Media: Soft on Muslims

May 6, 2010 at 12:56 PM

Shahzad attempted to kill "infidels"

I’ve noticed this for quite some time.  When the media is referencing Muslims or Islam, they often tend to tread very lightly.  Why?  It’s simple.  They know that out there somewhere are Muslims with that jihadist mentality like Faisal Shahzad, who has absolutely no qualms about killing “infidels.”  Anyone who speaks ill of Muhammad, or Allah is considered an “infidel,” and someone who is liable to be executed for their rudeness.

Did you read that?  If someone speaks ill of Muhammad or Allah, it is perfectly fine for any Muslim to kill them.  It is permissible under Islamic Law (Sharia Law).  In a video related to Shahzad, an unnamed individual is quoted as saying:

Terrorists come from religions that preach hate – that is easy to say. When a religion says our way is the only way, everyone else is going to hell – it becomes easier for a terrorist to kill non-believers since they are going to hell anyway. His god doesn’t like them, so what’s the harm in killing them? These people are innocent men, women & children – but hey my god is going to roast these same innocents, isn’t he? Isn’t that what bible thumpers believe? What is the new earth? An earth where 5 billion innocents pay with their lives simply because they don’t have the same beliefs as yours? Funny that, the man who kills innocents is evil but an entity that sends billions of innocents to hell is a “god”?

“Beware of the follower who says he is just a solider of god – for when the king says kill, the soldier must do so – even if the victim is a woman, child or a baby! The soldier bears no responsibility. It is easy then for a conman to manipuate brain-washed soldiers like these & send them out to do “god’s” work. I am not condoning what this nutcase has done – simpy saying that terrorists usually come from King ReligionsReligions that make the follower a subject/slave/servant at the service of his lord. Beware of those religions that ask you to kneel to god, Fear god, beg for his mercy. People who do that lose their freedom, becoming slaves of this master who promises salvation. The fact that he is sending billions of innocents to hell doesn’t matter. Then a terrorist is born

What has just been stated above is interesting to say the least.  The sections in red highlight his points.  Obviously, the individual is referencing the Christian religion.  But notice also how this person attempts to draw a comparison between what Shadzad did and what it is believed that Christians do?  He stated, “Funny that, the man who kills innocents is evil but an entity that sends billions of innocents to hell is a “god”?”

The person speaking is attempting to say that this “god” is more evil than Shadzad, or anyone who acts as he does, in which innocent lives are taken.  The point though is that IF God ALLOWS (not SENDS) people to end up in hell solely because of decisions THEY made, that is not evil at all.  If God has provided the means whereby people can AVOID hell, but they refuse to take Him up on that, then how is God to blame for that?

On the contrary, people like Shahzad are culpable for their own crimes (or attempted crime in this case).  In essence, Shahzad is acting like a god, by deciding who lives and who does not, but of course, without the omnipotence that makes God who He is as God.

Nonetheless, the problem of how the media deals with and treats Muslims and Christians is apparent.  Dr. Michael Youssef pointed out in an article recently that the reason the media treats Muslims with kid gloves and literally goes after Christians has to do with one word:  cowardice.

Youssef explains, “Fear of Islamic swift retribution and retaliation has kept the secular media in the West hiding in their proverbial foxholes. Ever since the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard ignited a worldwide firestorm with his depiction of the Islamic prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, members of the western media have been falling over themselves to praise Islamic ideologies.

In short, the media FEARS what members of Islam’s ‘religion of peace’ will do, so they avoid going head to head with them.  They avoid fanning the flames where Islam is concerned because they are afraid of what will happen.  This is not journalism, but is as Youssef states, cowardice.

Attacking Christians as a matter of course for causing every ill in society — from the economic crash to every form of bigotry — has become not only fashionable but desirable. You need only to read the BBC’s website on any given day and you will find countless examples of condemnation of Christians around the globe. For instance, take the case of a government registrar who refused to deny her Christian conviction by performing a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple. In contrast, you will find only praise for the courage of Muslims who fulfilled their religious duty by going to the Hajj while braving the threat of Swine Flu.

It is safer to pick on Christians. After all, the essence of their faith is love, forgiveness, and peacemaking. They would never respond in similar fashion to their Muslim counterparts. ” (emphasis added)

This is unfortunately true.  While there ARE extremist Christians (and we have mentioned that before in this blog), that take it upon themselves to kill a doctor who performs abortions, or in their attempts to destroy an abortion clinic, by and large, most Christians would never even consider doing what many Muslims do on a daily basis.  The Christian does not believe that by taking up arms (or a knife) and literally killing someone who offends the God of the Bible is what that God would have us do.  If that was the case, there would be FEW people left in this world since it is extremely common to hear someone take either God’s Name in vain, or God the Son’s Name in vain.  It is common place in societies throughout the world.

What would happen though if the god of the Muslim world became a swear word?  Can you imagine it?  It would become a full-time, round the clock job killing all the infidels who used their god’s name in vain!  As Youssef states, it is easier to pick on Christians, extremely so.  You think I’m exaggerating?  Youssef’s article goes on to point out a brief conversation with a Muslim, “Back in 1981 when I met someone conveniently labeled (in the West) as a “militant Muslim,” his complaint to me was that “Christians are cowards.” When I inquired as to his reasons he simply said, “the name of Jesus is used as a swear word in the movies and on TV.” When I asked for his advice for Christians, he replied: “They should kill every actor and producer who would blaspheme their Jesus.” (emphasis added)

These actors and producers are not Christians, by and large.  If they ARE Christians and they can use Jesus’ Name in vain because it is “in the script,” shame on them!  So this Muslim (and I’m sure many more) believe that people should be killed for using Jesus’ Name in vain.  I don’t.  I would rather leave it in God’s hands.  Yet, it is precisely because I think like this that I am branded a coward by at least some Muslims.  What I do is not cowardice.  It is being obedient to the God I worship.

It is obvious the media knows how Christians will respond to any given situation.  It is easy to hold Christians up to ridicule because they speak out against sin of all types, including homosexuality, or because they stand by their convictions to not marry a same-sex couple.  The media can play that up big time because they not only know that multitudes will agree with them, but Christians themselves will do nothing, except continue to turn the other cheek.  God says vengeance is His and He will repay.  He does not tell me that I must avenge myself, or that other Christians must do that.  He will take care of it.  My job as a Christian is to spread the good news, salvation from Jesus Christ, which ALLOWS people to completely bypass hell.

When the media is dealing with jihadist Muslims, they tread very lightly because they do not want to be marked for death themselves.  This is the way it was during much of the Roman Empire, when Christians were blamed for this or that, and especially during the reign of Nero, when even though he set the fire to burn Rome, to deflect problems, he pointed to the Christians.  They were unmercifully set upon, tortured and killed for something that they did not do.  Had Nero pointed to Muslims (which of course did not exist at that time, but for the sake of argument, let’s say they did), they would have fought back.

What people fail to realize is that it is God who is the only One who has the right to avenge anything.  Only He is perfect, righteous, just and holy.  We are nowhere near it.  We are fallen creatures, who have invited sin into God’s perfect Creation.  We all deserve nothing less than hell, but because of God’s perfect love, He has provided a way in which we might not only avoid hell, but live with Him in eternity.

To read the rest of Dr. Youssef’s article, see it here:

Fear is a powerful fact of life. Whether it is the fear of acts of terrorism or fear of incurring the wrath of Islamic investors, both can be easily exercised with impunity.

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