Nicolai Sennels and Problem of Islam’s Mindset

April 20, 2017 at 11:41 AM 2 comments

The world is facing a tremendously constant threat perpetrated by many within Islam and approved by the Left who either stands on the side approvingly, or joins in to help. Islam has been around since late AD 600’s and everywhere it has gone, trouble, warfare, and extermination are evidenced. But there’s also something that is growing that few discuss. The problem of inbreeding.

The negative health effects caused by inbreeding are due to the expression of rare, recessive deleterious genes that are inherited from common ancestors or a single shared ancestor. Studies on population in which inbreeding is common have shown increased levels of mortality and morbidity due to a variety of genetic defects.

We’ll get to this problem in a moment. When we consider the problems related to Islam and the Muslims who seem unable to do anything but fully immerse themselves into that culture of servitude, militancy, and even death, we are left wondering how Muslims can arrive to the point where all they see is Sharia law. How is it that seemingly rational individuals who call themselves Muslims can be so resistant to any form of assimilation to an adopted country’s rule of law?

We see this time and time again in various places in Europe – France, Sweden, the UK, Belgium, Germany, and others. It is clear to everyone except those willfully blind that once Muslims gain the clout of large numbers in an area, they quickly start putting their collective foot down refusing to do even the simplest of things that are part of another culture.

Muslims have an excuse for everything. They recently forced Subway fast food places in many areas of the UK to eliminate pork products. Is this necessary? Not at all. While the Qur’an dictates that Muslims should not eat pork, there is nothing in the Qur’an that commands that Muslims cannot accidentally smell it or shop in places that sell pork. The demand by Muslims is a form of unofficial Sharia law and in this case, Subway has gone along with them.

Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has written a great deal on the subject of Islam. As noted in the image above, he has discovered that much like the ancient Egyptians, today’s Muslims practice inbreeding. It is perfectly normal for a Muslim male to marry his cousin or niece. As noted, roughly half of all Muslims today are the result of inbreeding. Sennels notes the tragic results of this to the Muslim gene pool are the negative effects on their “intelligence, sanity, and health.”

There have been numerous major studies on the problem of inbreeding in general. When inbreeding occurs, some of the more damaging results can be (but not limited to):

  • Elevated incidence of recessive genetic diseases
  • Reduced fertility both in litter size and in sperm viability
  • Increased congenital defects such as cryptorchidism, heart defects, cleft palates.
  • Fluctuating asymmetry (such as crooked faces, or uneven eye placement and size).
  • Lower birth weight
  • Higher neonatal mortality
  • Slower growth rate
  • Smaller adult size, and
  • Loss of immune system function

Left’s mantra – stamping out whatever they label “hate” or “intolerance.”

None of these are good things, but these are the type of problems that often occur. In 2011, UK geneticistProfessor Steve Jones, one of Britain’s most eminent scientists, has warned that the level of inbreeding among the nation’s Muslims is endangering the health of future generations.”

Jones made similar comments in 2008 that resulted in calls for him to be ousted from the government. This is the way the Left works. If they don’t like what they hear – regardless of its truthfulness – they attack the individual(s) making the claims. Their ideology forces them to exhibit violent levels of intolerance against those they deem “intolerant.” The ends justifies the means in their view. This is exactly how the AnfiFa terrorists of America work as well. They will pummel people into submission to silence what they call “intolerance” and “hate.” Never mind that like Hitler and other dictators and fascists, they are using violence to silence critics, which is the basic definition of fascism.

But the problem of inbreeding among Muslims is very real and it doesn’t take a genius to understand the problems associated with it. Yet in today’s politically correct world, if that truth – which nearly everyone accepts – is referenced toward Muslims and Islam, then it’s no longer truth. It becomes Islamophobia and that must be rooted out at all costs, according to the Fascist Left.

Certainly, with large-scale inbreeding within a specific culture, we can expect the mental capacity of the offspring to be greatly diminished. As more inbreeding occurs, more damage is seen in the brain and other areas of the person. Distorted limbs, heads, and other areas of the body prove that inbreeding is something that is simply not good for the human race. Yet, within Islam, inbreeding is approved and acceptable. Researchers believe because of this, the high incidence of deformities occurs.

children of first cousins are ten times more likely to be born with recessive genetic disorders which can include infant mortality, deafness and blindness.

Pakistan has a tremendously high occurrence of deformities in children due to the high percentage of inbreeding. In countries like Pakistan, a young girl who doesn’t want to marry her uncle or first cousin stands the chance of bringing dishonor into the family. This can result in her being ostracized or executed via “honor killings.”

The image to the right is of a woman in Pakistan who is the result of inbreeding. There is a tremendously diminished cognitive ability among other things. These individuals need constant care their entire lives because they are often unable to function in life on their own. The damage is too great.

It is interesting that while Muslim apologists tell us that Muhammad did not marry a young girl of age 9 (Aisha), the truth appears to be that he actually did. In fact, it is alleged that he took Aisha when she was only six-years-old and from that time until she was nine-years-old, he “thighed” her. I’ll let you use your imagination on that.

For Muslims, the best place to get a wife is within the extended family. There are often large families with plenty of female cousins or nieces from which to choose. It is something that Muslims simply do and though we are learning of it in these modern times, many Muslims prefer to say that this does not happen now (even if they admit that it happened then during Muhammad’s time).

After Adam and Eve fell, they then began to procreate. If Adam and Eve were the first two (and only) humans up to that point on the earth, then who did their children grow up and marry? Obviously, some married their sisters/brothers. However, there was a huge difference between the situation then versus now. Adam and Eve were essentially created directly by God and it is assumed that they were physically perfect. God doesn’t make junk. Both Adam and Eve, in spite of their decision to rebel against God nonetheless, had perfect bodies. This is exactly why it took them hundreds of years to die. While the death of their bodies began immediately after sinning, the final result (physical death) was a long ways off. Of course, spiritual death (broken fellowship with God), occurred immediately.

Within Adam and Eve, their genetics were perfect in the beginning. Any inbreeding that occurred would not have passed on non-existent negative and damaging effects to progeny. It took generations before these genes began to decay through physical corruption.

Yet, even in spite of this, there was plenty of evil and possibly even deformity that occurred on the earth in those days. You can read about it starting in Genesis 6 when there were “giants on the earth” and decide what you think that means.

But all of this is a far cry from 2017 when we are ages removed from the initial perfection of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Today’s human being cannot tolerate the ravages of inbreeding for long. Eventually, those born will be seriously deformed and quite cognitively impaired. Kept up, it will ultimately mean the end of that particular line because of the great possibility of becoming unable to function sexually and/or becoming infertile.

There is a serious problem growing in the world today and it is due to the fact that Islam practices inbreeding. Certainly, not all Muslims practice this, but enough of them do to have created very real problems for themselves and the rest of us. It would also explain why many within Islam cannot seem to function well, cognitively speaking. People who cannot think straight are easily manipulated.

It has come to a point where Israel is being blamed for the significant uptick in birth defects occurring in the Pakistani population. In reality, the birth defects are most likely due to the constant inbreeding that occurs within Islamic culture. In Pakistan alone, roughly three-quarters of the population intermarries with cousins “causing huge health problems and out of control health costs for the national health care system.” For examples of this, do a search of the ‘Net of results of inbreeding among Muslims. Some of the images and video will shock you.

As Islam continues to grow throughout many portions of the world, the problem and results of inbreeding will continue to grow with it. Does inbreeding cause violent behavior? It certainly can due to a reduced cognitive skill in sorting things out. People who cannot think clearly may easily lash out at things they do not understand. They cannot be expected to grasp the nuanced issues that affect society today. Moreover, if these same people are force-fed a steady diet of violent extremism found within Islam, why should we be surprised to learn that many of these people will develop violent tendencies because of it?

Islam is an ideology that believes death through vigilantism against non-Muslims (infidels) is rewarded in heaven. If you start with offspring who have diminished cognition and then add brainwashing to that, things will not go well. From an early age, Muslim children are often taught to believe that Islam is the only way and all infidels must be fought against violently in order to please a particular god. It stands to reason then that Muslim children will grow up believing that violence against infidels is for the greater good and rewarded by Allah. This is what much of the European world is now experiencing and it is coming to America.

In recent months, ISIS released a video showing a six-year-old boy participating in the beheading of captives. Young children are very impressionable and will quickly learn what is expected of them. They understand that to not do something they are told to do will result in their own physical punishment.

Islam is a seriously violent religion/ideology. The fact that so many within Islam take the Qur’an literally and seriously is proven in their words and actions. They truly believe that they are in a war against all who are not Muslim and all non-Muslims must either be enslaved or killed.

The texts of Islam are clearly distinct from the other religions texts as they, to a higher degree, call for violence and aggression against followers of other faiths. There are also direct incitements to terror…Moreover, in the Qur’an there are hundreds of invitations to fight against people of other faiths.

The above statement was made by Danish linguist Tina Magaard after studying texts of the ten largest religions. Coupled with that, we have the research that shows that “Islam is not only the world’s most violent religion in writing. A huge study, based on in-depth interviews with 45,000 subjects, confirms that it is also the world’s most violent religion in practice. The study shows that Islam is the only religion in the world in which people become more violent, the stronger they believe in their religion.”

The problem of Islam is manifold. We not only have the very real issue of violence taught by Muhammad within the Qur’an (and supported by various Hadith), but we have a growing population of Islam that is the direct result of inbreeding.

None of this bodes well for the years directly ahead of us. None of it.

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. rutnerh  |  April 20, 2017 at 2:13 PM

    Excellent overview of the enormous threat to Western civilization, currently only EU countries but soon spreading to our continent, from increasing Muslim populations due to their far higher birth rates than local populations that will ultimately dominate these nations by peaceful demographics even without violence. This is clearly the case in the U.K., France and Germany where Muslims are gaining control of local governments and institutions in advocating Sharia law and banking. Inbreeding apparently has little effect on their high birth rates and these physical and social misfits will ultimately become majority voters.

    Migrants created by war mongering myopic pols in the USA and EU will further accelerate Islamic domination by violent terrorism that is commonly covered up by PC fools who are ignorant of Koranic teachings including the 6, not only 5, pillars of their faith, the 6th being jihad.

    Fortunately for us, only a small but growing percentage among the billions of Muslims are currently practicing all 6, with the majority fewer of them, thus being incomplete or “peace loving” or Westernized Islamic followers of Mohammad’s Koran.

    Ironically Western nations also have a high percentage of incomplete or lukewarm Christians in name only (CINOS). But the true followers of Jesus are caring and non violent as Jesus was…….the very opposite of the jihadist killers.

    But as in all matters, foolish man proposes and God disposes according to His unfathomable plans for humanity in part disclosed in His inspired Word, the Bible.


    • 2. modres  |  April 20, 2017 at 2:43 PM

      Thanks very much for your comments. Much appreciated.



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