Manifold Blessings

March 2, 2021 at 12:37 PM 4 comments

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This past weekend we were fortunate enough to enjoy the fellowship of many family and friends in our home. It was the occasion of our daughter-in-law’s shower and the celebration of two little boys who just turned two, our grandson and our great nephew. It was such a blessing it’s difficult to fully describe.

We are living in a time when not only fascism has reared its ugly head intending to dismiss our rights and enslave us to the fear of what might happen if we actually enjoy in-person fellowship with others, but we are actually spinning headlong into the morass of immoral ugliness that occurs when people lose all sense of right and wrong in their abandonment of God and His morality (Romans 1).

People who understand what’s going on realize that history is merely repeating itself. This same thing occurred at various times throughout history, whether it was the French or Bolshevik Revolutions, or the rise of just about any fascist dictatorship. The goal then as now, was to keep people apart in order to break spirits and create a deep sense of being alone. Certainly, the powers that be do not want people to enjoy the fellowship of in-person gatherings. They’d rather us live in constant fear that we may contract the dreaded coronavirus, which could kill us. Fear enslaves and kills the spirit.

Even though CV-19 infections are down by 77% and herd immunity has increased to 55% in society and not primarily due to vaccinations (according to a recent Wall Street Journal article), we are told we must continue to social distance, wear masks and obey whatever directives are issued from the government pulpit. The latest push is to get everyone vaccinated and in Texas, under their new “Save Our Seniors” vaccination program, 1,100 National Guards are going door to door to bring the vaccine to elderly shut-ins.[1] This begs the question that if they are actually shut-in and do not go out, how large is the actual threat to these folks?

But this past weekend at our home, we had roughly 20 people over and not one person was terrified of the possibility of getting some illness. At one point during the weekend, I began to realize just exactly what the government has taken away from us as a society. They have forcefully insisted that we need to become immersed in solitude because the risk of being with other people is simply too great. They’re constantly reminding us that we must wash our hands, wear masks, and social distance all in order to keep “others” safe.

Yesterday at the grocery store, I heard the oft-repeated PSA mantra, “Remember, your mask protects me and my mask protects you.” Unfortunately, the science doesn’t support that, but it is repeated enough so that people will obey it without questioning. They obey because of fear and not wanting to be ostracized. That tends to spread throughout society.

Society has never really been shut down like this before during any pandemic. Need I recall the Obama administration, which did little to nothing during the initial outbreaks of H1N1 and Ebola? The actual facts are there for anyone who wants to research it, but we know that H1N1 infected over 60 million Americans. In April 2009, Obama’s Dept of Health and Human Services declared it a health emergency, but it wasn’t until October 2009 that it was declared a national emergency, two months after the WHO declared it a pandemic and there was no economic shutdown or forced wearing of masks, etc then. Mr. Obama proved his ineptness again with Ebola yet had the audacity to recently criticize Trump’s response to the pandemic and this after Dr. Fauci had said that Trump did many things correctly.

So on this wonderful weekend, with enjoyable weather and the equally enjoyable company, I sat off to the side for a bit and simply observed. I saw one group of people after another eating and enjoying conversation, laughing, talking, hugging – the things that God knows we need. Some folks went outside watching children play. I realized just how blessed we were to enjoy the fellowship with one another that the government had robbed us of for months and will try to continue to do so. We had taken fellowship and togetherness for granted and didn’t know what we had until the government removed it and did so without passing one actual law.

Here is the reality for me and others like me. I have no idea when I will die, except that I know it will happen. I can guarantee you that most people now only think in terms of dying from CV-19. They no longer think in terms of contracting the flu or some other virus (gee, do they even exist anymore?). They no longer consider the possibility of having a fatal heart attack or that they might get into their cars for the last time, with the trip ending in tragedy before returning home. Folks now believe the only real enemy is CV-19. That’s the  killer, the silent, invisible enemy and if we can successfully avoid contracting it, we will live, right?

Not so, says God. Remember the soul who decided to eat, drink and be merry and enjoy what he had earned throughout his life? God interrupted him with the sober reality that on that particular day, his soul was required in death (Luke 12:20). But too many people walk around masked up, shrinking from life, trying solely to avoid death instead of living. They stopped going to church and don’t even bother to “attend” online. When they do go out, they quickly get their errands done, ignore other people and just as quickly retreat to the “safety” of their homes, wearing masks alone in their cars on the way just to be sure. I know people who live alone and constantly clean their homes with ammonia or some anti-bacterial spray. Why?

I’m not afraid to die. I’m really not afraid. What fear does the Christian have that is related to the afterlife? There should be no fear because perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). Why would we want to live here forever anyway since this is not where our real citizenship exists? Why would we not want to ultimately go to be with our Lord and Savior and family and friends who have gone on before? Why would we not want to be free of our sin nature? Certainly, we should patiently wait for that predetermined time when we will see Him face to face through our death, but our minds should be on heavenly things, not earthly things.

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory. (Colossians 3:2-4 NKJV)

I’m not talking about throwing all caution to the wind, playing in traffic and then being surprised when you get run over. I’m talking about living life so that we do not fear what lies ahead and I guarantee death in whatever form is part of that future picture. There’s no need to fear. I will die of something and so will you! You cannot stop it.

Certainly, taking precautions is absolutely fine and very much needed at times. But why are the experts only talking about one aspect of CV-19; how dangerous it is and what must be physically done to avoid it (with no guarantees): social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, etc.? Why do they completely IGNORE the more proactive things we can DO, things like eating right, enjoying moderate exercise and even supplementation?

In 2010, numerous clinical studies were done in Canada proving that an adequate level of Vitamin D-3 actually helps strengthen the immune system and stave off viruses and other illnesses?

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many diseases and conditions in addition to bone diseases, including many types of cancer, several bacterial and viral infections, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and adverse pregnancy outcomes…It is estimated that the death rate could fall by 37,000 deaths (22,300-52,300 deaths), representing 16.1% (9.7-22.7%) of annuals deaths and the economic burden by 6.9% (3.8-10.0%) or $14.4 billion ($8.0 billion-$20.1 billion) less the cost of the program. It is recommended that Canadian health policy leaders consider measures to increase serum 25(OH)D levels for all Canadians. [2]

The studies determined that a proper level of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) protected from a variety of viruses and other illnesses. Something this simple?! Really?! Apparently, but this information is not presented to the American public because the government spokespeople seem more interested in ginning up the fear as if there are NO potential proactive remedies that might help keep people from contracting CV-19 or other viruses. Instead, we are being told only the negatives – wash hands, mask up, social distance. Interesting that so many doctors on social networks advocating Vitamin D-3 and other supplementation were unceremoniously suspended or banned. Why?

Thinking back over this weekend, I recall how so tremendously blessed we were while at the same time felt a sense of loss for all the missed opportunities over the past year. The Lord has graciously blessed us with one another. Human beings were not meant to live in isolation, separate from each other while living in proximity to one another. The fact that fear is the major building block to achieve this throughout global society should tell us a great deal.




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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  March 5, 2021 at 2:03 PM

    Hi Modres, Great sermon…yes…we have a lot to be thankful for and I am so happy your family is coping well and interacting during these times. I too am blessed with wonderful in-laws who don’t watch the madness going on so much and so don’t allow it to affect their thinking. We do have one person who sees science as a religion but even that hasn’t affected our relationship together thank God.

    I am a a loss to how much brainwashing is playing out, people seem to have succumb to some sort of psychosis where this vaccine is concerned and no matter how much you try and tell and show them the evidence – a girlfriend who had agreed with me for the last 9 months about the agenda behind all this, still went ahead and got it!

    Yes…they “fear” CV more than the vaccine and that is from the devil not God Almighty!

    “Certainly, we should patiently wait for that predetermined time when we will see Him face to face through our death, but our minds should be on heavenly things, not earthly things.”

    Here lies the crux of the problem…people are still clinging onto this life with everything they have…it’s even more heartbreaking as we see the Body of Christ acting just like unbelievers on this issue! I’m not sure what ultimately taking this vaccine means but it’s just diabolical that we have leaders within the church pushing their sheeple towards getting it! I call them sheeple, because we have been told to be Bereans in anything said from the pulpit, yet laziness and apathy seems to be the order of the day in many churches.

    Even it wasn’t – at the very least – a glaring precursor to the Mark of the Beast – why would anyone who understands what Revelation says about “buying and selling” want anything to do with this, not to even talk about the fact that the powers that be are telling us ALL their end game! It hurts my head! And as you rightfully said, all other options are “unceremoniously suspended or banned. Why?” Why indeed?

    “Thinking back over this weekend, I recall how so tremendously blessed we were while at the same time felt a sense of loss for all the missed opportunities over the past year. The Lord has graciously blessed us with one another. Human beings were not meant to live in isolation, separate from each other while living in proximity to one another. The fact that fear is the major building block to achieve this throughout global society should tell us a great deal.”

    May those of us who are awake, watching and waiting for Jesus enjoy all the days left on this earth and not let fear ever take us over – no matter how bad things get in Jesus’ matchless name. Blessings to you all.


    • 2. modres  |  March 5, 2021 at 2:15 PM

      Thanks Maranatha!


  • 3. Lynn Holzinger  |  March 3, 2021 at 12:31 PM

    So glad you had such a wonderful weekend with family, Fred!

    Half the time, I forget I have to wear a mask. Last week, I completely forgot when going into the PO. I didn’t even realize it until I was walking out and thought, “I’m not wearing my mask” and realized then that neither was the lady behind the counter who helped me. That put a smile on my face 🙂

    I agree with everything you wrote and simply don’t understand why Christians, in particular, would live in fear and buy into what the media is saying and what the government is enforcing (without passing a law).

    Most people I know would say they don’t trust the media or the politicians, but then turn around and live as if everything they say about Covid is gospel truth. So very frustrating!


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