Edward Klein’s “Blood Feud” Spills the Beans on Benghazi and Much More

June 30, 2014 at 5:15 PM 2 comments

clinton_obamaFor those who have not taken the time to buy Edward Klein’s newest book, Blood Feud – The Clintons vs. the Obamas, I would heartily recommend it. It goes way beyond simply highlighting the dirt between these two families. It presents the facts in a way that makes it difficult to ignore.

According to Klein and his research (including testimony from people close to the action who largely remain anonymous), the idea to use the internet video as the actual source of the attack that ultimately took the life of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Libya, came from Barack Obama himself in a phone call to Hillary Clinton. There is way too much anecdotal evidence presented by Klein that shows without equivocation that Hillary Clinton knew all about the dangers in Benghazi. In fact, she also knew that the reason her state department people were there (seven of them) were as cover for CIA operations in that area of the world.

The CIA – according to Klein’s confidants – were heavily involved in transporting illegal arms from Libya to the Syrian opposition in their fight against President Assad of Syria. Not only did Obama know this, but he lied about it to the American people stating his concern that these weapons might wind up in the wrong hands. Not only did they end up in the hands of the opposition in Syria, but some had been siphoned off to other terrorist organizations used to stand against American troops.

“In short, the Obama administration was secretly arming its chief global enemy, al-Qaeda, in an operation that had many of the earmarks of the Iran-Contra scandal, which had rocked the foundations of the Reagan administration twenty-six years before.” [1]

The biggest issue here is that – according to Klein – Obama did not want any sign of terrorism to occur against Americans on his watch as president. This is also why he chose to call the tragedy at Fort Hood a case of “workplace violence.” If the world knew about what actually went down in Benghazi, why Ambassador Stevens was there, and that it truly was a terrorist event, the chances of Obama being re-elected would be virtually nil.

Because of this, President Obama phoned Hillary Clinton and tasked her with releasing an official statement from the State Department about the event. “Obama wanted her to say that the attack had been a spontaneous demonstration triggered by an obscure video on the internet that demeaned Mohammed, the prophet and founder of Islam.” [2]

Clinton told Obama that the story wouldn’t fly for a variety of reasons, chief of which was the fact that the event occurred on the anniversary of 9/11. Obama insisted. Hillary called Bill to discuss it and soon, they both realized that even though the story wouldn’t work, the real crux of the problem was that Hillary would be left holding the bag when all the dust settled.

The CIA’s talking points were amended at the insistence of the State Department, under orders from the White House. On the day Obama left for a fundraiser in Nevada (the day after the Benghazi attacks), he had Valerie Jarrett call Hillary to insist that she make the talk show circuit to spread the lie about the obscure video being the catalyst for the attack that occurred.

Bill Clinton knew what was up according to Klein and demanded that Hillary not go on those talk shows. He said that it will all come back on her once the truth was learned about what had actually taken place in Benghazi and why. Ultimately, Hillary Clinton agree with her husband Bill. Enter Susan Rice to do the dirty work. By the way, Klein also points out that Rice apparently held a grudge against Hillary because Rice believed she should have been given the State Department job, not Clinton. Going on these talk shows in place of Hillary would allow her to shine.

Unfortunately, though Rice was taking the hit for Obama (and Clinton), the pressure on Obama mounted and the election of 2012 was merely a few weeks away. He was repeating talking points that had already been proven to be untrue. The video had absolutely nothing to do with the attack on the Benghazi consulate, yet Obama powered on as though it had.

Klein also points out that it is very clear from his perspective that the mainstream media had deliberately suppressed very important points related to Benghazi because they would simply not look good for Obama. Too often, “the liberal mainstream media largely ignored or minimized the importance of the story – and in at least one instance purposefully suppressed the truth.” [3] This is referencing what Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes purposefully omitted from an interview with President Obama that was to air on September 23 in which “a critical portion of the tape – in which Obama refused to declare the attack an act of terrorism – was missing. Kroft sat on this crucial part of the interview until November 4, two days before the election, when CBS News finally released it – on the internet, not on 60 Minutes, where it should have been broadcast in the first place.” [4]

Here it is in print. If Klein is wrong, he should be sued. If not, I have to wonder why he was able to gather this information and Congress is still trying to get copies of emails from various federal agencies.

There is a tremendous amount of information in Klein’s book including the fact that Joe Biden was almost replaced with Hillary Clinton as VP running mate for the 2012 re-election campaign. In fact, at one point, Hillary almost ran against Obama for this same election.

I’d heard about a number of these things from Ulstermanreport.com and at the time, I thought it was simply good fiction. Just about anyone who writes “insider” articles supposedly has at least one real insider who regularly provides them with covert information that provides the real story.

Now that I’ve read what Klein has to say and nearly mirrors exactly what I’ve read at Ulsterman’s page, it is far more believable. Believe me when I say that this book is well worth the read. It is fascinating. It takes the reader behind the scenes – often deeply behind the scenes – to the information that lies there, unadulterated and uncovered.

I’m slightly more than halfway through Blood Feud and am looking forward to the rest of it. Who knows what truths will be revealed?

[1] Edward Klein, Blood Feud, (2014), p. 144

[2] Ibid, 149

[3] Ibid, 160

[4] Ibid, 161

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  • 1. Sherry  |  July 1, 2014 at 9:42 AM

    FTA: By the way, Klein also points out that Rice apparently held a grudge against Hillary because Rice believed she should have been given the State Department job, not Clinton. Going on these talk shows in place of Hillary would allow her to shine.

    Well, that didn’t work out for her! Unless the “shine” being tarnished by lies is what the left thinks is shiny! Oh my! What did I just say? It is as if the left thinks that lying and covering up is actually good for our nation; that its better for us in the long run. {smh} (that means, shaking my head or smacking my head-both apply when hearing about this administration’s scandals upon scandals…)

    If Hilary would have just been truthful up front everyone would have rallied to her side. Or if she had done the right thing in the Benghazi attack, come hell or high water, she wouldn’t be as despised even by her own party, But that she tried to squirm out of her responsibility and said nothing she finds herself struggling with renewing her “good” reputation for the 2016 presidential run.


    • 2. modres  |  July 1, 2014 at 1:58 PM

      No, it didn’t work out for Susan Rice, but it’s funny the way leftists (and egoists) think. For them, the spotlight is key so Rice got her wish.

      I think had Hillary been straight with everyone, it would have gone much better for her, but at the same time, her department was already doing potentially illegal things by providing cover for the CIA in Libya regarding the gun-running.

      I don’t really think she’ll recover from this and be elected president in 2016 even if she does decide to run. It’s too much water under the bridge and people have a difficult time trusting her and with good reason.


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