The Coming New International Finance System Thanks to the Government-Sponsored Religon of Secularism

December 18, 2013 at 8:19 AM 2 comments

financialThe next few years will prove to be interesting, to say the least. I’ve been reading articles and books by Dr. Dennis Cuddy for some time. What I enjoy about him (aside from the fact that he is a Christian) is that because of his intelligence and level of education, he writes about things that are and will affect us but he does so from a pragmatic (as opposed to alarming) point of view.

To be sure, a good deal of what he says is a bit alarming, however, he doesn’t present it deliberately in such a way. He simply presents his opinion based on the way he sees things moving in society, coupled with truth from Scripture.

In his latest series of articles – SECULARISM, FEDERALISM, INTERDEPENDENCE AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER – he provides a cogent backdrop for what he sees coming. Dr. Cuddy is a historian, a professor of history and because of that, he is able to connect the dots that many fail to see.

In the first of his three-part series on Secularism, Federalism, etc., he discusses the judicial rulings that have actually made it possible for our federal government to establish a religion, the religion of secularism (based on the philosophy of Secular Humanism). This takes us back to 1963 and the Supreme Court’s ruling outlawing prayer in the public schools.

Since that time, the religion of secularism has grown by leaps and bounds until we have judges ruling that crosses must be removed from public places, nativities should not exist and have even gone so far to see that Christmas ornamentation in the buildings of DC have been eradicated. Though it would be denied, this is merely secularism’s attempt to remove God from society (as if that were possible).

In the second installment of his articles on secularism, Cuddy discusses how things have shifted in America away from people even knowing what a “constitutional republic” means. Most see America as a democracy, which it is not. As a Constitutional Republic, politicians are voted into office for the express purpose of upholding the U.S. Constitution. All laws created by Congress are to reflect the reality of that Constitution. It doesn’t matter if there exists a majority of people who believe that the 2nd Amendment should be overturned, as a for instance. The 2nd Amendment speaks for itself.

In a Democracy, the people can create laws based solely on a majority. In that sense then, a document like the Constitution only exists as a guideline. If citizens do not like part of it, it can be changed, overturned, or eradicated based on a majority vote. This, however, is not the way America was designed to work. Our founders created a Constitutional Republic so that any attempt to ignore the Constitution would be seen as treason.

Cuddy explains it well. “Rather than a ‘democracy,’ which is ‘a nation of men’ in which the majority will on any given issue on any given day becomes the rule, the founders determined that the United States would be a Constitutional Republic, which is a ‘nation of laws’ based upon a predetermined set of principles (e.g., majority rule, but with protection of minority rights) explicitly set forth in a Constitution under which the people agreed to live.”

But we are hearing more and more of our elected officials talking about “reforming” the Constitution or any numbers of its amendments. For the person who many consider to be “low-info” voters, the difference between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic is completely lost. Moreover, they don’t care about any difference.

Yet, we are moving toward a one-world government, or what Cuddy calls a “World Federal Government,” in which nations’ borders will be eliminated and all people will fall under the rule of law created by this World Federal Government. In order to make that happen, people have to come to believe that the US Constitution is not set in stone. They will come to believe this when they start to believe that America is a Democracy, as opposed to a Constitutional Republic. Any government based on a “world” government is socialistic at its root, which is in direct opposition to the tenets of the Constitution.

Of course, when we read what Scripture has to say about the end times, it becomes clear that this world is moving toward a one-world government. We learn this from Daniel 2 and 7 (along with other books from the Hebrew Bible) as well as many portions of the epistles and gospels in the New Testament.

In Daniel 2, God outlined for Daniel (via Nebuchadnezzar’s dream) what the “times of the Gentiles” would look like leading up to the end of human history. The times of the Gentiles would begin with the kingdom of Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar), then segue to the Medes-Persian Empire, followed by Alexander’s Greek Empire, to be followed by the Roman Empire and last, but not least, a type of resurrected Roman Empire would appear in the final days. From this newly established Roman Empire, the Anti-Christ would rise to dominate world affairs. He would be Satan’s final man for the final kingdom of man. People who fail to see this are truly in the dark.

As Cuddy notes, the Civil War occurred over the issue of whether or not states could secede from the union. It’s clear that Lincoln did not put forth the Emancipation Proclamation until several years later. States wanted to leave the union because of economics. To allow it to happen would economically impact all of America.

Cuddy once again explains regarding the future of America. “Of course, here is where the term ‘democracy’ again becomes important, because what is being promoted today is a synthesis of Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism into what is called ‘Democratic Socialism’ as it now exists in the ‘Socialist democracies’ of Europe (many heads of state in Europe have the title ‘Vice-President of Socialist International’ in addition to being president or prime minister of their own country).”

To that end, we can see why it is important to blur the lines between a “democracy” and a “constitutional republic,” eventually eliminating the latter phrase and using the former exclusively.

In his third installment, Cuddy points out (as he has done before) that “…the economies of nations will decline and a new world currency will be accepted by 2018. Relevant to this, investor Jim Rodgers recently told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that the next economic ‘crisis’ could occur in 2015 or 2016, stating: ‘The next correction when it comes, because the debt is so very high—you know, 2008 was worse than 2002 because the debt was so much higher. You wait until 2015 or 2016 when the next crisis hits…debt has gone through the roof, the next one’s gonna be really bad.’ He advised: ‘Be prepared, be worried, and be careful’.”

It is unfortunately, coming to that. We know from the Bible that it has to come to this. There will eventually be something that causes a total economic collapse of our monetary structure. This will not only affect America, but the entire world. It will result in the “need” for a new one-world currency and a newly installed economic system.

Of course, many will see Cuddy’s warnings as the ravings of a conspiracy theorist or someone who is part of the lunatic fringe. This actually speaks to their own understanding. Too much has slipped by most of us hardly noticed at all. We cling to the idea that the world will simply continue on as it has since the beginning. We laugh at the notion that America could fall, in spite of what history proves.

Consider Cuddy’s reference to Walter Wriston (former chair of CitiCorp and Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] member, who wrote THE TWILIGHT OF SOVEREIGNTY), in referring to this new economic system said, “the new international financial system,…a new world monetary standard,…the new world money market,…the new world communications network,…the new international monetary system.” He also ominously declared: ‘There is no escaping the system‘.” That was stated in 1992.

The year 2014 is nearly here. Are we any closer to that system?

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  • 1. Lester  |  December 18, 2013 at 6:20 PM

    China is vying to be the world’s reserve currency. They want to go on a gold and silver backed Yuan. If this happens they will rock the international boat and who knows what may happen. We have a movement here in this country to go on the gold standard again, but it may be all smoke and mirrors. Many countries are re valuating their currency as I write this. We will see great changes this new year and in the near future. Hopefully we will not all loose our shirts! Our dollar is losing ground while the Yuan is gaining, 6 yuan to a dollar when it was 8 not all that long ago.China, England and maybe others own allot of our debt. We shall see……..


    • 2. modres  |  December 18, 2013 at 7:10 PM

      I had also read that same information about the Yuan and China. They have been buying up literally tons of gold and want to take over as the world reserve currency, displacing the dollar.

      As you say, “we shall see” and time will certainly reveal more.


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