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Mr. Obama’s Answer to His Debt Problem: Raise Taxes

I know the arguments. I realize that liberals and socialists believe that taxing the heck out of the rich is what needs to happen in this country. While yes, that will certainly bring in more to the Federal coffers, it will actually hurt the struggling economy. If the rich are taxed more, they will be far less inclined to create jobs within the companies and corporations they own.

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Byron Katie and Her New Agisms

It is absolutely incongruous to me how the same lie can be repeated so often in so many different forms. Each time, it attracts new people and confirms old ones. Each time, people stand in awe of the absolute prattle that is newly boxed and distributed as if it is the first time it has been stated. These folks are not interested in God at all, so in the end, He gives them over to themselves. That is certainly not what He prefers, but it is what those people prefer. In the end, He will certainly grant them the desires of their heart even if it means that He will let them go whistling down the path that leads to destruction. He does not want that, but He will allow it. I pray that is not the case for you.

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A Muslim Responds to John Esposito

Mahmud’s response to Esposito’s diatribe against the west and those who have woken to the fact that Islam itself – when taken literally as a growing number of Muslims are doing – can be extremely dangerous. It is certainly an article that is worth reading and one that will not likely ever be seen on websites devoted to lying to America.

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Obama Jobs Bill is Just Another Stimulus Package…

As Democrats and Liberals will attest, this “jobs bill” – which must be passed right away, according to Mr. Obama – is the next best thing to buttered bread. They will point out that new jobs will be created and that of course is a good thing.

What they will dutifully ignore is the fact that this so-called jobs bill does not create long term, new, private sector jobs with staying power. All it does is give more government money (tax payer dollars) to state and local governments so that more teachers, police, and fire fighters can be hired.

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Moving Out!

Today, we head out to Georgia, because we believe that this is where the Lord is leading us.  Why?  We’re not really sure yet, but He will obviously make things clear as time moves on.

For those Christians (I’m talking authentic here), who read this blog, please pray for us as we travel across the lower states.  We would appreciate it.

On a quick note, I recall how any atheists make comments that denigrate God’s plan.  In other words, they don’t like the “fatalistic” aspect of it (as they see it).  They like to think that they have “free will.”

The reality is that NO ONE has absolute free will anymore, if the Bible is true.  Once sin entered the human race, free will also became corrupted.  Because of that, it is impossible to choose NOT to sin on an ongoing basis.   Our free will is not like what it used to be, therefore, we are under the mercy of sin and its corruptible influence.

But with respect to the idea that believing in a God who has everything planned out being fatalistic, what a bunch of hooey!  It’s HIS world.  It’s HIS Creation.  I know that Deists don’t think of God being a personal Being who is involved in the affairs of humanity, but the truth is that if not for God, mankind would have destroyed ourselves eons ago.

People always say crap like, “If God is so loving, how can there be evil in the world?”  People exist and they have some control over their lives.  It’s not as though every thought or action is predetermined by God.  His GOALS and PURPOSES will prevail and He will use people to accomplish those things, but in doing so, people are still culpable for the problems they cause.

When it comes to “free will,” we have choices certainly, but many of those choices are made within the scope of our ow corruption.  God is not to blame for that – people are to blame.

But take the atheist’s side for a moment.  In general, they believe no God, therefore no plan.  No plan, absolute free will.  Absolute free will still results in death.  Death results in annihilation.  Wow, what an exciting life to think about.  In the end, absolutely NOTHING matters at all.  Not one thing.  All comes to nothing, including the human soul.  That’s the biggest load of garbage that I can think of, yet atheists are actually arrogant about it, believing that they have THE truth and are simply adult enough to recognize it.

Well, we are on our way to Georgia, because we believe God is leading us there.  Why?  Not sure, but we are sure that He will inform us when we get to that point.

If no God exists, there is no plan.  No plan equals nothing.  I can imagine the sense of false exhilaration that atheists come to see within themselves over this idealized notion that they will never answer to anyone.  It’s the highest form of SELF worship.  They really believe they are their highest authority and it is difficult for them to not become egotistical about it.  After all, they have “arrived” to the realization that life has an absolute end and regardless of how they live their lives here and now, it will not matter later.

Oh and they have nothing to base this on, except their own thinking.  They have somehow proven to themselves that God is a figment of people’s imagination, used to subjugate and conquer other people.  Mind you, they really have NO proof at all and they will be the first to say that you cannot prove a negative.  Nonetheless, they have found a way to PROVE it to themselves (that God does not exist).  They would argue that they have found no proof that God DOES exist, so in the absence of that, they find no reason to believe in God.  It’s a different side of the same coin.  Ultimately, they are extremely comfortable in their BELIEF that God does not exist, so they go with that.  In the end, because of their arrogant confidence, they have simply found a way to prove to themselves that God does not exist.

In the large scope of things, we have authentic Christians who use faith to believe that God IS and HE is a rewarder of those who seek Him.  We believe that there is life after death and those who KNOW Him will be saved and those who reject Him will not.  In essence then, there are two options for every person.

For the atheist, there is ONE option.  This life, then nothing.  I have had numerous atheists tell me that the idea of a God who has planned things out presents a problem for them because they view that as a pretty “sad” state of affairs.  Instead, they have come up with a rather breath-taking scenario.  There is this life, in which they believe they are captains of their own fate, and then there is the next part after this life, which equals going out of existence.  I realize that they will say that if you don’t exist, you have no knowledge of it, therefore, it’s not sad proposition.  At that future point, that would be true.  However, living your life under the spectrum of knowing that not one thing you do in this life has any eternal value is completely absent of anything goodIn fact, it can put a huge pall over this life, which, interestingly enough, causes arrogance and pride in the atheist.  What else have they got?

At any rate, we are glad God controls our life.  We cannot see all things.  We do not know the end result of all the objectives.  He does and His choices for us represent His best for us.  We are extremely grateful.

Oh, and to any atheists reading this, don’t waste your time responding.  It won’t be posted.  We both recognize that we are on opposites of the fence and to enter into any form of discussion is nothing less than an acrimony-filled debate.  I have better things to do with my time, and even though nothing you do in this life matters, surely you have better things to do with your time.



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Mr. Obama Seems to Lack the Understanding Needed to Reduce Debt

What a leader we have in the Oval Office. I think if he had his druthers, he would play all day and do nothing for this country, which if true, is a pretty sad state of affairs. There is virtually no leadership coming from the Oval Office. All we are getting are platitudes and buck passing. It needs to stop, but I just get the strong impression that the man who sits in his office on the second floor of the White House, above the Oval Office, could absolutely care less about what happens to this country or its economy. Such is the problem when everything is given to someone. They wind up caring about nothing except what pleases them. Unfortunately, this is not the job description of the president of the United States, at least, until this particular president took office.

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An Open Letter to Our Governmental Leaders

This government and country has plenty to lose if they continue on their current path of Israeli rejection. Would the situation in this country change if our leaders began to support Israel? I believe it would, but there is no way to know unless our leaders actually turn to support Israel.

So, to our nation’s leaders, I am asking you that you join the ranks of all the other politicians of our country who currently support Israel. Join with them to stave off God’s judgment. If you don’t, then we can expect worse things to come. Are you ready to accept blame for them? Whether you are or aren’t ready, it makes no difference to God. He has revealed what it takes to be blessed and He has revealed what it takes to be cursed. We are being cursed now. Let’s try reaching out for His blessing instead. What do you say?

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Governments Turn Blind Eye to Islam’s Encroachment

It is amazing to see. Islam is making tremendous inroads throughout areas in Europe and the governments of countries being affected seem to be doing little to nothing to stop that encroachment. “No-Go Zones” in the UK and other places are becoming commonplace. These zones warn “infidels” (non-Muslims) that they had better stay out on pain of facing the brutality of Islam. Muslims in these areas treat these places as if they built them and as if they support them. They do this while their hands are stretched out, palms up, expecting the government handouts and entitlements.

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Activist Kevin Jackson responds to Carson’s Tea Party slander

Kevin Jackson responds to Carson’s Tea Party rant…

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Paul Weston Speaks at the Amsterdam Rally for Free Speech

Paul Weston Speaks at the Amsterdam Rally for Free Speech Against Islam

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