The New Age Reveals Satan’s Intentions, Pt 2

January 15, 2019 at 12:03 PM 1 comment

In the first article in this short series, we stated that it can be important for Christians to know and understand what leaders within the New Age Movement actually teach their followers, whether through books, in-person appearances, movies, channelings, podcasts or what have you. If you’ve ever taken the time to watch a video of some leader “channeling” some alleged higher entity, it’s actually more fascinating to watch the reaction of those present in the same room and how they defer to that entity. They are thoroughly blind to the malevolent reality of that particular entity. Certainly, some are complete fakes, but others are channeling some other-worldly being. Incidentally, the message these beings share and reveal is often the same from one entity to another. This gives the illusion that New Agism is built upon truth.

Authentic Christians – whether they’ve taken the time to study New Agism in-depth or not – understand that the New Age espouses many ideas that do not square with Scripture and in fact, are diametrically opposed to Scripture. Only those who take the time to invest effort in researching the claims and teachings of the New Age Movement against an open Bible understand how that religious system specifically goes against Scripture.

We also pointed out last time that it is interesting to note that Satan teaches his followers through the many leaders within New Agism many things that resemble the true teachings of Scripture. We pointed out that among many within the New Age, the belief that at some point there will be a “great evacuation” of millions of people off the face of the earth appears to be an attempt by Satan to provide an alternative explanation for what the Bible teaches will be the Rapture at some future point. This “great evacuation” must occur – according to the New Age in order to finally allow “Mother Earth/Gaia” to evolve to the next spiritual level. Without this evacuation, we are stuck in place and the Age of Aquarius can never fully dawn.

Of course, coupled with this idea is the growing belief (by many within New Agism), that space aliens are real, have even seeded life here on Earth, and have been closely watching and even helping in our “spiritual evolution” as a species and a planet. Decades ago, space aliens were introduced to Americans and the world through movies and books that generally showed them as evil beings to be feared, bent on our destruction. Over time, this view has severely softened and while some aliens are still portrayed as bad and/or evil, a growing number of alien-themed books, graphic novels, and movies depict aliens as good and humans as bad (i.e. “ET”, etc.). Often, the idea that “global warming” or “climate change” is also worked into the context making it appear that aliens are very concerned about how badly we use and misuse planet earth.

If you take the time to study this belief within the New Age, several space alien cultures stand out. There are the “grays,” the “reptiles,” and the Pleadians, [1] among others. The cult known as Scientology espouses the idea that at the very top, when a person becomes fully “cleared,” the Thetans (aliens) are revealed to be at the very top of the chain, doing what they can to help human beings achieve ascended master status.

Movies like “Men in Black” take the “alien” doctrine and run with it, generally portraying most aliens as good with a few bad ones. Within the New Age, the Pleadians are very good and want to do all they can to help the earth and its occupants. The grays are often seen as good as well.

So what does all this mean for Christians? Are aliens a reality? I’ve dealt with this in two books called, “Demons in Disguise” and “Nephilim Nightmare.” The first title gives away my opinion on the subject. I do believe that demons, not aliens are the “intergalactic” beings that have promoted so many “sightings” and such interest in the alien phenomenon. Others of course, disagree, believing that they are actually aliens. Still others believe the entire subject to be preposterous.

In any case, the fact that a growing majority within the New Age believes space aliens to be real is something to consider if for no other reason than it drives their believe system. If you look around the Internet, you’ll see a growing body of New Age believers looking forward to that time when the “reality” of space aliens will be revealed to all humanity. Personally, I think this will be well-played and used by the Antichrist but how, I’m not sure, though the Bible states that he will be someone who possesses great ability and does many miraculous signs (2 Thessalonians 2:9), as he will be fully empowered by his spiritual father, Satan. Note also the book of Revelation indicates that the second beast (the False Prophet) also uses miraculous signs and wonders to gain the world’s attention and following (Revelation 13:13). Remember when Jesus said an evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign (Matthew 12:39; 16:4)?

It is so important to understand the wiles and devices that Satan employs so that we are not taken in by them. The New Age can be a valuable source in understanding these wiles and devices. Of course, the Bible itself is also very clear about Satan and his wiles, but the New Age provides real world examples of it. This ties into what is known as the Q Movement or the Great Awakening because there are many within the New Age who support what Q appears to be telling us. This is also a cause for concern in my opinion.

Let me ask the question I asked last time when we ended our first article. It had to do with Q, what America may be experiencing (as well as other parts of the world), and how it all comes into play considering the Bible basically says that things will go from bad to worse prior to the return of Jesus physically at the end of the Tribulation period.

If Q is real, as well as correct, and things are going to go down shortly due to all the maneuvering behind the scenes for the past two years, then wouldn’t this work against the idea of a coming one world order? If Q is correct, there will be peace and safety, right?

Not necessarily and I’ll tell you why.

First, the Bible tells us to be alert to the fact that at some point in the future, people will celebrate and claim that“peace and safety” has finally arrived but then sudden destruction occurs (1 Thessalonians 5:2-4). Second, there are specific individuals – some deep within the New Age leadership, while others are not, but much more attuned to political intrigue occurring throughout the world – who all believe that this world will become one and the things that are allegedly happening now behind the scenes are the very things that will bring it to pass. The Bible also speaks of the fact that God Himself will send a strong delusion so that people believe the lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11). It will be so easy for people to believe whatever they’re told and we certainly see that in great detail today.

Anyone who has read anything by David Wilcock [2], Benjamin Crème [3], or Benjamin Fulford [4] understands what I’m referring to here. I’m not saying that these people speak the truth. Wilcock and Creme are well-known within the New Age. Fulford is known for his articles that involve allegedly real life political intrigue deep behind the scenes.

It is very possible that Satan has directly or indirectly provided these people and many others with insight into how things will develop and these same people – whether or not they support Trump (though many leaders within the New Age do) – believe that because of all the things that are happening behind the scenes now to ferret out all the corruption in many governments throughout the world, there will come a new system.

It is my belief – based on God’s Word – that this new system will actually be or at least pave the way for the coming global system over which Antichrist (the Beast) will rule for seven years as indicated in Scripture (Daniel 9).

Benjamin Fulford has an interesting take. He claims to have contact with many high-profile “insiders” (don’t they all?). Because of this, he says he is privy to knowledge and information that the average individual would not be privy too. He may believe in aspects of the New Age, as indicated by the verbiage he uses in his articles, but more importantly he is seriously involved in the political intrigue he says is happening behind the scenes. Are his blogs accurate? While he does provide links to articles that seem to verify what he says, there’s really no way to ultimately know whether what he says is true or simply made up from a fertile imagination.

Fulford highlights many things that are very hard to believe. However, this does not make them untrue. It simply means that they have not been proven…yet. I don’t put much stock in them at all, but I do find them to be very interesting (possible) markers.

From Benjamin Fulford:

The new global government—that is to say, the alliance of all Sovereign Heads of State—will have to be far brighter and stronger than any of the world’s corporations. They will also have to be massively protected and immune from any influence—all of the diplomatic courts will need to be gone over with a fine-toothed comb—a total forensic clean-out. [5]

Fulford’s comments reminded me again of the major premise of the New Age; that is, a new global society will eventually emerge and with it, a time of peace, safety, and prosperity. Don’t forget, Satan knows the Bible better than anyone. He knows what God is going to bring to pass. Satan is out ahead of all of it providing his own twist on things so that when they happen, his version of events will be the generally accepted version. It makes tremendous sense that he would do this rather than allow people to watch things unfold and be drawn to the Bible! It’s similar to what the “fake news” does daily. They spin, twist and essentially provide their own take on things. Those who do not think critically swallow it all.

The above quote from Fulford was buried in a long article down toward the bottom but it really speaks volumes. Fulford is saying (based on what he was specifically told by “insiders”) that once the Deep State is taken down (if it actually is taken down), a new global government is going to begin to take shape. Notice – according to Fulford, the results of all the things happening that will ultimately take down the Deep State will result in a “new global government.” That’s interesting if true and we know that this world must get to that point eventually. I can actually see at least parts of the Deep State (including high-profile people involved in it), being taken down and punished for their crimes. However, this may simply end up being the path that Satan chose to make people believe the world is entering a new day in which honesty will pervade the system.

Next time, we’ll take a closer look at this alleged new global government that Fulford discusses. Join me then!






[ 5]

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  • […] Part two carried this forward by including the Q phenomenon into things. This is where we went a bit further into the New Age thing as well, highlighting the fact that many within the New Age teach and believe that aliens from space are helping this world unite and move forward spiritually. It doesn’t matter if that sounds ridiculous to you or me. Many within the New Age take this subject very seriously. There’s a good chance that this huge societal jump will not occur until the Rapture happens (1 Thessalonians 4:12-18; 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; cf also 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 and John 14:1-4). However, up to that point, there is good likelihood that things will continue to progress toward that particular goal. […]


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