Whistleblowers Are Always Generally Despised by the Guilty

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Frank Serpico was a New York City cop from 1959 to 1971. Serpico stood as one man against the graft and corruption within the NYPD. His goal was not to rat out the average police officer, but to go after the higher-ups who allowed the graft and corruption to continue among the lower ranks of foot soldiers within the NYPD.

During the course of his career, a .22 caliber bullet shot at close range by a drug dealer in 1971 nearly ended his life and brought an end to his career as a working police officer. Was he set up by fellow officers or was it just a happenstance situation that occurred? It was one or the other certainly, but it is also clear that the two officers he was with when he was shot did nothing to help him. They didn’t allow a crisis to go to waste. Serpico survived and became known as the man who stood against the corrupt NYPD.

As a young man, Serpico remembered his father teaching him to “never run when you’re right.” He was the product of Italian (legal) immigrant parents who came to America through Ellis Island. As a young man, he was enamored with police. When he finally became a cop himself, he took his oath seriously and understood that it was the cop’s sworn duty to represent the people in the community in which he served.

Serpico became hated by rank and file police officers because of his refusal to join in with the corruption that was so prevalent among his co-workers. Many took it personally as though Serpico was going directly after them. They knew that if Serpico wasn’t on the take, he was against them. Frank Serpico simply did not want to participate in the graft and corruption that was so prevalent within the department. But his refusal to partake of the money, drugs, and other things taken from street criminals as extortion, played against him. He was seen as a “rat,” a “snitch,” by the cops he worked with and therefore vilified as a bad guy.

When Serpico was shot, the cops he was with at that drug dealer’s apartment left him to die. They did nothing to help. Kind of reminds me of Uriah the Hittite who was sent to the front lines and other men were ordered not to help him fight. He became outnumbered and was killed. It was a set-up (cf 2 Samuel 11 and following).

After the attempted murder, a call was made by a citizen and filed as a 10-10, crime reported by citizen, instead of a 10-13, crime against police officer reported by another police officer. Eventually, two police officers came to his aid and got him to the hospital. One of them later said to his partner after showing him the brownstone building where Serpico had been shot that if he had known it was Serpico they were helping, he would have left him to die (paraphrase).

Over the years, things have not really improved according to Serpico, who is still an activist against police graft and corruption. The truth is that guilty people do not like their guilt pointed out to them. They will do whatever they can to protect themselves, often going on the defensive against perceived enemies.

In the documentary (clip below), there are numerous individuals who laud Serpico for his bravery while at the same time admitting that they could not, nor were able to do, what Serpico did.

Why is it some people do what is credible and honest, while the rest do only what they can to not stand out? Why is it some people have an inner meter that prompts them toward honesty and integrity and away from dishonesty? Why is it so hard for most people to simply be honest?

Only today, does Frank Serpico receive some of the accolades he should have received decades ago. Yet, there are also many cops who worked with him and/or knew of him, who still harbor grudges because of what they thought Serpico was attempting to do. A few of the scenes in the documentary are very poignant and the viewer can feel the absolute tension within Serpico as he discusses the situation with a retired cop from the past. It is clear that retired cop still doesn’t fully understand what Serpico was all about. He failed to understand that Serpico was trying to stand against a corrupt system that all of higher-ups allowed to exist as a form of acceptable “payback” to the rank and file cops on the street. After all, those cops were dealing with the dregs of society so to steal from their money, their drugs, their watches, or whatever, was fair play, right? It was simply the spoils of war. To Serpico however, it was wrong because these cops abusing the system that they’d sworn to uphold. They had somehow become the law (judge and jury), instead of upholding it.

As we look back through history, we see many “Serpicos.” Every so often, a person stands out who has embraced a calling to be as honest as possible. Because of their integrity, they can do nothing else. Whether it was Abel, the first man murdered by his own brother due to jealousy on Cain’s part, the prophet Daniel, who was put through numerous near-death situations all because of those around him who resented him for his lack of corruption, the priest Samuel, who served God faithfully, Moses, the first true prophet of Israel, who under the most severe and oppressive circumstances, led the Hebrews out of Egypt to become the nation of Israel, or any number of other individuals including Jesus Himself, who though perfect in every way and without sin, chose to become sin (to be seen as sinful by God the Father), and suffered severe abuse and hardship by individuals who were fully corrupt, these people stand out as remarkable for their honesty and bravery to be honest in a dishonest society. They would say they had no choice in the matter because it is where integrity led them and they were true to that calling.

I think of another man who has been elevated to this nation’s highest office and I cannot help but wonder that the same unbridled hatred and rage directed at Donald Trump daily is solely due to the fact that he stands against a cesspool of corruption that has nearly toppled this Republic’s Constitutional government. How did it get to this point where someone who simply wants to clean up the sewage of corruption and graft within the government of the United States can be so vilified, hated, and death-wished constantly? It happens solely because people who hate truth, have no integrity, and live their lives solely for themselves are feeling the heat and their kingdoms are in serious danger of crumbling. Moreover, they themselves are in danger of being punished as the criminals they are for the deeds they have become embroiled in.

Like all human beings, President Donald J. Trump is not a perfect man. He has his problems, his failures, and yes, even his sins. He will need to answer to God for those things as we all will have to answer to this same (and only) God for our own issues and sins. However, it has become very clear that Trump wants what is best for America. While integrity may be lacking in other areas of his life, President Trump appears at least to be a man of integrity when it comes to pulling America back under the rule of law. He should be applauded and certainly those who love truth do applaud him. Unfortunately, far too many have nothing but entrenched disdain for President Trump.

Their disdain for him gives them away and will be their undoing. It helps us understand that it is their corruption that prompts hatred toward Trump. They don’t like what Trump is doing because his actions are uncovering their dishonest deeds. We are learning just how corrupt and lacking in integrity many players are within the federal and state governments. It is nothing for these people to place their own desires and wants above America’s. The source of their ill-gotten gain is being unmasked and their lack of character and lack of integrity is naked before the world.

Only those who think like other people lacking in integrity defend them. Ultimately, many are fully traitors to America and they know it but they must play the game that seeks to indemnify them from prosecution. So, they attempt to turn the tables on Trump himself, but they come up empty. They have nothing and their house of cards is crumbling on top of them.

Regardless of President Trump’s faults, he has one very good thing going for him. He has integrity when it comes to wanting what is best for America. He seems drawn to the rule of law and is driven to bring this country back under that rule of law as established by our founding document, the Constitution of the United States of America. The Marxists diligently to counteract the intentions of this Constitution are being caught in their own web of deceit. It is being made public and because of it, neither they or their plan will survive. They are being seen for who they truly are and it’s not a pretty picture.

If nothing else, Donald J. Trump appears to be a man on a mission. That mission is to salvage what remains of America, the Constitutional Republic, and rebuild what has been lost.

The Left doesn’t want that. As just one example, Nancy Pelosi has promised that if the Democrats regain the majority in Congress this November, they will repeal the tax reform that was passed not long ago. She and other Dems want to take back what is benefiting Americans (individuals and businesses). They want our guns. They want to censor conservatives and Christians. This is today’s Democratic Party, which has been fully taken over by Marxists.

This is what Trump is working against. He is one man backed by patriots, conservatives, and Christians, who applaud what he is doing and supporting him in his efforts. People like Donald Trump will always stand out in history as individuals whose integrity and honesty will not be disqualified no matter how much the opposition yells their lies about it.

Whether it is Frank Serpico standing against the corruption of one police department or President Trump standing against the unbelievable amount of corruption throughout many areas of government, the job is the same. It is to change what is wrong, replacing it with what is right.

While there are many voices out there all claiming some sort of prophetic “gift” as they “see” into the future whether Donald Trump is concerned, I make no such claims. I am not a prophet. I do not know how this will all work out. I would certainly like to see traitors in America brought to justice in this life. I know justice will be meted out in eternity, but it would be good to see it happening in the here and now as God has done many times before.

Regardless, I know this. God is in charge. His sovereignty should never be questioned. His plan is unfolding. In the meantime, it is important that we continued to pray for those who are standing in the gap for us against a level of collusion and corruption that appears to be never-ending. It is deep. It cannot be fixed. It must be fully eradicated. Should God choose to bring this about, it will likely only be for a respite because the Bible seems very clear on end time events. At some point, the world will become as one, with one government, one religion, and one society. That may be a long ways off though and in the meantime, if President Trump is successful, God may yet see fit to restore Constitutional order to America.

Either way, I applaud Trump’s efforts in bringing the corruption/collusion into the light and overcoming it. Those who hate him do so because of their own guilt that they refuse to acknowledge. They are projecting it onto Trump. The figurative “noose” appears to be tightening around their necks and they are lashing out. This always happens when a person’s guilt is highlighted.

We will likely see much more of this before we see anything else. Do not forget to pray for our leaders as we are reminded to do so by Paul and others in Scripture.

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