Common Bonds of New Age, Dominionism, and NAR

December 1, 2017 at 6:58 AM 3 comments

We’ve written numerous articles dealing with Dominionism in the past. Here is the link for the first many of the articles: Dominionism

We’ve also dealt with numerous aspects of the New Age movement. For a list of articles posted here on this blog, you can find them at this link: New Age

Most recently, we launched a series of articles that highlight the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and various aspects of the Charismatic Movement with other articles on the way. Here are some of the articles which provide information on New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). You’ll note that there is some crossover with Dominionism and NAR.

Each of these areas has its unique outlook, attracting different types of people to each one. However, what might not be so readily seen is how much alike all three areas – New Age, Dominionisn, and NAR – are when we take a closer look under the hood, so to speak.

There is actually one very important thing that ties each of these separate groups together though people in each are likely not aware of it, at least at this point. As the end of this age draws to a close these three separate groups will likely end up becoming far more cohesive and unified. They will actually come together unofficially, if not officially, because of the ideology they share.

What is that one thing that will create the bridge between these groups? It is nothing less than the return of the Christ. Let me clarify that please, because I am not referring to God the Son, Jesus, who will return at the very end of this age to close the Tribulation period. After which He will judge the sheep and the goats and begin setting up His Millennial Kingdom over which He will reign for 1,000 years from David’s throne in Jerusalem.

No, I’m talking about another “Christ,” an impostor, who will gain the attention of the world and be seen and accepted as the long-awaited “messiah,” and who will ultimately be worshiped as though God (2 Thessalonians 2). Scripture tells us that prior to the return of the actual Jesus, an impostor with the title Antichrist will have his day. It will essentially be Satan’s last attempt to imitate and replace God (Isaiah 14:14).

Let’s remember that God Himself will allow this for His purposes and glory. As this age draws to a close just prior to Jesus’ physical return (oh, He will physically return!), the gulf between righteousness and evil will become extremely obvious. It will be impossible for anyone to miss and people will have to choose. There will be no fence-sitters in the world. Everyone will either be for Antichrist or against him.

We know that the New Age has been looking for – yearning for and working for – the coming of the Maitreya. The New Age speaks of the growing “Christ consciousness” throughout the earth. What is most important for New Agers is that this consciousness continues to grow and impact society throughout the globe. There are many people on the Internet (not to mention authors of printed books and articles), who speak of the cosmic energy of the coming Christ. They believe that as people unite in purpose, fully focused and working to bring this “Christ” to earth (yes, they tell us our “energy” and “thoughts” are capable of doing that), this Christ will finally appear.

Benjamin Creme (now deceased and knows the truth he denied and rejected in this life), worked most of his adult life to bring “Christ” to earth. He normally referred to this Christ as Maitreya, as many within the New Age do. New Agers have looked for the coming Age of Aquarius (or the Aquarian Shift), which will bring the Utopia they believe will occur on this earth, but first there will be much travail as the world shifts from the Picean Age to the coming Aquarian Age. No one really knows when that will happen. One of the things that will occur will be the “Christ” coming to the Earth. This is what the New Age teaches (in very general terms). In essence, the coming “Christ” (Maitreya) is hindered only because of the shift that needs to occur.

However, Dominionism, unlike New Agers, is made up of people who are part of Christendom, the visible Church (which contains authentic believers and professing believers).

Christian Dominionists believe that God desires Christians to rise to power through civil systems so that His Word might then govern the nation. The belief that ‘America is a Christian nation’ is sometimes called ‘soft dominionism’; the idea that God wants only Christians to hold government office and run the country according to biblical law is called ‘hard dominionism.’

As noted above, Dominionists believe they must work to recreate society by taking control of it through elected office, education, the arts, etc. Hardcore Dominionist beliefs lead to Reconstructionism and Kingdom Now Theology. The former is made up of people who believe that it is the Christian’s responsibility to take control of the world in their particular gifted area or calling until the entirety of the world is “subdued.”

Kingdom Now advocates are normally found within the Charismatic, Pentecostal, and NAR camps and believe that Christians are to take control of the world and subdue it through spiritual warfare. In either camp, once the world has been “subdued,” Jesus will be able to return and rule.

Both groups – New Age and Dominionist – believe that they must do all they can to bring forth the “Christ” or Jesus. Though these groups are not aligned ideologically or theologically, they both share in the belief that their efforts will bring about the return of their messiah/Messiah respectively.

As noted, proponents of NAR are essentially Dominionist in position. In our recent article – Losing Control in the Name of God? – we included a video highlighting Todd Bentley and his wife, whom he invited to tell the gathered crowd about the dream she had. At one point, she mentions “bringing God’s Kingdom to earth,” which is what Dominionists and those in NAR believe they’re all about. Certainly, there are a few verses here and there, which when taken out of context might appear to teach that people on earth are in some way involved in bringing the Lord back to earth. However, when the Bible is allowed to interpret itself, no such conclusion can be seen or argued.

The plain fact of the matter is that Jesus will return at the precise time that has been previously chosen (by the Godhead in the council of that Godhead, in eternity past before the foundations of this world). Humanity plays no part in the physical return of Jesus anymore than it played in His first coming. As then when the times had reached fulfillment, Jesus was born of a virgin. Regarding His second coming, He will come at the Father’s bidding, at the precise time, when things reach their fulfillment. God oversees that, not puny human beings. Our job is to be about witnessing to the lost of this world. There is no mention in Scripture of Jesus returning when His people have worked to change the world enough so that He can return.

People in NAR believe that all the manifestations evidenced in their gatherings, all “words of knowledge” and prophecies given telling us that God is doing something “new” represent spiritual warfare. The more this occurs, the greater the warfare and victory. This will ultimately bring about the second coming of Jesus. This is why the phrase “bringing God’s Kingdom to earth” is often heard. The implication of course, is that people will help bring this about.

That is the commonality between the New Age, Dominionism, and NAR. We already know that NAR’s theology (such as it is), is terribly misplaced and while they claim it is based on Scripture, it is only very loosely based on Scripture. The tragedy is how fast and loose NAR people play with the Bible, effectively causing it to say what it actually does not say.

All three of these groups make God out to be a liar. Not that He is a liar of course, but through their faulty exegesis (NAR and Dominionism), and humanistic relativism (New Age), they all believe the combined efforts of humanity will play a large hand in bringing the “Christ” to earth.

God speaks of a powerful delusion He will send that will overtake humanity (2 Thessalonians 2:11). People will believe what is false and we see this evidenced continually within Dominionism and NAR. New Agers are already deceived and believe what is false. Paul also warns of the apostasy that will occur in the latter days (2 Timothy 4:3-4). We are living in the last days and we are witnessing unprecedented apostasy by those claiming to “live for Jesus.” What they believe and teach is diametrically opposed to Scripture. They are dreamers, babblers, constantly presenting falsehoods eagerly adopted by those who follow them. Discernment has no place in their lives.

Those within NAR and Dominionism often attack Christians who do not see things their way. We are considered the “Pharisees” of modern-day, the legalists, who would squelch the alleged manifestations and moves of God. The New Age movement also denigrates Christianity due to its reliance on Jesus – the one and only God – not the many gods that those involved in the New Age are encouraged to acknowledge and even worship.

As the climax of this age occurs, those in the New Age, Dominionism, and NAR will find themselves strange bedfellows, but will then realize that they have more in common than they ever previously understood. NAR will become much more New Age like and this has been verified by many people who have come out of the New Age movement only to realize that the New Age has infiltrated the visible Church!

No, we’re not claiming the office of prophet or seer. Certainly, we could be wrong in our conclusions. It simply makes sense that those in the New Age, Dominionism, and NAR will move closer toward one another (ignoring all differences in ideology), because of the goal to bring “Christ” to earth.

Yes, the world is going to worsen until Jesus returns. However, a close look at Scripture also tells us the world will become one in purpose and direction before things get really bad. This will be a repeat of Genesis 11 and the Tower of Babel, but only on a truly global scale.

At some point, according to Revelation (and parts of Daniel and Ezekiel), the world will not only become one, but will then be broken up into ten regions, ruled over by ten “kings.” Once this happens, the stage is set for the revealing of the Antichrist, who will become the one man (supernaturally endowed with satanic power), to rule this earth representing the final kingdom of the visions we see in Daniel 2, 7, etc.).

For the world to become one in direction and purpose, big steps are going to have to be taken. New Agers refer to this coming tribulation as the birth of Aquarius. It cannot happen without travail. The result of that will be – for all intents and purposes – a form of peace that will convince the world the newest age has dawned; an age without war and one of true prosperity.

There’s even more here and we’ll discuss more possibilities next time.

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Professional Pulpit Profiteers New Age, Dominionism, and NAR – Twisting Truth

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  • […] Last time, we focused on commonalities between the New Age, Dominionism, and New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). The one main connection is that all three of these groups believe that, due in large part to humanity’s efforts, a new age will dawn leading to the coming of a person known as “the Christ,” Maitreya, or Jesus. Unfortunately, their efforts will simply bring us to the point where the Antichrist, not Jesus Christ, will step up onto the world’s stage and rule humanity as the final human king first revealed in the book of Daniel. Antichrist will oversee what many Bible scholars refer to as the Revised Roman Empire. […]


  • 2. rutnerh  |  December 1, 2017 at 10:03 AM

    Congrats, modres! Great start in your commendable task of demolishing the unbiblical humanistic delusions of Satan controlled New Ager fool foreseeing a global utopia. Far from it! From my humble Bible perspective, the prophesied and imminent Rapture, meaning to occur unexpectedly and unpredictably, will cause an unprecedented catastrophic global upheaval second to the Flood in Noah’s time. It will facititate the rise of the prophesied worldwide dictatorial Anti-Christ as a fake global savior, initially benevolent, but turning into a tyrant. And God will further punish the leftbehinds with divine catastrophes.
    Looking forward to your further expose.


    • 3. modres  |  December 1, 2017 at 10:15 AM

      Yes, and the New Age has some their own take on the biblical Rapture. Stay tuned.



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