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Why Does the World Hate Christians, Part 3?

The world is going to hate us. If you – as a Christian – have no enemies, you are either living in a cave, hiding your “light” in a cave, or you have tried too hard (and succeeded) in catering to the world’s attitudes so that they will “like” you. I’m certainly not saying we should go looking for trouble (although some Christians do) because trouble will eventually find us. Satan knows we’re here. He hasn’t lost sight or track of us. God will at various points allow him to stoke the fires of hatred, animosity, and persecution in our lives from time to time. This is for our growth as well as His glory and it is oftentimes how He brings people to Him.

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The Oslo, Norway Massacre and the Wheat and the Tares

I am truly sorry that so many people died and so many lives were affected by the selfish and insane actions of a man who apparently believed he was doing what God wanted him to do. The sad fact of the matter is that not only was he not doing what God wanted done, but it can be accurately stated that he was doing what Satan wanted done. His actions prove that he is not an authentic Christian. He is a Tare, being used of Satan to not only cause suffering in the world, but also to help create a situation throughout the world in which authentic Christians will come under a growing persecution because of the misperceptions of the world and the lies they have bought into regarding the true nature of Christians and Christianity.

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