Brenden Dilley’s Intel Source Shares Some More Intel (Feb 11)

February 14, 2018 at 1:36 PM 3 comments

For those who do not know, Brenden Dilley is running for Congress (District 8) in Arizona. He’s a pretty interesting guy who, in spite of the news and Intel he shares, seems fairly down to earth. He comes across as honest and sincere, though slightly scattered at times. I don’t say that in a demeaning way and in all fairness to Mr. Dilley, the reason he appears scattered is simply due to the fact that when he offers live video updates, there are a ton of people tuning in and he’s trying to read their comments and respond to them while he talks. Certainly, not an easy task. I appreciate his candor and his willingness to share with us what he learns.

Dilley is on Twitter as @hublife and you can find him on FB at

He’s gaining a great deal of support and that’s a very good thing. Congress is in dire need of more conservatives, who actually support what President Trump is attempting to accomplish. I hope the people of Arizona recognize the quality of candidate they have in Dilley and will do everything they can to get him elected. I think he would be a vast improvement to some of the Leftists that have been elected from that state. It’s time to turn things around as much as we, the people, are able to do so.

Dilley often has live video events on Periscope and/or Facebook. In a recent one from February 10, he makes some interesting statements and shares some intriguing Intel. I watched it and took notes and thought I’d post it here for readers to become more familiar with Brenden Dilley. He has been receiving Intel from an unnamed source for months. In that way, it’s a bit like what Q does. In fact, either Dilley’s source knows Q personally or at least, knows of him and what he posts. Here are the highlights of Dilley’s February 11th video chat.

Dilley says that he’s been receiving information from a source for months now, ostensibly from the same source. I’ve listened to his videos before and he states that he holds back some of the Intel because it just seems a bit preposterous at times. He knows that there is the possibility that he is also being fed at least some disinformation and when his “spidey sense” starts tingling, he won’t share that with us. He holds it back. On at least one occasion, he held back info that came to pass and realizing it, he then began talking about it, coming late to the game so to speak.

Dilley always cautions that it is impossible to vet any of the information he receives. It can only be vetted after it comes to pass and sometimes, that does not happen the way it’s predicted because things are always in a state of flux. Plans are made, then something occurs that requires a change in plans. Information that was supposed to come out one day, might have to be unexpectedly delayed for a day or two.

Dilley asked if anyone noticed anything strange happening in California last night (Feb 10). He noted that there were drones flying around. He did not go into detail. He then added an aside regarding Intel that is captured via drones. He said the raw Intel has to be collected, deciphered, and placed in “batches.” This isn’t instantaneous. It can days to several weeks. Dilley stated that there have been years and years of corruption – it is a cancer that has affected every area of government and it will take time to root it out.

Frankly, I sometimes wonder how Trump and company will be able to do it and still keep our Constitutional Republic intact. It does not sound like it’ll be an easy job at all. Like Q, Dilley’s source reminds him (and us), that we need to pray, pray, pray.

I’m sure like me, you believe God is sovereign. He is moved by our prayers and over all of what occurs on the earth. He is sovereign. Does this mean that if we do not pray, God won’t be able to do anything? Hardly. It is more likely that He will find people to pray for His will to be done (on earth as it is in heaven). We are likely at this point in history and time due to the millions of saints throughout America and elsewhere praying for God to do something against this tsunami of evil that has become one huge, behemoth.

Dilley then says that “ES is toast – one less gatekeeper (NOT Snowden) – a gatekeeper who resigned.” We don’t know who this ES is, but Dilley says it’s not Edward Snowden. You’ll recall I’ve mentioned before, based on Q’s comments, that it appears as though Snowden is not a good guy (white hat). If you look at his Twitter feed (@Snowden), you’ll quickly learn that Snowden is no fan of President Trump at all. Rumor has it that Snowden worked for the CIA and went undercover at the NSA to ruin them and make the CIA far more valuable than the NSA. He only appears to be a good guy because he started releasing information about how much the NSA (not the CIA), was spying on Americans. In reality, the CIA has been spying on Americans for years, but Snowden never informed us of that.

Could ES be Eric Schmidt be the guy Dilley’s source is referring to? Quite possibly. His source refers to ES as “a gatekeeper who resigned.” Schmidt was the executive director of the Alphabet Board at Google. He is also said to have visited North Korea several times. One can only wonder why, but Q has dropped numerous crumbs as to the reason he may have gone there. Certainly, Schmidt’s old position was that of “gatekeeper” with Google.

Dilley next speaks of Beatrix of the Netherlands and asks, “What’s her link to Barbara Bush?”  Beatrix was the Queen of the Netherlands until 2013, when she abdicated her throne. The connection with the Bushes? I know many conservatives still believe that the Bush family is truly conservative and patriotic. In essence, the Bushes are the flip side of the same coin with the Clintons. It’s all about them, their own self-aggrandizement and enrichment. They only appear to be conservatives and with George W.’s most recent comments, it’s obvious that this veneer is fading as well. These people are trotted out by the globalists for disinformation purposes. In fact, good ol’ Jeb Bush has also come out to attack President Trump. The gloves are coming off as I believe, if memory serves, both these guys supporting Hillary Clinton for president. I find that absolutely absurd. Bush is supposedly GOP and “conservative” yet he comes out supporting Hillary Clinton, who is as far Left as you can get.

At this point, I don’t know the connection between Beatrix and Barbara Bush. Maybe that will become clearer in time. Dilley’s source also noted that the Q drop regarding McCain (coming back to prime time), was Intel Dilley’s source wanted to drop, but Q beat him to the punch.

Again, Dilley’s source reminds us that timelines are interchangeable. They are always moving. In some ways it’s like playing chess but with life characters who have minds of their own. They don’t simply sit on a board waiting to be moved. The act and react to specific situations, which means plans may need to be modified.

Dilley’s source again says, “pray, pray, pray.” This is a common theme with Q and Dilley’s source. These guys are obviously God-fearing people, conservatives, and patriots. I’m fairly convinced that both sources have ample military background. These guys know what it means to serve God and country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They understand that it is serious business and people have died and will continue to die because of it.

Dilley’s source also stated, “pray, die, prey.” The meaning seems obvious but the next comment from Dilley fleshed that out. His source stated that “the evil had the chance to shrink into the dark. They chose to fight the light. Now they must die.” It would’ve been nice to see the cabal simply give up, but that would’ve been too easy. They have a great deal to lose and will not give up without a fight. It will be the end of their lives for some, either by their own hand or another’s. They’ve asked for it apparently.

Dilley’s source also said that Q is three posts away from a “doozy” of a post. He used the number 736, which I’m assuming refers to his 736th post upcoming. Q has been really quiet today. There’s nothing new as I write this, so we will see what develops.

Q has previously posted about GITMO being filled to the brim, maxed out. This required another prison being brought on-line. Dilley’s source stated that the second prison is “operational now. Radio silence.”

After Dilley read the Intel from his source to us, he commented on things. He reminded us that last time, he talked about Obama’s heavy spying, feeding information to the Clinton campaign and DNC. The spying was absolutely illegal. We know that. Interestingly enough, I continue to hear leaders talking about getting another “special council” together to investigate yet another potential scandal. My problem with this is that all too often, these councils simply talk, talk, and talk some more. In the end, nothing happens. This has been the circus we call Congressional Hearings for decades. Rarely, if ever, is anything accomplished or resolved.

The American people are sick and tired of this hearing or that one, this council or that other one. We’ve all read the memo. We have read the secret text messages and emails between Strzrok and Page and things appear to be very obvious. There appears to be enough evidence to bring people up on charges already. Of course, the Left disagrees with this as they continue to believe that Mueller is on the cusp of breaking everything wide open that will prove Trump colluded with Russia to hack the election. It is so absolutely absurd, yet this is what they bitterly cling to.

The reality appears to be that there is enough evidence to charge certain individuals with obstruction and collusion, if not treason. But maybe that’s my impatience talking. The people who are uncovering this want to do it right and they want every “t” crossed, and “i” dotted so that people don’t slip through the cracks. Q keeps saying there will be “no deals” with anyone.

But beyond the illegal spying of the Obama administration, the subject of pedophilia and sex-trafficking is growing larger. I’ve started to do research into this area and it is absolutely frightening to learn about. Dilley mentioned not only pedophilia and sex-trafficking, but also real life “hunger games” taking place. Q intimated the same thing that may have occurred in the “Black Forest” of the Rothschilds’ Langau Estate that was recently sold to a logging company. They promised that they would keep part of the acreage as the pristine forest it is.

A few articles I’ve read from survivors of alleged sex-trafficking indicate that they were brought to a specific area and were “hunted.” They didn’t go into detail, but they spoke of making sure they weren’t the first ones caught. I cannot imagine this. If true, it is so depraved that it is truly beyond words. We are talking about people who have been thoroughly taken over by demonic entities who then engage in pedophilia, sex-trafficking, human hunting, spirit cooking and more. They have gotten away with it because of their station in life. They have more wealth (and with it, power), to hide all their crimes. Apparently, they are not afraid to kill people who come close enough to expose them. This is unbelievable and I wouldn’t be surprised if readers find this difficult to believe.

Dilley then noted that to date, there have been 13,600 RICO sealed indictments. Of those, 1,300 have been unsealed. The total represents the number of indictments, not people. So, it’s possible that one person might have numerous indictments against him/her. Nonetheless, this is huge and it is factual. It can be verified with Pacer, as I’ve mentioned before.

Dilley assures us that the “wheels are turning.” Things are in motion. It’s happening, though we cannot see most of it. We have to trust that what is being revealed to us is the tip of the unseen iceberg. Dilley said one other thing, which is good to remember. While he gave everyone a terrific pat on the back for their interest, their involvement, and their desire to see all of this through, he cautioned us about becoming too emotionally involved in things so that it becomes impossible to enjoy life.

It reminds me of what Q said awhile ago. He indicated that 60% of what is out there will not be revealed because it would cause absolute chaos in society. Obviously, we need to see results. We need to see people going to prison, put before a military tribunal, and if found guilty of treason, we need to see them hang. This sends the biggest possible message to the world that warns against trying this again.

I have to remind myself that God is fully in control. He is sovereign. Whether in this life or the next, all darkness will be brought into the light. The Light will overcome it, deal with it, and ultimately destroy it.

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  • 1. LW  |  February 14, 2018 at 2:32 PM

    Pray, pray, pray!!!


  • 2. Terri Lewis  |  February 14, 2018 at 1:41 PM

    I’m sure there are people operating as double agents and even triple agents. Something to keep in mind. God is fully in control, but if people could just, you know–behave better! It might help.


    • 3. modres  |  February 14, 2018 at 1:49 PM

      I would concur. It’s difficult to know, but in the end, trusting God is all that matters along with living a life that brings Him glory. Thanks Terri.


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