Was POTUS Targeted by Cabal for Elimination?

April 27, 2018 at 12:17 PM 2 comments

Warning: Political Commentary Ahead

Interestingly enough, Q continues to release “crumbs” of information that are helping Anons and the rest of us put things together. It would certainly be nice if Q could just drop actual Intel, but that would be ludicrous since “the world is watching.” In the meantime, we have puzzle pieces and the Anons do a great job of putting those puzzle pieces together to help create the big picture.

From an actual email written by Hillary released by Wikileaks. Who is she talking about?

Most recently, there have been some interesting things transpiring on the ‘Net. Kanye West has “seen the light” and is now on the MAGA train. I find that fascinating. He’s not the only one. There are many blacks and other minorities who are beginning to see the Democrat Party for what it is – something that attempts to keep blacks, women, and minorities enslaved to the political “plantation.” This goes all the way back to LBJ’s “Great Society” and anyone who is a student of history knows the truth in that. Those on the Left will do anything to keep blacks and other minorities beholden to them. Without them, they will not win elections and unfortunately for them, folks are waking up.

Since Kanye came out for President Trump, the Left is going crazy as usual. Apparently, millions of Kanye’s followers on Twitter dropped him including people like John Legend, who tried to convince him to rethink his position regarding Trump in private messages, but Kanye was having none of it and posted the conversation publicly.

Because of that exchange, Q commented on things, pointing out that there are connections between John Legend, Hillary/Clinton Foundation and the Haiti scandal that MSM refuses to discuss. You may recall that Clintons allegedly used the Haiti catastrophe (earthquake, etc.), to gain millions in funding. During the process, there were also questions of exploited children. Unanswered questions remain. Plenty of them and hopefully, things will become known soon.

One of the things Q implied is the connection of John Legend with Hillary and Haiti. Q is not necessarily saying that Legend did anything wrong. However, he wrote a song that was used in the campaign for donations ostensibly for Haiti called “Marching Into the Darkness.” Q wondered aloud how many pictures there were of Hillary with John Legend and it turns out, there are quite a few.

What is fascinating is that while John Legend believes there is nothing wrong with his association with Hillary and the man questions and problems that surround her, he does have a problem with Kanye tweeting out his support for President Trump. Is it possible that Hillary and the Left are using people like John Legend to be a bridge between her and the black community to keep them enslaved? This is not unheard of at all. In the early days of the Planned Parenthood organization (before it was called that), Margaret Sanger (founder), used black ministers to be a liaison between herself and the black community to help them become comfortable with aborting their unborn children. Blacks still make up the largest portion of abortions that occur annually throughout America and the world. Sanger’s racism and bigotry toward blacks and others she thought were “beneath” her are well documented. The only ones who attempt to negate her obvious beliefs are proponents of Planned Parenthood and the so-called “feminists” who support it.

Q literally states that to learn more about the “Haiti” problem and all that it encompasses, we need to simply “follow the stars.” Here, I believe he’s talking about celebrities in Hollywood. So many of them have taken trips to pedophile island, owned by Jeffrey Epstein. What is starting to come out about that island is scary. What actually happened there? We know at one point, Epstein had a “worship” center that appears to no longer be there. What went on there? Were there tunnels underneath it? Some photos have leaked out where it appears there are half-naked people sitting on buckets in a dining hall around tables. Did “Spirit Cooking” occur there as well?

All this leads up to Q’s most recent posts from yesterday where he spoke of text messages between FBI Agent Strzok and FBI attorney Page. These were believed to have been missing but in truth, since all text messages and communications pass through some server somewhere, nothing is ever really erased. The text messages have been turned over the Congress and it appears that what we may have proof of is an actual coup against a person who ran for president and was duly elected as such.

Look closely at the two separate posts from Q. The one on the right is a bit shocking. Q is telling us that the contents of the text has created a “national crisis.” It is so bad that some at the top who have seen the texts are calling for “immediate arrests” of those talking or mentioned in the texts. What could it be? Previously, Q mused about what would happen if high-ranking officials had discussed a potential assassination attempt of either POTUS or a family member? This was way back in January of this year when Q mentioned that. This means – if that info is connected to the April 26 posts – that Q team has known about this information since at least this past January! Now, it is finally on the verge of coming out into public view.

Q reiterates that this situation is a “national security” issue and if it has to do with planning an assassination of the President of the United States or a family member, then the importance of this can not be stressed enough. It’s amazing that some people still believe Q is just a larp, some guy sitting in his parent’s basement making things up. There have been too many “coincidences” for this to be true, but certainly people are entitled to believe whatever they choose to believe.

If high-ranking FBI officials (or others within the Federal Government) actually conspired to kill the President of the United States, it is shocking beyond the pale. On one hand of course, it makes sense that they would stoop to this IF they had so much to hide keep from coming out. This is normally why people are assassinated. They made many mistakes however, and forgot that in our digital age, nothing is ever truly hidden. Beyond that, they failed to realize that there are actually honest people within America and within the Federal Government who would not turn a blind eye to the potential tragedy of the situation. We can thank people like Admiral Mike Rogers (NSA), who went behind his boss’ back to meet with Trump to let him know that he was being spied on by the Obama administration. Others have helped and stand out as filled with integrity as they stand against a cesspool created by those who are willing to sell out and take down America for their own personal gain.

Notice also in Q’s April 26 posts that he states, “Reveal gmail draft comms.” What does he mean? He likely is referring to the fact that when a person uses web-based email, they can start an email and if left unfinished, it goes into the “drafts” folder. It won’t be sent. It just sits there until the person either sends it or deletes it. If the person does nothing with it, it will remain in the “drafts” folder. So what does that mean? What good is it? Q’s next question, “Who had access?” likely refers to the fact that it was a shared account where numerous individuals all had access. One person might go in, create an email and leave it in the “drafts” folder. Another person would go into the same account, open the email from the drafts folder, either read it or add to it then leave it in the “drafts” folder. Others could do this as well. Meanwhile, all these eyes looked at the draft but it was never sent. In spite of that, what they failed to realize is that the actual draft email was still sitting on a server somewhere, which means NSA had access to it and got copies. This is one of the reasons Q has repeatedly stated, “These people are STUPID.” They were so sure that Hillary would win they didn’t even honestly try to cover their tracks.

When it appeared that Clinton was going to lose, they came up with a plan to impeach Donald J. Trump and if that didn’t work, the worst possible scenario was discussed: assassination. This is so despicable, it’s beyond words. Can you imagine what the outcry of many would be should this information come out? Recall what happened to Mussolini and his girlfriend when the people of Italy turned on him. Recall what happened to other dictators. This is why Q is calling this a national security crisis, not only because of the plan that assassinate, but the tremendous upheaval in society should the full details of this be disclosed to the public.

If there are those at the very top who have seen the texts and want immediate arrests, consider what the public will demand. Q has also stated that there will come a day when these people (the perpetrators of these crimes), will be afraid to walk down the street. I can only imagine the hot outrage directed at people who have done whatever they wanted to do to enrich themselves, including the possibility of assassinating the president of the United States just to keep their crimes and secrets safe.

Q is also telling us that “legal cases” are being built and we need to have patience. I’ll admit that I have been impatient at times only because I have not been able to see all of what is going on behind the scenes. But I’m willing to wait provided all of this is fully resolved.

Quite frankly, we’re seeing FBI man Andrew McCabe and FBI Director James Comey eating each other publicly with “he said/he said” stuff. They’re both denying that they are responsible and it was the other person. The rats are starting to eat their own. It’s a safe bet that FBI Agent Strzok and attorney Page are “singing” loudly. They have a great deal to lose if they don’t. Q has assured us there will be “no deals” so we’ll see how all of this turns out.

In Q’s latest post on April 26, he assures us his team “has it all.” There is nothing hidden, though not all of it will ultimately be released to the public. I’m sure enough will be released so that there remains no question about anything although the Left and MSM will do their best to cast aspersions and create doubt about the authenticity of what is going to be released. We have the texts, which will hopefully be released without redactions, the IG report coming in May and another report regarding FISA abuse coming as well. It’s been a long road and it looks like things are picking up speed.

By the way, toward the bottom of Q’s last post from April 26, he states,

Many drafts.
Many shared users [foreign & domestic].
Variable access.
Fake emails.
Game forum comms.
New intel revealed today.
Gmail comms.

This is sickening. He is saying that many people – foreign and domestic – were part of the Gmail communications. They also used “gaming” forums to spread and exchange messages. Q said they received new Intel on these things and also from Gmail communications.

Note Q posted [R] and Q says in a previous post on April 26 that regarding the texts recently released to Congress, “R” stands for “Renegade.” Who is Renegade? It is none other than President Obama as all presidents used nicknames for communication purposes.

If true, Obama is up to his eyeballs in this and the proof will come out. We may very well be on our way to full (or nearly full) disclosure. We also need to be prepared for the fact that there could be tremendous upheaval in society because there are still quite a few people who adore Obama, Hillary and others like them and regardless of any proof, will continue to deny that any of them did anything wrong. They are a loud minority, but certainly capable of creating big disturbances in society so we need to be on our guard.

We also need to pray for calm, for clarity, and that God might bring this all to fruition without that upheaval in society. I know I don’t have to tell you that we also need to pray for the safety of Donald J. Trump and his family. It appears that corrupt people will stop at nothing to keep their crimes from coming out. Let’s continue to exercise patience and trust that in God’s sovereignty, He will bring things to pass in this area. I don’t believe we would be this far along or that Donald Trump would’ve been elected if God did not have some plan in the works. As I’ve mentioned before, we are experiencing a bit of a respite and I am glad for that. Had Hillary been elected, the USA would’ve changed forever and permanently for the worse. For some reason, God kept that from happening so let’s continue to trust Him as He appears to be working through people today as He worked through others in times past.

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  • 1. Phil  |  April 27, 2018 at 6:50 PM

    Well done! Great analysis of these events.


    • 2. modres  |  April 27, 2018 at 7:47 PM

      Thank you, Phil. We’ll see how things unfold.



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