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April 13, 2013 at 9:32 AM

For those who are interested, I have a short (10 minute) show up on my show at BlogTalk Radio:


This one is short and introductory, but there will be plenty of others lasting 30 minutes each and we will delve into the various aspects of politically correctness and how it has influenced society, some say for the better. 

The problem of course, is that this is seriously debatable.  Has political correctness helped or hindered society?  Has it helped bring the races and genders together or has it pushed them apart?

Over the course of the series, we will be discussing and investigating the various tenets of political correctness and how it has impacted society.

The underlying idea of political correctness has to do with the belief that because of past sin, things need to change for minorities.  To that end, we now have groups like the NAACP and others that work to keep blacks falling way behind.  It even means that through affirmative action, blacks (and other minorities) are often given a leg up over whites because of perceived “white privilege.”  This stems from the unproven critical race theory that says whites, by virtue of being born white, have had (and continue to have) privileges that those of other races do not enjoy.  This is why groups like NAACP exist, by the way.  It is to ensure that “equality” is emphasized.

Unfortunately, “equality” cannot be measured.  Justice can be measured and this is precisely why those within politically correct circles to not pursue justice, but actually wind up negativing it too often.

I hope you will join me for future shows on BlogTalk Radio.  Each show will be 30 minutes in length.  We have not decided on a day or time yet, but please stick with us by checking either here or at our show page here:


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