What is New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)?

November 19, 2017 at 12:30 PM 1 comment

It is amazing to me how many Christians have not heard of New Apostolic Reformation (or NAR, for short). It is a growing phenomenon that began in earnest with C. Peter Wagner several decades ago and has grown into a full-blown modern day apostle and prophet movement, where it is believed God is doing something new and unique during this time and yearns to expand His Name throughout all the earth. Among other things, He’s apparently appointing and anointing new apostles and prophets!

The Bible tells us Jesus will overcome man’s dominion and kingdoms on earth Himself upon His physical return when He inaugurates His Kingdom here. NAR proponents, among other things, believe that it is our job to help make this happen. NAR is married to Dominionist thinking that it is the Christian’s job to take control (subdue and rule over), all aspects of the earth in order that Christ can return to it in victory.

Political influence is big in NAR, meaning that one of the larger ways Christians should retake control of the earth is through the political arena. Jerry Falwell had this idea way back in the 1980’s with his “Moral Majority” movement, which eventually petered out or, some would say, was replaced by today’s NAR.

Consequently, if more Christians gain seats in government, then the ability to change the landscape of America will be that much easier. While Christians have just as much right as anyone else to vote and express their opinions, it appears that NAR is seeking to turn America into a theocratic nation. This is not really something that Christians should be involved in. Our main task is to simply live lives that bring glory to God and allow us to spread the Gospel to the unsaved. To that end, it doesn’t really matter how many Christians are in politics for that to happen. In fact, it doesn’t matter what the conditions of society are because the Gospel is to go out in spite of the way society feels about it.

Those who are called to the mission field often face all forms of dangers, including the constant threat of persecution to the death for their faith. Yet, they are obedient to their specific missionary calling and to the Great Commission.

Here is a concise, educational article on the New Apostolic Reformation or NAR, for short.

But it needs to be stated that there truly is nothing new under the sun. Things come around again with different names and a slightly different emphasis, therefore they are “new.” The problem with NAR, as with the Emergent Church (they’re more alike than many realize, with the exception of the “signs and wonders” in NAR), and many aspects of the Charismatic Movement has to do with the fact that these groups are really offshoots of other groups from previous times in history. They’re given a modern-day look and feel in an attempt to reach youth especially, but in reality, it’s all been done before.

We’ll spend some time in upcoming articles looking at possible origins of today’s Charismatic Movement, which has given rise to so many sects and offshoots. It is impossible to keep track of all of them and most people would tire simply trying to keep up, but it is important to understand the basics of history.

Of course, history isn’t really taught anymore, is it? What is presented is a rewritten historical perspective, but not actual history. Unfortunately, true history is often the best teacher.

The more you know about NAR and groups like this, the less likely you will be taken in by them. God has things perfectly under control, regardless of how it may look to us. God’s plan is unfolding and He does not wait for human beings to “do” things before He can do something. He will return to this earth at the appointed time and will set up His Millennial Kingdom as He said He will.

In the meantime, the main calling of the Christian aside from living a life that brings glory to God is to specifically be involved in bringing the Gospel to lost people of this world. That’s done not necessarily by signs and wonders but by opening our mouths and telling unsaved people about the fact that Jesus – the God-Man – was born as a human, lived a sinless life, died for OUR sin, experienced God the Father’s wrath for us on the cross so that we would not have to, died a horribly brutal death, rose three days later, and ascended into heaven.

Human beings have a problem. It’s called SIN. God has the solution. It’s called SALVATION. God says His Word does not return to Him void. We need to speak it and live it.

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