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The Generous Qur’an English Translation

The Generous Qur’an is translated chiefly by Usama Dakdok, who grew up in Egypt with Arabic being his first language. This particular Qur’an was not translated in a vacuum. Usama explains:

“With Arabic as my first language, yet traveling and speaking in the English world, I sought for years to find an accurate English translation of The Generous Qur’an. Many translations have been created in order to “sugar-coat” the Qur’an and to soften its real message.

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Being Called a Heretic…

It is amazing to me how many times I have been called a heretic and for a variety of reasons. It used to bother me, but it has happened so often that it rolls off my back at this point in my life.

I’ve been referred to as a heretic for believing in the PreTrib Rapture position. This is the belief that Jesus will call His own up to heaven with Him prior to the start of the Tribulation. So why is that belief heretical? For a number of reasons apparently.

First, I’m called a heretic because I am not properly preparing people to undergo the horrific troubles of the upcoming Tribulation. I’ve allegedly adopted a laissez-faire attitude toward the Tribulation because of my PreTrib Rapture belief and therefore, I supposedly don’t care because “I’ll be gone!”

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Federal Gov’t Rejects South Carolina Voting Law

It would seem that if Attorney General Eric Holder is viewed as doing something wrong, or even illegal, one of the things he can claim is racism. In this case, the implication is that Congress is going after Holder simply because he is black (and he says), like Mr. Obama.

First up, Mr. Obama is half-white, so I guess that means that regarding racists, they are going after the white half of Mr. Obama and with respect to Holder, they go after all of him. With the implication that Congress is racist, Holder tries what may be his last ditch effort to hang onto his job.

Whether Holder is black, white, blue or green has nothing to do with the fact that at the very least there are major improprieties with respect to “Fast and Furious.” At the most, we have an attorney general of the Federal government who may well have been working with Mr. Obama and other anti-gunners to create an artificial situation that would allow them to play on the fears of the public. This then would allow them to pass more anti-gun laws.

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Choudary Says Jesus Would Have Been a Muslim

Imam Anjem Choudary, the idiot from the UK speaks again. This time, as in all other times, he proves he has no clue about history or Christianity. He stated that Jesus would have been a Muslim. [1] In fact, he goes so far as to say that Jesus would be a radical terrorist of Islam and would be behind bars.

Ya know Choudary, you need to dry up and go away. It’s been a laugh riot, but the world is very tired of you. In fact, you have become little more than a caricature of yourself.

The idea that Jesus would have been a Muslim AND a terrorist is absurd, but so is Islam. First of all Jesus was incarnated into the world hundreds of years before Muhammad, but maybe Choudary’s rusty on his history. I realize that in some ways, there are Muslims who believe that Islam has been around since the dawn of time and that Jesus was merely one of many Islamic prophets, with Muhammad being the most recent.

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TSA Arrests Cupcake, Releases Woman Under Her Own Recognizance…

Well, all I can say is thank GOODNESS the TSA is on the job! Had an ever-watchful TSA agent not been paying attention, it is very likely that a woman from Massachusetts would have managed to smuggle a frosting-covered cupcake onto a plane as she went to her destination.

Fortunately, for all who were on the plane, nothing out of the ordinary occurred with respect to the cupcake, because it was safely confiscated by the TSA. Whew! Another near-disaster averted!

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Paranormal Teen Romance, the Nephilim, and Other Mysterious Things

Not long ago my son mentioned that there was such a thing as the “Paranormal Teen Romance” section in bookstores. He likes science fiction himself, but happened to pass through the Paranormal Teen Romance section and thought it was interesting to say the least. The next time we were in the store, he pointed it out to me and I snapped a few photos of it with my smart phone. I was astounded that there were so many books available to teens that focused on this particular genre.

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The Life After This One…

I’m becoming convinced that the more we dedicate ourselves to our Lord, God, and Savior, the more He opens our eyes to the truth. When I say the truth, I am not only referring to His Word, but to the reality of the afterlife.

Years ago, the idea of “heaven” was a very welcome idea, but it did not have a grip on me so to speak, even though I was a Christian. Now, at 54, I find that I think about it more and the reality of heaven seems to permeate my soul far more than it did years ago. I attribute that to a number of things, like my sister’s death a little over three years ago, the fact that I’m getting older, and certainly not least of which is the fact that I believe I have gotten to know Him better.

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