Reckless Endangerment: Man Arrested for Flying Flags on Overpass

July 4, 2014 at 8:13 AM

Gee, not one of these signs offers any sort of distraction at all. Not one!

Gee, not one of these signs offers any sort of distraction at all. Not one!

The irony is most likely lost on most people. According to an article, “21-year-old Danny Martins, was displaying an American, Gadsden and Infowars flag as well as two Obama impeachment banners when several Nassau County police officers approached.”

Martins had been doing this every week for months, but on this particular occasion, police decided it was against the law. The charge? Reckless endangerment. Apparently, police believed that Martins flags provided too much of a distraction that might well cause drivers below to pay too much attention to the flags so that they would be involved in accidents.

This is such an asinine excuse to arrest someone because it implies that there is absolutely nothing else littering our highways that would seek to cause any sort of distractions for drivers. Yet, we all know that our highways are filled to overflowing with one billboard after another. Why are they there? Because companies pay the advertising companies that put up the billboards to place them right in front of us so that we will READ them, NOTICE them, even be COERCED into buying whatever is being sold.

It doesn’t matter if it’s gasoline, fast food, a Victoria’s Secret bevy of beauties, or an ad for any numbers of hotels on the way. The goal is to get us to notice the signs and then ultimately fork over some money for whatever is being sold.

Yet, in this case, Danny Martins was arrested for placing his flags and banners on an overpass. His goal? He wanted his message to get out and regardless of whether or not people agree with his message, the fact is that the public highways are paid for by taxpayers. Who owns the space above the highways? Does he have a right to exercise the 1st Amendment? Even the cops agree, except if it allegedly causes “reckless endangerment.”

Let’s not even discuss how often people text while they’re driving. It’s completely ridiculous and states can make as many laws as they want to but people will continue to text. Why? Because they think they can do it “safely” without getting into an accident.

But regarding billboards, one study in the UK has determined that “The amount of car accident compensation claims made in the UK has undoubtedly risen since the number of roadside distractions became more commonplace. In fact, a survey carried out by Privilege Insurance in 2005 found that a total of 83% of UK motorists are affected by roadside distractions when driving.”

A statement released by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office stated, “Political protesters have a First Amendment right to display signs and flags, but they cannot create a public safety hazard in the process. We continue to review this case.”

What’s the point of continuing to review the case if the decision has essentially already been made? The bottom line is this: if Martins was allegedly causing reckless endangerment because of his flags, then that must apply also to all the billboards, signs, and other distractions placed along America’s highways. It simply stands up to logical reasoning.

The officers arrested Martins because people would be forced to look up and stare at his flags and banners. Isn’t this exactly what we do with billboards and other signs showing which eating, fuel, or hotel establishments are at the next exit? In many cases, one sign might announce six or more eateries. It takes a bit to read all that information, especially if the information does not include the company’s logos.

Currently, Martins is suing for false arrest and the eradication of his 1st Amendment rights. If Martins is arrested, then why aren’t the people who put up the signs along our highways arrested? Answer: $$$$$$

I’m hopeful Martins wins his case and frankly, I really don’t care what his beliefs are regarding this matter. Anyone in America should have the right to say what they want to say and express their opinion. It shouldn’t matter if that person is for or against a politician, a believer or an atheist, straight or homosexual. It simply should not matter because the 1st Amendment is there for everyone and it was purposefully not limited or restricted by our Founding Fathers. They seemed to know what they were doing.

I’m just appalled that law enforcement officials completely ignore all the billboards, the signs, and every other distraction on the roadways (as though they’re not distractions) and pick out one person who has chosen to express his 1st Amendment rights. Wow, talk about asinine and apparently, logic has simply flown the coop.

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