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MK Ultra and the Modern Zombie

IF the Bible is true and there is going to be a man that the Bible calls by various names and is known as the Antichrist, then it also stands to reason that Satan would have all of his minions working to create a society in which everyone is moving toward the same goal. Interestingly enough, that goal – though one main goal – is multi-facted simply because people are that. Not all people enjoy music. Not all people like watching movies. Satan has something for everyone and he is using people to bring everything to a head.

I really think that the overall depth and magnitude of all of this is too impossible for one human being to fully comprehend. We can gain insight into bits and pieces of it, but it is very difficult to grasp the full picture. It’s simply too convoluted and too fragmented for us, yet is perfectly understandable for those who are or have been involved in it in some form.

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Old World Order and the White Dragon Society

So how did all of this begin and where is it possibly headed? According to Fulford, the answer is clear. “The main plot line, for those of readers who still do not have the big picture, goes back to the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944. At that time England, France and the US were supposed to run the global financial system for a 50-year period ending in 1994. However, in the 1950’s it became clear these countries were not going to keep their promises of Marshal Plans to develop Asia and Africa. Instead they wanted to finance a dialectical fake ‘cold war’ between the Soviets and the ‘Western World,’ in order to benefit the military, oil and related industries.”

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Hucksters, Charlatans, and Religious Con Artists

Authentic Christians have untold wealth at our disposal. Unfortunately for many people, this wealth is in the spiritual realm and it touches our spirits. It is not in the physical realm and it does not fill out bank accounts.

God will provide for us based on our true needs. We do not need to be rich and God has never promised to make us rich, physically. He has only promised to make us rich spiritually. There is a huge difference and it needs to be understood. God will not be mocked and the days of the televangelist huckster is coming to a close. I can only say, thank God for that!

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Mr. Obama’s Answer to His Debt Problem: Raise Taxes

I know the arguments. I realize that liberals and socialists believe that taxing the heck out of the rich is what needs to happen in this country. While yes, that will certainly bring in more to the Federal coffers, it will actually hurt the struggling economy. If the rich are taxed more, they will be far less inclined to create jobs within the companies and corporations they own.

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Byron Katie and Her New Agisms

It is absolutely incongruous to me how the same lie can be repeated so often in so many different forms. Each time, it attracts new people and confirms old ones. Each time, people stand in awe of the absolute prattle that is newly boxed and distributed as if it is the first time it has been stated. These folks are not interested in God at all, so in the end, He gives them over to themselves. That is certainly not what He prefers, but it is what those people prefer. In the end, He will certainly grant them the desires of their heart even if it means that He will let them go whistling down the path that leads to destruction. He does not want that, but He will allow it. I pray that is not the case for you.

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A Muslim Responds to John Esposito

Mahmud’s response to Esposito’s diatribe against the west and those who have woken to the fact that Islam itself – when taken literally as a growing number of Muslims are doing – can be extremely dangerous. It is certainly an article that is worth reading and one that will not likely ever be seen on websites devoted to lying to America.

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Obama Jobs Bill is Just Another Stimulus Package…

As Democrats and Liberals will attest, this “jobs bill” – which must be passed right away, according to Mr. Obama – is the next best thing to buttered bread. They will point out that new jobs will be created and that of course is a good thing.

What they will dutifully ignore is the fact that this so-called jobs bill does not create long term, new, private sector jobs with staying power. All it does is give more government money (tax payer dollars) to state and local governments so that more teachers, police, and fire fighters can be hired.

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