Hillary Clinton Proves She’s Clueless with Remarks about Hobby Lobby

July 2, 2014 at 8:42 AM 3 comments

Hillary, did you CHOOSE to wear that hijab? (Photo: Sodahead)

Hillary, did you CHOOSE to wear that hijab? (Photo: Sodahead)

Just when you think you understand the depths to which those on the left will stoop to classify themselves as intelligent by denigrating traditional values, someone from that same left steps up to surprise you once again. This is the case with Hillary Clinton who is determined to carve out her own reputation as a tough-talking, no-nonsense feminist who will do whatever it takes to defend a woman’s right to choose.

For those who are unaware, the Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties in their suit against one aspect of Obamacare. The suit alleged that because their family run business was being forced to adhere to rules of Obamacare that went against religious beliefs, they should not have to implement that part of Obamacare. The court – in a 5-4 ruling agreed.

The issue at state has been promoted by the left as companies wanting to stand in the way of a woman’s right to choose. The reality of the issue is that the plaintiffs took issue with being forced to offer abortive methods of birth control. Two forms were objected to by these companies; 1) IUDs, and 2) morning after pills. In both cases, these methods forced the abortion of a fertilized egg by not allowing it to embed itself in the wall of the uterus. It was because these methods keep a fertilized egg from planting (and is aborted) that both Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties felt that a lawsuit was in order since the two methods went against their beliefs as pro-life organizations.

To hear the left tell it, both companies were simply against all forms of contraception, which is 100% wrong. In the case of Hobby Lobby, roughly 14 methods of true contraception are available through the insurance companies to employees. The only methods that were not available were the abortive methods. Obamacare insisted that these methods be made available to employees. Why is that? Because the globalists want the population decreased. This is why abortion became legal in the first place. It has nothing to do with giving women the right to choose. It has to do with the population “problem” that globalists see throughout the world and keeping abortion legal is a way to ensure that the population doesn’t get away from them. IUDs and the morning after pill are both effective solutions in helping women eliminate unwanted “fetal tissue” from their bodies so that another human life doesn’t enter the world.

But in an effort to prop herself up, Hillary Clinton actually used the phrase “Sharia law” in reference to this most recent case ruled on by the Supreme Court of the United States. “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday turned her back on her own White House history to liken the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby religious freedom case to countries that practice Sharia law to discriminate against women.

Further, she stated, “It is a disturbing trend that you see in a lot of societies that are very unstable, anti-democratic, and frankly prone to extremism…Where women and women’s bodies are used as the defining and unifying issue … because of their religion, their sect, their tribe, whatever.

Amazing. I do not recall Clinton railing against Sharia law when it has anything to do with actual Muslims perpetrated it, but let the Supreme Court make one ruling supporting the right of family owned companies to take exception to providing abortive methods of birth control and all of a sudden, Clinton brings up the issue of Sharia law. This is just like a true leftist.

Has Clinton remarked on anything about ISIS and their warring factions as they deign to create a new Islamic State in the Middle East? They’ve already picked their Caliph and while the ISIS troops march from town to town, they indiscriminately rape, brutalize, torture, and kill women (and men) who stand in their way.

It is truly unfortunate that those on the left do everything they can to obfuscate the truth whenever possible. As Joe Saunders, writing for Bizpack stated in his article:

“First of all, it’s Hillary’s Dems who are always buddying up with the outright Islamo-fascists who run things in the more benighted parts of the world – and their more PR-savvy versions in Western Europe and in the States. If there’s a party bent on bringing Shariah to the United States, it’s Hillary’s Democrats and nobody else.

“Second, it was Hillary’s own husband, President Bill Clinton, who signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 1993, so it’s a fair bet she didn’t kick about it at the time.”

The level of political grandstanding is reprehensible. When my wife and I first married, the only “birth control” that was covered by our insurance was sterilization. We paid for whatever form of birth control we chose to use. It was rare to learn that an insurance company was willing to pay for contraception.

But again, for Clinton, truth doesn’t matter. Hobby Lobby consistently pays their employees a higher wage and they provide great insurance that offers up to 14 methods of contraception from which women can choose. If women want the morning after pill or an IUD, they can pay for it themselves.

One thing appears clear where Hillary Clinton is concerned. She is trying way too hard to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. She wants to be seen as her own person but for people who still have and use critical thinking skills, we see her for what she is – an opportunist doing her best to spin her way into the Oval Office in 2016.

People will not forget Benghazi. They won’t forget the cavalier way she asked, “what difference at this point does it make?” with reference to the four Americans who died there. They won’t forget that she lied and whether she did it to protect the man in the Oval Office or not isn’t the point. She lied because it’s her native tongue.

Politicians like Hillary Clinton have no business running America. We will never know when they are telling the truth (if they decide to tell the truth). We’ve had six years of listening to President Obama’s lies. We’ve also heard the lies from George W. Bush before him. How much more lying are we willing to hear before we say NO! to all of it?

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  • 1. Sherry  |  July 2, 2014 at 7:33 PM

    Well…at least she knows about women’s treatment under sharia. I had wondered about that…she sounded weak, vague and halting, afraid to offend muslims, perhaps, when she spoke before the UN a few years ago concerning the resolution to make it hate speech/a crime to insult Muhammad or Allah. She said little to make me believe she truly cared about muslim women’s rights, let alone any woman’s rights.

    Its all a show, folks! She knows full well what she’s doing and yet, she has no idea, in truth, what harm she is bringing on herself if she doesn’t repent.

    • 2. modres  |  July 3, 2014 at 6:45 AM

      You’re right, Sherry. It’s all a show.

  • 3. Pam  |  July 2, 2014 at 3:33 PM

    well said

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