glory because of how He will eventually deal with it all).

It is mind-boggling that there needs to be this much tension, discord, wars, and rumors of wars in the world. It’s artificial all because one specific group wants to be kings of the hill we call earth. If it weren’t for them, the world would actually have peace.

The world has never really experienced peace at all and one might argue that since WWI, global tensions have increased as a constant. There has always been some conflict, some chaos in various parts of the world. These things exist because of the fact that powerful, egotistical, self-righteous, deviant, thoroughly evil men serve themselves. They have plenty of yes-men and sycophants who are all too ready to do their bidding in exchange for a small piece of the pie and a place in their coming kingdom. They don’t consider eternity though and that is their biggest downfall.

The rest of us have to deal with their constant egoism and the distress they create globally because of it. What a day it will be when all wrongs will be righted and all who oppose God will have their day of judgment. I would hope and pray that at least some of them would recognize their folly and repent of their odious ways. Unfortunately for too many of them, their egos will not allow it.

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