Why Is Transgenderism Such a Big Issue Now?

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whicheverWARNING: Please be advised that this particular article contains some graphic sexual terminology as related to Islamic practices.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that seemingly out of the blue, transgenderism has become the latest spotlighted issue being foisted on society. It has been forcefully brought to the fore whether we like it or not.

One question I’ve asked is why now? Transgender people have been using the bathroom of their choice for years, but all of a sudden the Obama Administration has issued executive orders that are designed to force public schools to essentially have genderless bathrooms. Why?

Other people have been asking the same question, including a friend of mine over at RayGano.com. He has an interesting answer and while I won’t reblog his entire article here, I’ll refer to it. Just as he warns readers, I’ve done the same, there is graphic sexual content in the article. It’s not for the sake of being gratuitously sexual. It is to inform.

In order to rightly understand why public bathrooms are being made into genderless bathrooms, allowing men who “identify” as women and visa versa into the bathroom of their choice, we must understand whether or not there is a large culture of people who find this benefiting to them. Since transgenders themselves represent less than 1% of the entire population, it can’t be for them that this push is on to create genderless bathrooms. If not them, then for whom?

According to Gano, the idea of genderless bathrooms basically caters to Islam. I fully agree with Gano in his belief that Islam is being pushed and it is being pushed by a man who has an office in the White House. Whether or not Mr. Obama is a Muslim is really immaterial. It is clear though that he is sympathetic toward Islam, having spent formative years in Indonesia and hearing the calls to worship in Arabic. He is also familiar with the Qur’an, more so than the Bible that he claims to revere.

In reality, I believe President Obama is an atheist, through and through. Because of his youth and what he experienced during that time in Indonesia, he will always have a soft spot for Islam. It’s extremely patriarchal, it has an authority that he sees himself as having, and hardcore, or radicalized Islamists generally see those who are not part of Islam as complete outsiders and less than. Irrespective of what Mr. Obama proclaims, it is clear he has a distinct dislike for America as he seems to delight in condemning America’s actions and policies to anyone who will listen. This is not what a president should be doing. Because of it, he seems to excel in taking action that harms America, America’s laws, and Americans.

Historically, during past caliphates (an area over which an Islamic caliph reigns), non-Muslims were often allowed to continue to live only if they paid a tax (dhimmitude). Often, even then they were treated unfairly and as slaves. As such, they could be mistreated, brutally beaten, or killed. Normally, it was also against Islamic law for “dhimmis” to own property because they are considered 2nd or 3rd class individuals.

In his article, Gano goes into quite a bit of detail, starting off with this introductory sentence:

If you do not know this, having sex with young girls and boys is considered normal in Islam.

That may appear at first to be an outlandish statement, but by using Islam’s own documentation, Gano proves that he made didn’t make it up in order to denigrate Islam. It is actual fact, fact that few people know about because few people read today. Moreover, anyone who tends to criticize Islam is shouted down and castigated by the left and the supportive media. This is done to ensure that no honest discussion can occur. If honest discussion cannot occur, the information simply doesn’t get out there to the public and anyone who tries to claim these things as true is simply cast off to the side.

Fortunately for the world, Islam and Islam’s beliefs are documented. In the Bukari for example, there are plenty of references to Muhammad’s sex life with a very young Ayesha, which started when she was six (6). Even though there was no sexual penetration then, Muhammad found a way to enjoy himself. When Ayesha turned 9, he “married” her and officially consummated the union.

Gano also brings to the fore the fact that within Islam, young boys who do not have facial hair (because they have not gone through puberty), are “classed as female (‘catamites’) under sharia law.” It is not considered either pedophilia or homosexuality to have sex with them. It only becomes homosexuality when boys begin to grow facial hair when they go through puberty.

Let’s get back to the question regarding transgenderism and why it has all of a sudden become such a hot topic, one that America is now being forced to deal with and by none other than the President of the United States. There’s quite a bit to it, but with the influx of Muslim “refugees” throughout the world, please note that the uptick of rapes (of women, young girls and boys), along with other types of sexual assaults have increased exponentially wherever Muslims have been resettled. Instead of being alarmed at this, world leaders act as if it doesn’t exist. They are doing nothing about it. Why is this and how did it happen? The answer is the powerful people who make up what we call the Elite.

It seems clear enough that long ago, the office of president came under control of influences outside of the United States. Many believe the main influences are the Saudis. Certainly, they have enough money to have gained control over the presidency and there is good reason to believe that it goes at least as far back to Nixon and his move to have the U.S. dollar backed not by gold but by oil, hence his deal with the Saudis. It could very well mean that their increasing influence because of that deal, while keeping U.S. dollars in circulation, gave them quite a bit of control over numerous aspects of the federal government in Washington, DC.

But where is this all leading? Consider the tremendous influx of Muslim “refugees” from war-torn areas of the globe (North Africa and major portions of the Middle East like Syria). How did these “wars” start? They essentially started because of what was called Arab Spring, a term concocted by the media and political pundits to cause people to feel sympathy toward Arabs in various countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria. One by one, the leaders of these countries have fallen and been replaced with one exception: Syria’s Assad. He remains in power, largely due to the help of Putin and the Chinese government. Did these wars need to occur at all and why was the U.S. involved in them? Please also notice that the Saudi countries have remained relatively untouched. Why?

It seems like the Elite have been busy redefining borders throughout Asia and Europe as well as moving certain populations around from one place to another. They’ve been using wars they created to accomplish it. The “refugees” are being shipped all over the world, with over 800,000 sent to areas of the EU. The impact they’ve had has been monumentally devastating.

Many refugees are being resettled in America. It is not expected that these refugees – mainly Muslims – will assimilate into American culture. They will continue to look to Sharia law as their law and disregard American laws. They will only learn English if it suits them and they will expect (and receive) lots of hand-outs from the American government for resettlement costs and to help them sustain a living. Many of these Muslim men have four wives and lots of children.

Over the years, there have been many examples of Washington attempting to force companies to recognize Sharia law, without changing laws. For instance, Muslim truck drivers protested because they did not want to transport alcohol. They sued and won a fairly substantial amount of money. In other cases, Muslim workers refused to work as checkers in lines where people in grocery stores came through buying either pork or alcohol. Remember, this is based on their religious beliefs. Imagine if a Christian did the same thing. He/she would be shown the door. There are many examples of Muslims protesting certain aspects of American or European culture and getting their way because of it. Sharia law is being unofficially propped up.

The push toward transgenderism is merely a cover so that women (and especially young girls), will get used to not being shocked at seeing male genitalia (see Ray Gano’s article). The head of the Georgia ACLU – Maya Dillard Smith – recently resigned her position because of what is really a governmental overreach, with this whole transgender issue. Her own daughters recently were shocked to run into several transgenders over 6 feet tall in the girl’s bathroom. Recall also that Georgia legislature recently failed to pass the Religious Liberties Bill, which would have protected Georgia from this type of federal intrusion.

In a statement obtained by Atlanta Progressive News, [Maya Dillard Smith] accused the ACLU of being ‘a special interest organization that promotes not all, but certain progressive rights. In that way, it is a special interest organization not unlike the conservative right, which creates a hierarchy of rights based on who is funding the organization’s lobbying activities’.

I’m sure you can see where this is all going as far as society is concerned. In the end, what are Christians to do with this and other issues? If you’re a Dominionist, a Christian Reconstructionist, theonomist, or similar, you strap on your flak jacket and head into the battle with eyes wide open, doing whatever is legally necessary to regain control and push the federal government back. In doing so, you’ll convince yourself that what you’re doing is for the good of this nation and will bring glory to God in the process. However, I believe that is the wrong approach.

I’m sure many Christians would seriously disagree with me on this, but as Christians, our first obligation is to fulfill the Great Commission. On one hand then, this country is seeing a dramatic surge in the Muslim population and because of that, the foreign mission field is coming to America. We have opportunity to do what we can to reach these people for Jesus.

We also must do several other things. First, I believe we must approach this situation with tremendous prayer. We must pray for His protection that He will keep us and our families safe from the evil that is being foisted onto this country’s citizens. Second, we must ask the Lord to increase our wisdom so that we will know how to make the most of every opportunity. Third, we need to be proactive when it comes to our own children and family’s safety. If the federal government is going to change the laws regarding who can use the bathrooms, then I would suggest never allowing your children to use a public bathroom by themselves. Go in with them and only use the bathrooms in an emergency. If your children are in public schools that have succumbed to the demands of the federal government, consider moving them either to another school, a private one, or doing home schooling. I know this is not an option for all, but God has an answer for you if you will simply lean on Him.

We must remember that what is happening in America (and throughout the world) is due to the fact that God is allowing Satan to build his one-world system of government that will be headed up by Antichrist. Even so, Satan has always been and will always remain on God’s leash. Satan will never be able to do what God will not allow him to do. That alone should tell you who is in complete control. Read the first chapter of Job if you need further assurance on that score.

If we allow fear and/or anger to grip us, we will begin to see Muslims not as people who need the Lord, but as enemies who need to be controlled or removed from this country. They are not enemies. They are just as loved by God as we are, but the one difference is that they do not know Him because they do not have salvation though Christ died for them as well.

Let me also say this so that I am not misunderstood. God does not want us to be doormats! Christian, you have a right to protect yourself from unlawful assault by another person. If you’re minding your business and someone tries to steal from you or your home, you have every right to protect yourself. If an attempted rape is happening, you have every right to protect yourself or someone you love. When Jesus says “turn the other cheek” and “go the extra mile,” he does not mean that we are to go through this world defenseless! For more on this, please read this article I wrote previously, “The Christian and Lethal Force.”

But what we also have during these current times is an opportunity to be evangelists to those who come to this country. We must remember that our citizenship is not here on earth or in America. It is in heaven. We are simply sojourners here, behind enemy lines and as such, we have a job to do.

We must understand what is happening in the world and in America today. That knowledge should make us wiser, not angrier. We must discern that God is not waiting for us to get going and fight the Islamic tide that is pouring into America. He is waiting for us to get off our duffs and appreciate that Muslims need Jesus just as much as we do. If we see them as enemies, we will not be willing to evangelize them. Transgenders need Jesus as well.

Ultimately, I believe the Elite – under Satan’s direction – are using Muslims to further the agenda to create a classless, genderless society. Islam is aggressive and gets things done. Certainly radicalized Muslims do not mind dying for their faith, something from which most Christians shy away. In fact, most of us Christians can’t stand the thought of persecution, but we need to prepare for what’s coming.

Society is drastically changing. We cannot stop it, but we can continue to evangelize the lost. I see a day when persecution will be part of the daily experience for most Christians. It is something we don’t really see in America and when it comes, it will come with a fervor that is unexpected largely because so many think that our efforts will stem the tide and because that type of persecution has been absent and normally only seen in foreign countries.

Christians today fail to grasp that God allows and uses persecution to perfect His people because it is persecution that causes people to throw themselves on Him and remain close to Him more than anything else. Good times don’t do that. Relaxing atmospheres don’t bring that about. It’s clear that during those times, Christians become enamored with the world and even lazy about their faith.

Folks, let me state clearly: I am not a prophet. I don’t claim to be, nor do I want to be. My understanding of Scripture tells me things are going to get very bad for Christians. Satan is being allowed to do more and more to bring his one-world system to the fore. It’s going to happen. There is nothing you or I can do to stop it because God is allowing it. I would urge you to reconsider your position if you are inclined to agree with the Dominionists.

Now is the time to draw close to God. Now is the time to lean on Him. Now is the time to stop being focused on your own little comfortable world. Get back to His Word, focus on Him and His will, and learn to live in the shadow of His wings. It is the safest place to be and even though persecution may still come your way, it will be designed to perfect you, not destroy you. If you spend your time fighting against Satan’s coming new world order, I fully believe your effort will be wasted and you will be harmed spiritually because of it. Trust God. Seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

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