Deaf Conference: The Fall of America and the Emergence of the NWO

September 5, 2013 at 11:46 AM 2 comments

Speaking Sunday morning

Speaking Sunday morning

A new experience of preaching to those who cannot physically hear…

This past weekend, my wife and I were just outside Albuquerque, NM attending a Bible Prophecy Conference for the Deaf. This was a first for me in several ways. First, I’ve never attended a Bible conference for the Deaf. Second, I’ve never been asked to speak at a conference for the Deaf.

I approached the situation with a bit of fear and trembling because I did not honestly know how the speaking and interpreting would work. I was concerned I would talk too fast and outpace the interpreter making my presentation something that no one would pay attention to. Fortunately, that was not the case.

Originally, I was asked to speak three times, once on Saturday and twice on Sunday. At one point, Pastor John Ritter asked me if I would also speak on the final day of the conference – Monday – and I agreed.

The theme of the conference was “The Fall of America and the Emergence of NWO.” I had just finished writing my latest book, “Falling Away” not that long ago so I was able to use a good amount of information from that book for the group.

The conference itself was held not too far from Reserve, NM. We flew into Albuquerque, NM, rented a car and drove about three more hours to the conference. I have to say that it was weird to see our cell phone signals evaporate from about 20 miles from our destination. No cell phone service, no Wi-Fi – what to do? Enjoy it.

Overlooking Apache Creek Camp

Overlooking Apache Creek Camp

The area around Reserve was beautiful. In fact, my wife and did a quick hike up to the surrounding hills behind the camp and just sat down to enjoy the view. What was amazing is how quiet things were there. I could not even hear a bird.

The people at the conference were wonderful. I felt genuinely accepted and my knowledge of the alphabet for the Deaf came back. Before I knew it, I was learning ASL sign language, but of course, still had an interpreter for the times I spoke.

As I mentioned, the focus was on the coming fall of America and the NWO that is in the making. I learned a good deal from the other speakers, Pastors John Ritter, Otto Albrecht, and Mike Langin.

All of us talked about how things are going in the world and what the Bible seems to say on the subject. We also took the time to emphasize the fact that Christians need to be doing far more than just waiting and watching. We need to be working. This is something that is not emphasized enough.

Too many Christians believe that the Rapture will happen before the Tribulation (as I do). Because of that, they wrongly believe that no planning or preparing on our part is necessary. That’s wrong. We need to not only prepare from potential rough times ahead, but we need to ensure that we are always providing a reason for the hope we have in Christ. This is essential if we are going to call ourselves Christians. We must be spreading the gospel. That is our priority job. Everything else comes after that and the spread of the gospel can be done while we are doing these other things.

Too many people today believe that since Jesus is coming again before the Rapture, He’s not going to allow His own to experience difficult and trying times. Where does it say that in Scripture? In fact, it says the opposite, that we will have trials and tribulations. The only thing we are saved from is God’s wrath.

If we consider the Scriptures, when God revealed to Pharoah (via Joseph) that a seven-year famine was coming, what did Joseph do? He recommended to Pharoah all the things he should do to ensure that the people of Egypt would not starve. Had Joseph not done that, people would have starved.

Jesus spent a good portion of time in the gospels explaining the signs of His coming. He talked about what the world would be like before He returned. Today, there are people who believe that because many of us believe that life is going to get very rough, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s not only absurd, but leaves God out of the picture. It’s as if my “wishing” it so overrides God’s will. Ridiculous.

If I hear that a hurricane is going to strike near here, I make preparations. Same with life in any circumstance. The Bible warns about the end times. There is a lot happening in the world right now. I would be stupid to not make preparations for my family in light of all this saber-rattling and tension throughout the world.

This is what all of us speakers at last weekend’s conference emphasized. As Christians, we cannot sit back, relax and say “God will handle it.” Would the Ark have gotten built had that been Noah’s attitude?

There is work to do. The most important work is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s number one. The other things also need to be done like making wise choices regarding how to prepare for the coming rough times, financially.

We cannot control many things, but we can prepare for certain eventualities. To not do so by “trusting” the Lord to provide is really another way of putting the Lord to the test. We must avoid that at all costs.

I fully believe that the Rapture will occur prior to the Tribulation. However, I do not know when either event will occur. I could die a natural death long before either one. My focus should be on His return so that He will be glorified, not that He will return to save me from how bad life will get.

There are plenty of Christians who die daily throughout the world. Many of them are martyred because of their Christianity. We cannot go through life thinking we will be saved from the terrible things that will happen even before the Tribulation. Our focus should be in living a life that brings glory to Him and that includes spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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  • 1. Terry Farrell  |  September 7, 2013 at 5:10 AM

    Thank you for this article. Notwithstanding, I believe that we are already in the tribulation, we have been there since Jesus ascended to Heaven. You only have to read a few paragraphs of ‘Foxe’s book of Martyrs’ to know that, not to mention what is happening in the middle east right now. There is only one more coming and it won’t be in secret or silent. Pre tribulation rapture is only a relatively recent teaching. It allows Christians to say, ‘well when we are ‘raptured’ (not a word in the bible) those left will realise Jesus is true and will then believe the gospel. This allows Christians to slacken off with regards witness. When Jesus comes again, every eye will see him, he will accompanied by the sound of a trumpet, and the dead in Christ. At that time we Christians who are alive will be caught up and meet him in the air. After this will come Judgement and all that accompanies that.

    • 2. modres  |  September 7, 2013 at 8:38 AM

      You appear to be confusing man’s wrath (persecution) with God’s wrath (The Tribulation; judgment). The Tribulation does not actually officially begin until the Antichrist brokers a 7-year peace treaty with Israel (Daniel 9:27). This is also the first Seal of the Tribulation highlighted in Revelation (Revelation 6). However, I realize some erroneously believe that the first Seal is Jesus. It is actually the Antichrist and this is verified with numerous other Scripture passages.

      The Rapture is not a “coming” of Jesus. During the Rapture, Jesus simply calls His Bride up to where He is and at that point, He is not returning. The Second Coming happens – His return – at the end of the Tribulation and every eye shall see Him.

      Just as Noah was removed from the earth (in the Ark) and just as Lot was removed from the cities of Sodom/Gomorrah to complete safety, so will Christians be caught up (rapere) to be with Christ forever.

      The word “Rapture” does not appear in the Bible, but neither does the word “Trinity” yet the Trinity is taught as a true doctrine. People need to stop using this argument because it holds no value regarding the Rapture.

      We get the word “Rapture” from the Latin “rapere” which is when Paul says we “shall be caught up” to be with Christ. The phrase “caught up” is “rapere” in the Latin from which we get our English word Rapture.

      The entirety of the Tribulation period (seven years; Daniel 9:24-27; Matthew 24, etc.) is representative of God’s wrath, pouring out on the earth. He judges the nations for how they have treated Israel and He judges/refines/purifies Israel for how they have rejected Him and culls the Final Remnant.

      Foxe’s Book of Martyrs highlights the way many have been martyred for their faith throughout the ages. Martyrdom has always been with us but that does not prove the Tribulation has begun or that we are in it now. The two are separate issues. We continue to see martyrdom occurring today and it will become more prevalent as we approach the end. This is not God’s wrath no more than what Satan did to Job can be considered God’s wrath. There is a huge difference and I wish people would learn to see that. Tribulation can be general troubles or it can refer to the specificity of THE Tribulation period of the future depending upon context. Persecution can be considered general trials and tribulations but not THE Tribulation when God pours out His wrath on the world.

      As a Christian, I am already seated with Christ in the heavenlies and sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 2). I am completely cleansed by His blood as His blood has been imputed to my account and when God the Father looks at me, He sees the righteousness of Christ, not my filth, which has been forever removed from me. Because Jesus experienced the Father’s wrath FOR me on the cross, and my faith is in Him, I will NEVER experience God’s wrath. I am not exempt from experiencing Satan’s wrath or man’s wrath.

      If I should be persecuted to death for my Christianity, so be it. That is Satan’s wrath against me due to his hatred of Christ. However, I will NEVER experience God’s wrath in any way, shape, or form in this life or the next because Christ suffered in that regard for me so that I would not have to.

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