Hate Groups on the Left

April 20, 2013 at 12:28 PM

For the left, nothing is sacred, except of course, their own ideology. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has had some fun reminding us that if you are a patriot, support the rule of law in this country via the Constitution, love and honor God and want less government, you’re probably a terrorist-in-waiting.

In a blog on their own website, the SPLC states, “Fingers have been pointed in all of these directions by conspiracy theory peddlers and professional hatemongers since the bombings Monday.” [1]   The SPLC only points the finger at their favorite bogeyman – those on the right.

This same group posted another article on April 19th after it was determined that religious and ideological connection of the two suspects is Islamic.  As expected, SPLC came out to bat for Islam, saying, “At the same time, the fact that the two suspects, one of whom died in a shootout with police, may be Muslim has prompted serious concerns about a backlash against Muslims in this country.” [2]  The SPLC offers no such concern for those on the right though.

In other words, we must be extremely careful that we do not make sweeping generalizations about Islam.  That wouldn’t be good.  Yet, this same group has absolutely no difficulty making broad brush strokes when dealing with those on the right, individuals they like to believe are the real culprits who stand in the way of progress(ive).

Most of us do not lump all Muslims together.  We understand that within Islam exists radical Islamists.  These individuals have no qualms about strapping on a suicide vest.  Everything they do, they believe they do for Allah and believe he is well-pleased with their efforts.

Groups like SPLC wasted no time trying to spin the Boston bombing situation into something that could have only come from the right.  They refer to Alex Jones, certainly not the best example of an average person on the right.  They point to Pamela Geller, whom they call “the raging Islamophobic activist,” [3] as someone who jumped to conclusions.  Of course, they do not refer to all the misinformation put out by both police and the media.  They try to make it appear as though Geller just jumped to her preconceived conclusions when she learned that a Saudi national was being questioned.

The dust was still swirling in the air from the explosions in Boston and the left did their best to paint a picture of right-wing malcontents as the ones making a clear statement on “tax day.”  Obama followed suit in his own speech.  David Axelrod did the same.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok took a slightly different course by saying that gee, after all, the perpetrator of the Boston bombings could not have been on the right because neither gays or blacks were victims. [4]  You know, there is one example of a jackass speaking in a human language and it took place with Balaam and it is recorded for us in Numbers 22.  During that event, Balaam was actually rebuked by the very donkey he was riding because he was trying to go against God’s will.

In the case of Mark Potok, it’s clear that the donkey in the Bible made infinitely more sense than he did.  Potok’s exact words to Piers Morgan were (in part), “You know, this was not a target that one would associate with a radical right-wing bomber. It was not a government building, it was not the IRS, although it was Tax Day on Monday. It was not a minority group. It wasn’t black people or Jewish people or gay people or Muslims.”[5]

And of course, we know how often those on the right have targeted blacks, Jewish people, gays, or Muslims, don’t we?  Hey, speaking of which, check this video out that shows black Muslims harassing orthodox Jewish people on the transit system in NYC just a few days ago.  The page with the video on it is here.  The video is near the bottom.

The left’s willful indecency seems to know no bounds at all.  They are consummate liars.  There have been many examples of the left literally invading peaceful gatherings by the Tea Party or other members of the right.  In spite of the fact that young children were present, those who protested and even broke up these events used filthy language, megaphones and other diversions to ruin events that were done within the confines of the law.

More often than not, the left uses illegal means to get their message out there by verbally (or even physically) attacking those on the right.  I don’t hear SPLC complaining about these individuals who often create the confrontations against the right.

It is clear that many on the left – because of their unofficial status of “victim” – are too often given a free pass to do what they want, in spite of the laws they break or the rights of others they usurp.  These groups are filled with hatred for anything that stands opposed to them.

They left are perfectly described in Romans 1.  They are the true spin doctors who belch out lies as truth as easily as a person breathes.  Read that chapter to find out more about the left and how they work.


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