Wisdom and Foolishness

July 9, 2019 at 12:19 PM 4 comments

I’ve decided to write another book, so I’ll actually be spending less time publishing articles here. I’ll continue to try to put things up but they will likely be much shorter and longer in between each article. I apologize about that, but life is busy.

I’m actually officially retired yet it seems like I’m busier now than prior to retirement. My wife and I live in a modest home on two acres in the country. This month is our two-year anniversary of moving in and I look back at all the lists we made and the jobs we’ve completed and you’d think we’d be “done” with it, but you’re never done. When we moved in, there were things that without doubt needed upgrading. We had to have a French drain leading to a sump pump installed under the house because of poor drainage. We had to have a vapor barrier installed as well.

Beyond this, in the past two years, I’ve run electricity from the house to our well house that I also built. I ran more electricity to the shop/garage and installed a sub-panel, then divided up the lights and electrical outlets there and added more outlets for power equipment. Then I ran electricity to the small barn behind our house that our chickens call “home.” This gave us light and an electrical outlet for plugging in a heated water bucket for the hens in the winter so the water doesn’t freeze.

I also built an enclosed patio deck that I screened in on top of the patio slab that was there. I’d never done anything like that before, but it turned out really well. My wife and I love it.

But the amount of jobs that required our attention both inside and outside the house were many. One of the last jobs I completed was to fence in most of our two acres with four access gates to various parts of the property. This was mainly done because we adopted a rescue dog and we did not want to worry about him running in the road, even though out here in the country, it seems that most people simply let their dogs roam, many to the detriment of the poor dog. We figure if you own a pet, it should be part of your family. The best thing someone can do is love that pet and have the dog professionally trained. We’ll be starting that next week.

Now that most of the jobs on our lists are done, there is maintenance that needs to be done almost daily. We have a huge fenced in garden that requires our attention. If you have an organic garden like ours, more work is required to keep the weeds at bay without chemicals. The lawn needs to be mowed at least once every two weeks, sometimes more. Even with a zero turn mower with a 52″ deck, it takes me over an hour and a half just to mow, not including edging and blowing.

Add to this the times we travel to see our son and his wife or our daughter and her husband and their son, it seems that time is a premium. I’m finding out that all those plans I had to be involved in this and that tend to fall by the wayside. Beyond all of this, I continue to take piano lessons and every time I drive to my lesson, it’s a 45-minute trip each way. That’s the other issue. While we love living in the country, it takes us about 45 minutes to get anywhere including church. But we chose to live where we live, so that’s something we deal with by combining tasks into one trip whenever possible.

The other thing we love about living in the country is that we are on a well and we have a septic. The only utilities we pay for is electricity and garbage pickup. I’ve even got it set up so that when the electricity goes out due to a storm, I have a large generator that I can simply plug into the outlet at the back of the shop, turn off the main electricity into our home and run much of what we need via generator. We don’t have to have extension cords running all over the place. The electricity generated runs whatever we turn on at the main panel box.

By the way, I’m not complaining at all (nor am I bragging). I’m simply explaining that time is difficult to come by for me these days. It is what it is and though I’ll try to continue adding more articles here, as I say, they’ll likely be fewer and farther between each. Okay? I’ll keep readers posted on the book I’m working on as well.

As far as today’s post goes, I want to look briefly at Proverbs 26:4-5. Here it is in the ESV.

4 Answer not a fool according to his folly,
lest you be like him yourself.
5 Answer a fool according to his folly,
lest he be wise in his own eyes.

At first glance, it almost seems like the Psalmist is contradicting himself. Are we supposed to not answer a fool or are we supposed to answer him? It’s actually both and here’s why.

Verse 4 says to not answer a fool according to his own way of expressing himself, which is normally bereft of intelligence and wisdom. Most foolish people who actually think they are intelligent are so easy to make fun of, aren’t they? I have this problem where sarcasm is often on the tip of my tongue rather than a straight, humorless answer. In other words, it is easy for me to resort to a response that is born of sarcasm and an attempt to belittle someone, rather than simply answering in a way that best responds to the situation.

Verse four is essentially saying that at times, foolish people should be ignored. Certainly, we should not lower ourselves to respond to them the way they are often heard responding to something. Foolish people tend to not understand the realities of a situation. Their social justice warrior facade kicks in and they often go for the jugular, figuratively speaking. Put another way, they end up attacking people verbally. When this doesn’t work, they will often resort to name-calling or even an attempt to get physical with their opponent.

The Psalmist is saying do not allow yourself to be pulled down to their standard. Sometimes, the best we can do is completely ignore them and show them that we are not affected by their foolishness and stupidity.

Verse 5 is telling us something different, but not anything that is contradictory. Sometimes, a fool needs to hear a response, but when responding, our response should be well thought out and devoid of emotion. We are simply providing information that is true to the fool and it’s up to them what they will do with it.

For instance, I recently read in The Sword of the Lord, that the New York Times published an editorial against the various “heartbeat” laws that have been passed numerous states. The Times essentially stated that what some are calling a “heartbeat” is nothing more than “fetal pulsing.” In fact, the entire article was filled with anti-scientific statements and findings. In this case, should someone respond to the NY Times? Yes, absolutely, but it should be done in a way that presents facts and only facts. The person who wrote the article would likely balk at all the facts presented and would also likely resort to ridicule and name-calling. But the fact remains that there can be no “fetal pulsing” unless a heartbeat exists. While the Times says that this fetal pulsing eventually becomes the actual heartbeat, they are wrong on science. The heart exists, then it starts beating.

The Lord has been working on me for some time over this whole “sarcastic” tendency I have within me. It’s not really good, but of course, it “feels” great at the time. Slamming people, ridiculing their foolishness or stupidity is what many seem to need, I tell myself. But really, this mindset is born of an arrogant view of myself.

I marvel at people like Charlie Kirk or Candace Owens in the political realm who face obnoxious people all the time and respond to them with factual clarity and not a hint of sarcasm. I marvel at people in the ministry who do the same.

Yes, there were times Jesus (or John the Baptist, or Paul, etc.), got angry enough to sound almost sarcastic, but that was them. When Jesus got angry, He did so righteously, without sinning. I cannot say that about myself, because my tongue can be rather quick in rebuttal. It is something that all Christians need to work on.

I see many who profess Jesus on the social networks and it boggles my mind. They swear, they denigrate, they wish ill upon others. This is not to say that sin should not be called out but all too often, we end up placing ourselves above others and I think Paul would say, “Brothers, this ought not to be.”

When you deal with terribly foolish people, sometimes it is simply best to ignore them (v 4). At other times, we cannot allow them to get away with their lies and the best response is one that is factual and unheated (v 5). Let the chips fall where they might. If the person is truly a fool, they may not benefit from the truth you share, but he may start thinking about what you say even if he gives the impression that what you just said makes no sense at all.

I’ve learned that so many people on the Left are truly bereft. They are unacquainted with truth because they have been brainwashed by lies and that’s what they firmly believe. They are extremely foolish. Fools we will always have with us until the end of time. Your response to them depicts your maturity in Christ.

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  • 1. David Moody  |  July 9, 2019 at 5:14 PM

    Looking forward to your next book.


  • 3. Darwin Schmitz  |  July 9, 2019 at 2:19 PM

    Question, how’s your Epstiene Barr Virus coming…? I’ve been on Elderberry for 4 mo now and have seen NO Results so far. Going to Dr today to see if what they put you on would be the next choice…? I had such high hopes of feeling a bit better. Severe CFS has had me down for 25 years and I’m so ready to gain some strength. Texas Dar, Branson Mo.


    • 4. modres  |  July 9, 2019 at 5:11 PM

      Hi Darwin,

      Currently, my EBV seems to be in remission. Bear in mind, my medical doctor (specialist) has told me that because my EBV titers are so high (they came in higher than the blood test measures), it is something I’ll always have to deal with for the rest of my life since my immune system as a young person did not successfully fight it off. At any rate, I keep alert to the recurrence of symptoms and when they rear their ugly head, I go back on the prescribed medication from my doctor (Famvir, 500mg 3x/day), until symptoms start to go away. I’ve read research where some people stay on their medication in a smaller dose as maintenance. That’s not something my doctor has suggested for me.

      I used to use Vamcyclovir, but started developing a reaction to it. Turns out – according to my doctor – that there are quality issues with this drug because it is the go-to drug for this type of thing (and other health-related problems as well), and even though the issues have been reported to the FDA, the FDA has done nothing about it. At any rate, Famvir works fairly well for me, though I have to be on it sometimes for several months before the symptoms begin to force the EBV back into remission.

      I wish you the best as you try to overcome this and while there are some natural ways of trying to overcome this, the way the Famvir (or other anti-virals) work is by forcing the anti-viral to stop replicating itself. My doctor explained it to me that it’s like getting a piece of plastic caught in a zipper. The zipper stops working. The anti-viral literally forces the EBV to stop replicating itself so that the body’s immune system can strengthen. Again though, this can be a temporary situation because stress especially can bring the symptoms to the fore again. I’m always aware of the potential recurrence of the symptoms and as soon as I recognize them as returning, I jump back on the Famvir. I eventually get to a point where it seems as though I do not need it, so I begin reducing the dosage from three per day to two per day and then one per day. My doctor has also stated that I can simply stop taking it altogether to see if symptoms are gone and remain gone for a while.

      One other thing I can suggest, which you may or may not have thought of. I’ve found that certain foods and chemical additives in processed foods can exacerbate my symptoms. It’s totally up to you, but you may wish to avoid the following things for about 4 to 6 weeks to see if there is any benefit from doing so: gluten, dairy, high fructose corn syrup and anything MSG. Unfortunately, there are MANY different names for “MSG” so if you read labels, you may see “autolyzed yeast” or “natural flavorings,” etc.

      My wife used to suffer from severe migraines. Since we have essentially gone as organic as possible and close to KETO, she has not suffered from any. She travels for business from time to time and even though she thought she was eating healthy foods, it turns out that the chicken salads she would often buy at fast-food places were loaded with MSG in the form of autolyzed yeast. She would have headaches that lasted for three days. She thought it was the cabin pressure in the plane or trying to put up and take down her carry on luggage in the plane. It was food.

      I can always tell when I’ve eaten something “bad” for me. I’ll start to get a bit achy all over and develop a foggy head. We eat as cleanly as possible simply because of all the chemical additives in processed foods. We don’t buy processed foods. We buy organic whenever possible. I’m amazed at what I do NOT eat or drink these days.

      Finally, I’d like to recommend a book by Dr. Abram Hoffer called, “Niacin, The Real Story.” I take niacin every day and it has done wonders. Dr. Hoffer (not deceased) did plenty of research in the 1940’s and 50’s. Unfortunately, his research was ignored by many including the pharmaceutical companies. Interesting enough though, niacin is literally God’s created “statin,” though it does much more than deal with high cholesterol. The pharmaceutical companies have been trying to create their own version of niacin so that they can patent it.

      I have benefited greatly from taking niacin daily and my cholesterol proves it. Just recently, my doctor got my latest blood tests and said my cholesterol levels were “fantastic.”

      Hopefully, you’re doctor will be willing to help you out. There is help out there. The doctor I use for my EBV treatment is in Florida, out of state. I actually had to go to his office for the first visit. After that though, I have one phone call with him each year.

      All the best!



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