Is ISIS on Verge of Again Using Khazouk to Kill Enemies?

February 6, 2015 at 2:40 PM 1 comment

impaledThere is something thoroughly demonic when human beings take pleasure in not only killing so-called enemies, but doing whatever they can to make that death as painful and drawn out as possible. Khazouk is a technique used by Islam during the Ottoman Empire that may find a resurgence with today’s ISIS.

In a short video, you can see/hear a woman speaking in Arabic. Essentially, she is begging the ISIS leaders to begin once again using khazouk, a capital punishment technique that hearkens back to those violent and bloody days of the Ottoman Empire, when the only thing on a Muslim’s mind was world domination. This same mentality currently exists and is building, though leaders like President Obama refuse to acknowledge it.

As far as the woman in the video goes, she asks several questions, then suggests what she would have ISIS leaders do to those who fight against Islam.

“Are you going to execute him with a merciful bullet? Or are you going to execute him with a merciful knife?” she asks.

Khawiskou “impale him” she cries out “then send him to his mother” she added.

Khawiskou (or Khazouk) is a form of impaling, in which a poker is inserted into a person through the anal cavity. Because it is often red-hot, it acts as a cauterizing agent and seals the wound as it goes through the body. A proficient executioner can insert the rod all the way to the top of the shoulder without hitting the heart or other major organs. Obviously, death does not come swiftly.

During the Roman Empire, crucifixion became the favored way of executing criminals. It was painful – excruciatingly so – where the executed person would linger for several days, longing for death. I cannot imagining that level of pain.

Currently, ISIS has begun using incredibly severe forms of execution to kill people. Most recently, a Jordanian pilot who had been shot down and then nursed to health, was killed by being placed in a cage, then set on fire. Islamists believe a death of this sort sends a message to others who would conspire against Islam.

The woman in video above doesn’t want ISIS to execute those who oppose Islam gently or quickly. Notice she asks if they’re going to “execute him with a merciful bullet?” She doesn’t even want them to be executed by beheading even though beheading done in Islam is not quick and is often painful.

This type of thinking – that the person being executed must suffer as much as possible – is hellish. It is from the mind of Satan himself, who desperately hates all of God’s Creation, especially people, created in God’s image.

Today, we are seeing crucifixion happening again, this time against women and young boys and girls, sometimes as young as 8 or 9. They are also being used as suicide bombers.

I think it is safe to say that Islam itself came to us from hell itself and the mind of Satan. The people involved in Islam who not only want to kill a person as painfully as possible, but are willing to be the agents of that type of death fully believe they are doing Allah’s will. They believe they are right in what they are doing.

But you know what the most difficult thing for the authentic Christian to do is, when it comes to Islam? Love them. Share with them the good news of Jesus Christ, the gospel that can lead them to salvation. Islam is not capable of providing salvation. It’s not built that way. There is nothing in it that even suggests a Muslim could have the guarantee of eternal life (except through dying for Allah, like a suicide bomber). All they can do is hope they earn it through service and works. Salvation is not a free gift in Islam.

As difficult as it is to hear of these horrific executions – crimes against humanity – perpetrated by people who say they “love” Allah and are doing his will, Christians must step up and offer only what Christianize itself offers; eternal life.

We can’t count on people like Rick Warren to do that because he’s too busy trying to make friends with Muslims. He says that Jesus built bridges of friendship and only friendship allows us to witness to people we don’t really know (my paraphrase). He’s either stupid or lying. Jesus did not try to befriend people before he evangelized them. He saw their need and presented the truth to them. He didn’t take six months or a year to get to know a person before He felt He had the right to tell them the truth about salvation. Their lives hung in the balance.

As heinous as many of Islam’s acts are (and we will probably see worse acts in the near future), we must remember that Muslims need Jesus. If we love people as God loves us, we will love those that appear unlovable to us. We won’t wait until we supposedly have enough face time with them so we can call them friends before we share the gospel with them. We’ll do that because time is short and we have no idea when their death may occur.

Loving the unlovable is extremely difficult, isn’t it? Our natural response to the type of extreme cruelty exhibited by Islamists is to want to see them die, painfully. Of course, God could have done that to us as well, but chose not to do so. Instead, He offers a chance at redemption.

We can stand against evil and we should. We can do whatever we can to correct wrongs and come between people who want to harm others. The best thing we can do though is introduce them to the only Person who can give them salvation. If we love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and our neighbor as ourselves, then how can we not tell them about Jesus?

It is the only way.

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  • 1. Sherry  |  February 6, 2015 at 3:19 PM

    All of us need to pray daily for Muslims, including the most vicious of them. The Ninevites were cruel, too, yet God desired to see them come to Him and walk in repentance and faith. May God raise up laborers to cross their paths and share, courageously, the love of Christ and His salvation for them.


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