Focusing on the Future, Pt 11

March 21, 2021 at 6:05 PM 2 comments

We have just uploaded the most recent podcast/video of Focusing on the Future, Pt 11 at our page on Sermon Audio. You can view/listen to it at this link:

We continue covering aspects of the future final global kingdom as revealed and highlighted in Daniel 2 and elsewhere. It is amazing the speed with which things are happening throughout the world, making it difficult to keep up. We almost need a “news” channel to bring everyone all the updates but I simply don’t have time to do that.

Use discernment as you watch or read the news. There are so many prevailing beliefs and opinions. Make sure they are biblically based if the subject has anything to do with the coming Man of Sin (Thessalonians 2) and truth if it has anything to do with CV-19 and the related vaccine.

It almost appears as though the issue of CV-19 has divided people as much as or more than politics itself. We have conservative family and friends who did whatever they could to get in line to receive the CV-19 vaccine. They wonder why we haven’t taken it yet. As I’ve mentioned before, the current CV-19 vaccine is the first time in history that a mRNA component has been used in any vaccine. From the medical research papers I’ve read and videos I’ve watched from people within the medical community, this is not something you want introduced into your body. In spite of this, millions throughout the world are clamoring to get it, thinking it will solve all health issues related to CV-19.

Ultimately, thought I do not believe the CV-19 vaccine IS the coming Mark of the Beast, I also firmly believe that it will eventually lead to what becomes the mark. That of course is simply my opinion and I’m quite sure that others disagree with me on that score. Since it appears that the CV-19 can change a person’s DNA and even eventually cause a cytokine storm within a person’s body (destroying their immune system), I have to wonder why anyone would want to take it?

Here’s a short, 20ish minute video from a Dr. Vernon Coleman. He’s been banned by nearly all Big Tech formats so he landed here on Brand New Tube. He discusses what he believes to be the ramifications of the CV-19 vaccine. He makes some interesting claims.

Of course, Big Tech, Big Pharma and even Big Box stores are all “in” on doing their best to get folks to the vaccination line. The temptation to be able to go back to some semblance of “normalcy” is too difficult for some to ignore, but what’s the final cost? We may not know for several years.

At any rate, all I can strongly suggest is that the Bible becomes the main book read each and every day. All throughout the Old Testament, it is very clear that the emphasis was on what God had said to Moses and was later written down by him so that the people could constantly go over His Words with a fine-tooth comb and do what that Word said, and do it from the heart. Unfortunately, as we know, this rarely happened with Israel in the Old Testament and by the time, Jesus arrived on the scene physically, there was even less of it happening. His was an uphill battle from start to finish, but finish He did!

By the way, I may deal with this in an upcoming issue, but it appears to me that God has begun sending His judgment onto the USA and other parts of the earth. Of course, judgment in earnest does not fully begin until the start of the coming Tribulation period, but in all reality, if we consider the downward spiral of morality that has become common place in the USA, it is no wonder that God is very likely throwing us over to ourselves just as Paul acknowledges in Romans 1. It is a progressive, downward trajectory that simply goes from bad to worse. We are seeing evil becoming the norm; the accepted norm and if anyone dares to speak against it, they are attacked either vocally, physically or both.

At any rate, I hope you gain new insights from this most recent Focusing on the Future, Pt 11. Thanks for tuning in!

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  March 22, 2021 at 7:07 PM

    Thanks for a great video Fred…so much happening…Thank God for His Righteous Right Hand…today’s been tough…but God…


    • 2. modres  |  March 22, 2021 at 7:09 PM

      Amen. I keep reading, “Do not fear them” as I read through OT. Prayers for you.


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