New Age, Dominionism, and NAR – Twisting Truth

December 4, 2017 at 9:43 AM 2 comments

Last time, we focused on commonalities between the New Age, Dominionism, and New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). The one main connection is that all three of these groups believe that, due in large part to humanity’s efforts, a new age will dawn leading to the coming of a person known as “the Christ,” Maitreya, or Jesus. Unfortunately, their efforts will simply bring us to the point where the Antichrist, not Jesus Christ, will step up onto the world’s stage and rule humanity as the final human king first revealed in the book of Daniel. Antichrist will oversee what many Bible scholars refer to as the Revised Roman Empire.

These groups, because of their common ideology, may actually wind up working together toward their shared goal. It’s easy to see NAR welcoming anyone from the New Age into their midst because the true Gospel is rarely, if ever preached with clarity. It’s all about signs, wonders, and manifestations of God and any seeker can join in.

So we’re getting to a point where we may see more cooperation between these three groups, but what about now? What is happening throughout the world that may be laying the groundwork for what’s coming?

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the haters, led by the media, politicians, and celebrities, have unleashed unprecedented attacks on him and his family. They have done everything possible to bring him down and/or nullify his presidency. Yet, in spite of this, Trump has persevered and made some great gains for America and Americans.

Unfortunately, President Trump has been surrounded by Dominionists and NAR apostles/prophets from the beginning. When we see a photo of Trump in the Oval Office encircled by people laying their hands on him and bowing in prayer, we understand that these individuals are largely Dominionists, proponents of NAR, or Kingdom Now ideology. What this means is that their basic intent is to not only improve the situation in America, but to fully subdue the powers and principalities in the spiritual realm in order to bring about a massive change in the world so that Jesus can return. This belief in spiritual warfare runs rampant within NAR and Kingdom Now. These people believe that as we literally take on the powers of darkness directly (and subdue them), in the power of Christ, victories are gained, ground recovered, and the battle is being won.

Interestingly enough, most who are seriously involved in the New Age believe the same type of thing, but use different terminology. Instead of the power of Christ and prayer, they believe in the power of the Christ consciousness and the power of positive energy. It’s an important distinction yet in many ways, it’s simply two sides of the same coin where New Age and NAR are concerned.

Another thing that both groups speak of is the travail that will occur prior to the peace that is coming to this earth. But biblical Christianity also speaks of the fact that the worst time on earth will yet occur in the future, called The Tribulation (Matthew 24), which is brought to an end by the physical return of Jesus and begins 1,000 of actual peace throughout the world because of His rule.

Dominionists, NAR, and Kingdom Now people all believe people within Christendom must work to subdue the world for Jesus and it involves a great deal of effort on our part. This effort will of necessity include many manifestations of God (they believe), empowering those who come to Him for the purpose of fighting the enemy of our souls in the spiritual realm. It’s really an absolutely absurd belief when all is said and done. Prayer is certainly powerful, but only as it is used to align our thinking, desires, and will with God’s.

What about spiritual warfare as described by these groups? In Daniel 10, we learn that there was spiritual activity and angst in the spiritual realm (see also Job 1), that kept one of God’s angels from reaching Daniel quickly. Daniel had already understood the meaning of a revelation he had recently received from God in a vision, which caused Daniel great anxiety, so much so that he mourned for three weeks! (Daniel 10:2) An angel was sent to provide greater clarity.

At the end of those three weeks, the angel arrived and gave Daniel more insight, specifically regarding what would happen to Daniel’s “people” (the Jews of Israel), in the latter days (Daniel 10:14). The reason it took the angel three weeks to arrive is because he had been held back from arriving by the Prince of Persia, another powerful spirit in the heavenly realm, undoubtedly working for Satan to thwart God’s plans.

During the three weeks of mourning, Daniel had no clue what was happening in the spiritual realm, though he did find out. He was not praying or “fighting” in the spiritual realm against God’s enemies during those three weeks. Daniel was simply trusting the Lord and waiting on Him.

However, NAR and Kingdom Now people believe that it is the Christian’s responsibility to take on the powers of darkness in the spiritual realms. This is believed done through prayer and decreeing by people with authority in these movements (apostles/prophets). The result – they say – is that evil is vanquished and God through us gains the victory in that part of the spiritual realm. It’s really hubris on steroids. While God chooses to use people, He does not need our help to accomplish His purposes. He does what He does, according to His plans and purposes.

Regarding the New Age’s aspect on this, here is how one New Age website describes it:

The Age of Aquarius is causing great turmoil in order to make room for the new values of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. Everything with Piscean values is being exposed and taken down. This includes governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships. Many call this a disaster, as the world appears to be falling apart, but is it?

The Aquarian Age points to the direction of our own evolution in consciousness. We are each being asked to make a choice. We can cling to the old outdated values or adopt the new evolving ones. Our happiness and peace depends on our choice and the change will take place whether we like it or not.

Notice the first paragraph especially. Because of the shift that they say is occurring, there will be great upheaval. They note it will extend to government, corporations, and relationships.

What is happening in the world right now, since the election of Donald Trump? People in government are being exposed as corrupt politicians. Satan is literally divided against himself!

We’ve also seen one powerful individual after another taken down by charges of sexual misconduct and harassment. Some came as no surprise, while others were a big surprise. There certainly appears to be massive upheaval throughout the world with many governments on the verge of collapse and social ills in many countries on the rise. New Agers tell us that this is all normal as one age segues into the next.


All of this travail and upheaval is seen as perfectly normal by the New Age, something that must occur, just like “birth pangs.” Those within NAR as well might to see many of these things (especially the constant firestorm surrounding Donald Trump), as the normal process that occurs when Satan and his minions are riled up because of those who work against them. Don’t forget, numerous “prophets” in NAR predicted Trump’s election. Satan had guessed ahead of time that Trump would be elected.

What many Christians fail to realize is how much Satan has counterfeited the things that are very much patterned on Scripture, with a twist of course. Jesus spoke of the “beginning of birth pangs” in His Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21), and the New Age speaks of a great upheaval prior to the “birth” of the new age, what they believe is the coming Age of Aquarius.

In another example, Paul taught about the Rapture of the invisible Church, which would remove Christians from the earth sometime prior to the coming Great Tribulation. The New Age teaches that there is coming a Rapture-like event that will remove millions from the earth and put them on another planet where they can evolve spiritually at their own pace.

Teachings like the ones above have been around within the New Age for decades, since the 1940’s at least. It is interesting to learn that many Christians don’t understand what Satan has taught his followers within the New Age movement. We need to be aware that Satan has been extremely busy counterfeiting whatever the Bible actually teaches. If something is taught in Scripture, like the physical return of Jesus, doesn’t it stand to reason that Satan is going to attempt to counterfeit that teaching within groups like the New Age so that when Satan’s spiritual son is revealed, the world will receive him?

If Jesus is going to return physically (and He is), Satan clearly would want to prepare humanity for that major event. Rather than deny it (even though there are many who do deny it, even within Christendom), he will do all he can to prepare the world for it. However, he’ll make Antichrist (who will appear on the scene first, be mistaken for Jesus.

If the Rapture is going to happen (and it is), obviously Satan needs to come up with a lie so that when the Rapture does occur, there will be a plausible explanation for those left behind, that will explain all the missing people and the absolute catastrophe in its wake. It will also bring the world together in unity of purpose. It’s quite clear from reading New Age materials that Satan has already laid the groundwork for how the Rapture will be explained.

We covered this in other articles written here, but it is interesting to note that New Age author Barbara Marciniak (Bringers of the Dawn), wrote about the coming “Great Evacuation.” In that future scenario, she says upwards of 20 million people will be removed from this planet to waiting spaceships. These ships will then transport those people to other planets where they can grow or “evolve” spiritually at their own pace without holding the rest of humanity back. The people removed are the “malcontents” who keep the planet from evolving to its next spiritual plane.

After this “evacuation” of 20 million plus people, Marciniak notes that “there will be a tremendous shift in consciousness for those who are remaining” (fourth quote toward bottom of linked article). So, enter the new Age of Aquarius because of this shift. Paul says the “restrainer” will be taken out of the way (2 Thessalonians 2), which will give lawlessness free rein.

The Ashtar Command says much the same thing and you can read about that in an article we penned several years ago, What Might Bring the World to Chaos? Documents from Ashtar Command appeared in the very early 1950’s and was originally given through author George Van Tassel. As part of New Age beliefs, Satan has covered his bases fairly well. In the meantime, Christians argue about the Rapture, whether or not it will happen or when it will happen. It doesn’t matter when. For Satan to go to all the trouble of counterfeiting the biblical teaching within the New Age should tell us that he knows without reservation the Rapture will happen just as he knows Jesus will physically return to this earth one day.

New Age, Dominionism, NAR, and Kingdom Now all share a connection, which may allow them to work together in the future. They all twist the truth of Scripture to their own ends. If you are part of them, I cannot encourage you enough to come out of them.

Next time, we’ll discuss the direct influence that ultimately created the emphasis on the mystical within Christendom and then we’ll move onto another series designed to help Christians understand how we can move back to God and the infallibility of His Word.

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Common Bonds of New Age, Dominionism, and NAR Modern Christian Mysticism Stems from Existentialism

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Matthew Beech  |  December 5, 2017 at 7:55 AM

    In addition to the New Age concept of removing the “malcontents” I can see the atheists idea of UFOs and aliens used as a secular reason for the disappearances.

    Just look at the “alien” abductions that keep increasing in numbers. Of course, this isn’t some weird alien but rather Satanic deceptions to indoctrinate the world.


    • 2. modres  |  December 5, 2017 at 9:12 AM

      Absolutely. Atheists are interesting in that while they reject God, they often have no problem accepting alien life forms, even believing that some of them “seeded” life on planet earth. Anything to keep God out of the picture.

      And yes, I agree that alienology is nothing more than satanic deception. I’ve written a number of books on the issue.

      Thanks for your comments, Matthew.



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