Russia is Seriously in Bed with China By Accepting the Yuan Instead of Dollar

February 4, 2016 at 3:05 PM

petrodollarIt’s amazing how quickly things progress in the world, isn’t it? Just this morning, I posted several articles – here and here – regarding a possible nuclear first strike by Russia against the U.S., Great Britain, or both (but probably just against the U.S.), and the increasing tension between Russia and America over the conflict in Syria. Now here’s another development that proves that Russia and China are getting serious over their “bromance,” financially speaking.

It’s been a while in coming, but Russia via Putin has been wanting to dump their dependence on the dollar for some time. Since the days of Richard M. Nixon and because of him specifically, the U.S. dollar stopped being backed by gold and switched to being backed by Saudi Arabia’s oil. It has since been known as the “petro dollar.” This meant that virtually every nation that wanted to buy oil from Saudi Arabia needed to convert their money into dollars. This meant that the dollar was always in circulation and its inherent “value” was always there because of it.

But nations started to chafe under the pressure of having to convert their currency into the dollar in order to do business with the Saudis over oil. It was very beneficial for both America and the Saudis, but not so much for everyone else. The dollar – since Richard Nixon’s presidency – has been top dog currency.

That’s all changing. Putin has wanted to move away from Russia’s dependence on the dollar for some time and he’s made that known. It also helps that Russia has also been able to increase its own crude oil production and is now exporting a good deal of that crude to China.

Russia is now the top crude exporter to China, the largest (or second largest, depending on whom you ask) oil demand growth country in the world, Russia Insider writes.

This is an interesting, if not unexpected, turn of events. We could say that this is the official start of the toppling of the U.S. dollar as the main currency in the world market.

Now the Saudis find themselves neck and neck with Moscow for the lead in Chinese market share, with both performing in the 13-16% range. But Russia’s share continues to rise, as [the Saudis] struggles to maintain a foothold.

The article goes onto state that the real reason this has occurred likely has to do with the fact that Russia is very willing to receive payment from the Chinese in the form of their own national currency, the yuan, whereas as stated, nations which purchase oil from Saudi Arabia must convert their currency into dollars. However, it’s not just China and Russia that are working together to bypass the dollar.

Iran and India announced last month that they intend to settle all outstanding crude oil payments in rupees, as part of a joint strategy to dump the dollar and trade instead in national currencies.

The article asks what this could mean for the United States and simply says, it’s anyone’s guess. In reality, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the globalists are pulling the plug on America. When Nixon made his original deal with the Saudis, it was thought he actually saved the dollar. Of course, the problem is that gold is far more valuable than oil. In any case, Nixon was simply doing what the powers that be wanted him to do knowing full well that it would be decades before the true results of his deal with the Saudis would come home to roost. Unfortunately, we are now seeing the results of his deal.

If the U.S. dollar loses its global value, with one nation after another refusing to no longer prop up the dollar by having to convert their currency into dollars so they can purchase oil from the Saudis, then the Saudis will have a choice to make. Either they will be forced to accept a nation’s own currency as payment for crude oil exports or they will lose business. It appears as though Russia’s expansion of oil production is putting them in the right spot to make a difference globally.

It is also interesting to note that not long ago, Israel discovered huge supplies of oil and gas reserves just off-shore. Could it be that this will be at least one of the catalysts for the eventual Northern Invasion spoken of Ezekiel 38-39?

We also need to remember that President Obama’s administration has put a kibosh on the Keystone Pipeline as well as new oil exploration in this country. He’s done so for “environmental” reasons, but in actuality, it’s more likely he was simply told to do that because people like Warren Buffet would lose money if his train tracks were not used to haul oil and other things from one place to another throughout America and Canada. In effect then, if the Keystone Pipeline had been built, it would bypass Buffet’s trains. Like any good multi-billionaire, he doesn’t want to lose any money even if the pipeline means jobs for quite a few Americans. It’s not the environment that said no to the pipeline. It’s the potential loss of millions of dollars to a friend of globalists. Trains are currently being used to haul oil and natural gas and there have been numerous accidents and problems (including explosions) of train cars that created havoc with the environment. Read the linked article for more information.

It seems at all turns, efforts are underway to bring America to its knees. This is the greatest country ever and yet, it is being systematically dismantled. Why is that? It would appear to be the case because globalists have made tons of money from American corporations. These are the same globalists who are pushing a socialist government in various places of the world and want one here in America as well. Socialism is their preferred government for everyone but themselves. They will maintain their use and reliance upon capitalism.

So are we starting to see the beginning of the end? I think so. My heart goes out to my children and future generations, however many there will be before the Lord’s return. If people would only look at the big picture, which includes the following (not exhaustive):

  • people being shifted from “war-torn” third world areas of the world to westernized nations
  • America’s government being more and more restricting
  • implementation of more gun control laws
  • more freedoms removed from average citizens
  • a push toward socialist medicine in the U.S. and elsewhere
  • lawlessness at many levels of the government
  • open borders from U.S. to Mexico
  • searches and seizures in the U.S. becoming the norm (TSA, NSA, etc.)
  • nations rejecting the dollar as world currency
  • increase in welfare recipients
  • high unemployment
  • a “recession” that won’t go away
  • high-tech jobs being moved from America to other nations

There’s more, but this should give you a good idea. Globalists appear to be almost done with America. They’ve taken what they want; money, resources, jobs, technology, and enriched themselves and relocated jobs out of America to other nations where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other alphabet agencies of America have no pull and exercise no control. China is one of the worst polluters in the world and no one says anything about that, not the UN, not anyone. Yet, in spite of the numerous railway accidents this nation has experienced related to crude oil and natural gas in the last few years, not to mention what the EPA itself has done to pollute parts of Colorado and elsewhere, American businesses are being hammered by government agencies in the name of the environment.

Our nation has trillions of dollars in debt that we will never be able to repay. Since the Breton Woods Conference, America has gone into debt. The belief that at some point we were “out of debt” was merely an illusion. Some of this debt was accrued during President Obama’s term while some was accrued during George W. Bush’s term. Yet, people still believe that President Obama has done really well. You cannot discuss anything with people like this because they’re blind to reality.

The next president – whoever it is – will inherit the current financial mess. He/she will also have to deal with the problems facing the U.S. dollar and like others, I believe the course of action taken will be to dump the dollar and adopt a new currency. That currency will either be the new world order’s chosen currency or a step toward that. In either case, I think we can start playing taps for the American dollar and quite possibly for America as well. But God still saves individuals and likely because of the problems faced by this country, more people will come to see their need for a Savior. Though they may lose much here in this life, in America, they will gain life eternal.

The people behind the scenes who have done what they’ve done to take control of the world have done so because they worship money and themselves. They have become exceedingly evil because they have given themselves over to abject evil. Satan works in and through them and they have their “reward” now. Their ultimate fate will be handed down to them when they leave this life.

These globalists are remorseless. They have no qualms about doing what they feel they need to do when it comes to their own self-aggrandizement. They don’t care when millions lose their lives in a pointless war. They don’t care when thousands lose their lives in a harbor attack on sailors and other military personnel who are not prepared because they were never told of an impending attack. They don’t care when a few thousand souls die because of hijacked planes flown into buildings even though they had the power to stop it, but instead not only allowed it but gave it their “blessing,” all for the greater good, their good. Though they have gained much in this life, they will lose their life in eternity.

Since the fall of humanity, Satan has been determined to take over this world. Clearly, he needed a group of people who were so sold out to him that no vestiges of their conscience would ever be a problem for him and his goals. In exchange for the fact that they sold out to him completely, he gave them wealth beyond measure and with it, power to bring his goals and aspirations to fruition.

We need to remember that God is still sovereign and in charge. He allows Satan the long leash to do what he can to bring his plans to fruition, plans that are designed to take a stab at God in Christ the very day and hour He returns to this world. There is a very good reason that we do not know when that day or hour is because if we knew, Satan would know. As it is, Satan can guess but he cannot know.

In the meantime, Satan works diligently and right now we see the results of it. A world that is being crippled by the actions of globalists who seek only their own best interests, not yours. It is for that reason that America is suffering as it is suffering and why our current “recession” will continue until we are ready to join with other nations to form a global, more “perfect” union of nations.

The longer it takes America to cast our lot in with the global players, the worse our economy will become. It’s a form of blackmail that globalists have used repeatedly in order to gain control over nations. It’s taking longer with the United States because of our Constitution. Eventually, elected officials will set it aside, for America’s own good, of course, and join up with other nations as we move toward a fully cemented global union of nations, all sharing one currency and one direction.

Interested in more reading on this subject? Check out “Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System,” by Jerry Robinson. In it, you’ll learn the basics and why the dollar is really on “loan” to the United States via the Federal Reserve. You’ll learn about the Breton Woods Conference of 1944, along with Nixon’s ending of that agreement in 1971. You’ll also learn about the coming collapse of the petrodollar system as explained by Robinson.

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