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Muslims Work Against Lowe’s and Christians Join the Circus

I saw a few videos on a web site that highlighted the situation that is transpiring against Lowe’s. Of course, the videos in question focused on at least one Lowe’s in Dearborn, MI. This is the city where the show “All-American Muslim” is aired.

People are upset because Lowe’s had the mendacity to pull their advertising. Lowe’s essentially objects to the show for its inaccurate portrayal of Islam. did the same thing this past week, stating essentially that the show “sucks” but so far, I haven’t heard of any protesting toward Kayak.

What is interesting is what is coming out of the mouths of people who are protesting Lowe’s. Of course, there is the same ol’ rhetoric from Muslims about people being absorbed with “Islamaphobia” (as if Islam itself is a good thing). I expect those people to be there. But what’s surprising are the numbers of individuals who were labeled as being “Christians” on the videos by news reporters.

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This is Double Speak by Government Officials at the Highest Level

Christians are to participate in the process and while we are participating, we need to use every situation as a means of explaining the gospel of grace to those who have probably heard it a million times, but maybe…just maybe…this one time, God will choose to open that person’s eyes. If a person is breathing, it’s not too late. Once they take their last breath, it’s game over. As Christians, if we cannot use every opportunity as a means to spread His Word, then we are doing something wrong.

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Combating Intolerance via Hillary Clinton…and Ridiculing Christians on SNL

Now though, we have organizations like the U.N. who want to legislate morality. Our government’s been trying to do that for generations. I’m not saying that laws should not be in place. I’m simply saying that when the government delves into the area of decided what people can and can’t say, then something is wrong. Yes, there is a problem with society, but history has shown that the government cannot correct that problem and usually wind up adding to it with their plethora of laws and rules.

All of this is to say that the world will not be perfect until Jesus Himself returns to right it. I won’t get an apology from the people at Saturday Night Live (or NBC), Christians will continue to be fair game for anyone who wants to take a pot shot at us, and Muslims will continue to be catered to if for no other reason than the fact that no one wants them to become angry.

Welcome to “civilization,” 2012…

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Islam, Chrislam, and the Muslim Brotherhood

It’s interesting though, isn’t it, that many people in the United States have no problem with Mr. Obama’s involvement in the wars of Northern Africa – Tunisia, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, and more, when he sent the military in. What he has essentially accomplished with his “kinetic military action” is to simply remove dictators so that the people would need to fend for themselves and watch the Muslim Brotherhood and other hardline Islamic groups rise to to top. The people of these countries will not be better off and in fact, Christians are being burned out of their homes and their churches throughout Egypt, yet while Mubarak ruled, they enjoyed some semblance of peace. No so any longer because militant Islamists have no room for anyone in Egypt who is not at the very least sympathetic with Islam. Time to eradicate because there’s no one to stop them.

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No Wonder Sheriff Joe Arpaio is Not Liked by Mr. Obama…

Imagine if the Democratic party opted to bring another candidate into the race to run against Mr. Obama! Wow, talk about stabbing someone in the back! Yet they would say that they were stabbed in the back by Mr. Obama in the first place.

It could very well be that this alleged report that is coming out in February 2012 (which supposedly will be thoroughly devastating to the Obama Administration), that I see the very real possibility that Democrats have actually spearheaded the plan to get that devastating information out there. Once out there, it will eliminate the chances of Mr. Obama remaining in office, much less being re-elected.

Barring this, the Dems may wind up drafting another person by the name of Hillary Clinton to run against Mr. Obama for the Democratic nomination. It’s all too weird, but then again, we’ve not had a situation like this in the Federal gov’t since when…

To me, it’s all very interesting. In the past when I read these articles, I thought “could be; could be.” Now, I tend to think “we’ll see; we’ll see.” And really, that’s all we can do since we control very little when it comes to the political arena. We only think we have a hand in getting someone elected. No, the people will the money take care of that in my conservative opinion. I wish I thought otherwise. I really do.

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Three Students Suspended for Tebowing…

This is ridiculous.  Like most who fail to actually understand the “separation of church and state” clause, the school administration over reacted to four young men who stopped in the hallway to “tebow,” a term used in reference to QB Tebow who stops to kneel and give thanks to the Lord before each football game.

Because the students were “praying,” they were suspended.  Give me a break! The truth of the matter is that the students did nothing wrong!  The school was not enforcing a religious code and had they been doing that then the school would have been in the wrong.  In this case, the students themselves opted to kneel down as QB Tebow does prior to each game.

Because of this action, the students were unceremoniously suspended.  The tragedy here is that the school apparently believes the students violated the separation of church and state and had the school done nothing – God forbid – one can only imagine that other students might have started “Tebowing”!  Horrors!

Look, it was the students not the school that from an impromptu standpoint, knelt down and “Tebowed.”  Neither the school officials or teachers forced the students to kneel.  Had the school done that, then the school’s administration would have been found guilty of not separating church and state because they would have been enforcing a religious code of conduct.

In this case – and admittedly, I’m not a lawyer – it appears that the students simply imitated Tebow and received a suspension for doing so.  The question needs to be asked, on what grounds?  According to one article, the students were suspended for causing a traffic jam in the hallway. [1]  Wow, really?  A traffic jam?

I don’t know, but maybe I’m getting cynical, because the students couldn’t have caused that much of a traffic jam that would have lasted for that long.  However, a traffic jam is against school policies and apparently the boys were warned before.  The students did not seem to be aware of that fact. In truth it is difficult to believe that four students could cause a traffic jam.

Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot help but wonder if these four young men had been Muslim men, kneeling while facing Mecca, and praying (five times each day) to Allah, what would have happened?  Had they been suspended, we would have heard from CAIR and other anti-American groups claiming bigotry.  Sen. Ted Lieu (if he hasn’t already learned his lesson), would have fired off a letter to the school district claiming bias and an unAmerican attitude.  He would have demanded an apology to the students, their families, and Muslims everywhere.

Then guess what would have occurred?  The four Muslim men would have somehow been accommodated by being given a specific place to pray while in school, which would have of course been a direct violation of the separation of church and state.

Folks, it’s not over I’m sure.  At some point, some Muslim young people will “try” the system to see how it works and where it fails.  If they wind up becoming suspended because of it, they will protest and demand this and that and they will be placated.  Why?  Because no one wants to have to deal with angry Muslims who might just as easily pick up a sword (or gun) and start hacking away, or at least threaten to do so.  Even if they don’t, civilized people have a difficult time dealing with people who are not civilized and who have no qualms about striking out when they believe their “rights” are violated.

Apparently, after the original four students Tebowed, as many as 40 others also participated.  No word on whether or not the other 40 were suspended as well…



December 16, 2011 at 9:26 AM

Getting Angry About the Name “Jesus”

Have you ever noticed how incensed people can become over the Name “Jesus”? In fact, the word “God” in general terms brings out the anger in most atheists – at least the ones that I’ve run across. You may recall the leader of an atheist group who was completely opposed to the idea of a cross made of leftover steel beams lowered into the ground at the WTC memorial site. He was seriously offended. His blood probably began to boil a bit, I’m sure.

Now we have atheist groups misquoting Thomas Jefferson to make a point, or grabbing up the spaces that are normally held by nativity scenes during this time of year. I’m sure – so that they are not hypocritical – these atheists do not celebrate Christmas at all, right?

If they do, they would argue that Christians are merely celebrating the leftover vestiges of some pagan festival so Christians are being hypocritical as well. No we’re not. When I celebrate Christmas, I celebrate the birth of my Lord and my God (as Thomas stated in John 20:28). As an aside, please note that Jesus did not prohibit Thomas from referring to Him in such a way, nor did he chastise Thomas for referring to Him as “God.”

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