Lies, Lies, and More Lies from the Clintons and the Obamas

July 3, 2014 at 1:35 PM

In spite of what appears, there is a good deal of hatred between these two.

In spite of what appears, there is a good deal of hatred between these two.

Reading Klein’s “Blood Feud” book gives insight into both the Obamas and Clintons. One thing that Klein seems to bring home repeatedly is the fact that Hillary Clinton can lie like the best of them. She did so even when she didn’t have to as in the case of Clinton extending her personal promise to the father of one of those killed at the Benghazi consulate that the federal government would track down and arrest the filmmaker of the alleged anti-Islamic video that supposedly went viral causing the tragedy in Benghazi. She did this even though she knew from the start that claim was false, but was something she felt coerced into doing because President Obama wanted the incident blamed on that 15 minute film.

Even the situation surrounding her apparent fall and concussion was fabricated largely by Hillary spokesman, Philippe Reines (described by Klein as Hillary’s “attack dog”) who alleged that Hillary had “succumbed to a stomach virus, which she had contracted during a trip to Europe. The virus, [Reines] said, led to extreme dehydration and caused Hillary to faint and strike her head.” [1] Unfortunately, none of it was true. Klein says his version is the truth and was being reported as true for the first time in Blood Feud.

To begin with, Hillary fainted while she was working in her seventh-floor office at the State Department, not at home, as Reines told the media. She was treated at the State Department’s infirmary and then, at her own insistence, taken to White haven to recover. However, as soon as Bill appeared on the scene and was able to assess Hillary’s condition for himself, he ordered that she be immediately flown to New York-Presbyterian Hospital in the Fort Washington section of Manhattan. When Reines subsequently released a statement confirming that Hillary was being treated at the hospital over the New Year’s holiday, it naturally intensified speculation about the seriousness of her medical condition. While she was at the hospital, doctors diagnosed Hillary with several problems.” [2]

According to Klein, it was learned that Hillary had what is known as a right transverse venous thrombosis, also known as a “blood clot between her brain and skullTo make matters worse, it turned out that Hillary had an intrinsic tendency to form clots and faint.” [3] Anyone who knows anything about this type of clotting knows that this is the type of clotting – because of it being in the brain – that can cause strokes. Even though Hillary had been prescribed anti-coagulating medication, she had simply stopped taking it.

It was roughly five to six weeks later that Hillary appeared on Capitol Hill to testify regarding Benghazi. It was the same event where hear words – “What difference at this point does it make?” – were stated with her arms gesticulating to Senator Ron Johnson. This outburst of temper was something that she had tried to overcome. For years, she had tried to paint herself as a tried-and-true professional, who was calm in adversity and able to remain clear and level-headed in spite of the storm that might be spinning around her.

Bill Clinton, who had been watching the live feed in his office “fell back in his chair and looked like a broken man. His face sunk. He’s never been speechless. But that was as close as I’d ever seen him get,” recounted one aide who was there with him when Hillary’s angry outburst hit the airwaves. Bill was very concerned that her outburst would cost her the 2016 election.

At this point, Klein indicates that Bill Clinton was literally on the warpath and that path was leading right to the Oval Office and Barack Obama. Through friends of Bill Clinton, President Obama was essentially told that unless he did something to provide some cover for Hillary, Bill would pull out all the stops to ensure that Barack Obama did not get re-elected. Because of the power of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and his staff knew that these were not empty words.

Hillary Clinton had played along and deliberately lied for President Obama concerning the reason why the Benghazi consulate was attacked. She covered for the president lying that it had nothing to do with a terrorist attack, but that it was simply a visceral reaction to this anti-Islamic video on the ‘Net. Because Hillary had done this for Obama, something needed to be done for Hillary, according to Bill.

If all this is true, then I find it fascinating that during the 3rd presidential debate when the subject of Benghazi came up and Romney intimated that President Obama had refused to label it a terrorist act, Barack Obama immediately turned to Candy Crowley, the moderator, who just so happened to have a script of President Obama’s speech from the Rose Garden regarding the Benghazi situation in hand.

Crowley was actually able to go to bat for Obama because the word “terrorist/terrorism” was used in his speech. Of course, Crowley should not have jumped into the fray at all, according to the rules of the debate. But even though President Obama says that he referred to the event as a terrorist attack, it is clear (if Klein’s book is true) that Obama did not want the Benghazi situation portrayed as a planned terrorist event, even though there was every indication that it was clearly that.

At any rate, “Faced with the prospect of an all-out war between the Clintons and the Obamas, the president blinked. He called his favorite journalist, Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes, and offered an unprecedented joint interview with departing secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The result was a slobbering lovefest and an embarrassement to all concerned – not least to the producers of 60 Minutes, who allowed themselves to be used by the White House.” [4]

However, during that same interview, President Obama refused to publicly state that he would endorse Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. As far as Bill Clinton was concerned, Barack Obama was reneging on a promise he had made to Bill. Because of this, the feelings from the Clintons to the Obamas intensified in the negative.

The tragedy here is that while all of this is going on in the shadows, so to speak, President Obama continues to do things that work against this country. The latest problems with illegal aliens pouring into this country are a case in point. It is the fulfillment of the Cloward-Piven theory that chaos will not only disrupt the system, but will eventually destroy it. Cloward and Piven, like many on the left, detest capitalism. They believe it must be eradicated because wherever there is capitalism, there is corporate greed. Eliminating capitalism allegedly eliminates greed by removing the temptation and the pathway to put greed into practice.

I’m always amazed by these type of “educationalese.” Greed has thrived under the old style Communism as well as in forms of socialism. Greed is something that comes from the individual, not the system. However, people naively believe that by eliminating the opportunity to use capitalism to one’s own advantage, everything then becomes even across the board.

We have an administration currently that – whether by accident or design – is creating chaos or allowing it to be created here in America. They think by throwing more money that we do not have, the problem will be fixed. No, ultimately, what will happen is that the entire American economy will self-destruct.

Once that occurs, something else will need to replace it. It appears that President Obama has plans for that as well. Stay tuned.


[1] Edward Klein, Blood Feud (2014), p. 192

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