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April 1, 2021 at 11:47 AM 2 comments

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I’ve written on the subject of Babylon and how at that point in time (Genesis 11), Satan specifically used Nimrod to not only gather the entire world’s population together to himself, but also worked to bring that entire populace to the point of being fully opposed to God. What is fascinating to me is that though Satan was interrupted in achieving his goal then, it is clear that God did not offer a rebuke to Satan as He did in the Garden of Eden after the fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3).

At the Tower of Babel, God did not directly interact with Satan at all or his protégé Nimrod. God instead simply “went down” among the people and confused their languages by introducing many languages at that point. People divided along language differences and finally did what God had long before instructed Noah; to replenish the earth. Up to that point, everyone lived in the area of Shinar where the temple to the people’s gods was being constructed as symbol of defiance and disobedience to God. It is the same spirit that is currently shaping the modern day system of Babylon.

Technology Creates
God never told Satan he could not ever try to unite the world again. God simply divided the people via languages and Satan understood that if he were to try again, it would take him far longer to achieve the goal.

I believe that Satan immediately began efforts to unite the people of the world but it has simply taken Satan many millennia to get this world to a point where this coming “oneness” could be achieved. It is actually in view now and I believe we are on the cusp of this ancient unity once again. The major overriding sticking point – languages – has been conquered. This major hurdle has been overcome due to technology.

Twitter for instance, allows a person to easily read tweets from people in foreign countries because of the built in translation of every tweet. Just click on the “translate” button and it does it for you.

Given the fact that we are where we are because of technology, it is also important to understand that right under our noses another aspect of spiritual Babylon is being built. It wasn’t that long ago that many of us smirked a bit when we discovered China’s “social credit” system of control in place throughout that country. Many thought that the idea of a system like that coming to the rest of the world was ridiculous.

CV-19 Vaccine Passport
However, with the advent of Coronavirus-19 the idea is no longer ridiculous and in fact, is a very real possibility. Though we know that CV-19 has a survivability rate of 99.6%+ depending upon the age and underlying health of each person, the illness itself has been used to create global fear resulting in shutdowns and ruination of many lives. France has again chosen to shut down the entire country of France once again for at least 3 weeks because of increased infection rate of CV-19. Leaders and “experts” continually point to infection rate, but not the death rate or even the hospitalization rate.

Because of this, the world is continually held in check, warned that more shutdowns are just around the corner and everything should be done to mitigate what we are told will “destroy the human race.” Yet, as a reminder, abortion mills continue to kill unborn babies to the tune of thousands per month. Beyond this, thousands have died and many more have been harmed or injured due to the CV-19 vaccine though connections to the vaccine itself as the perpetrator of death and harm are denied or explained away by health officials.

Because of this, the CV-19 Vaccine Health Passport is being built. Notice that it starts with those who either test negative for CV-19 or have been vaccinated against it. Eventually, it will likely only be for those who have been vaccinated against it. Will it become mandatory? It’s certainly possible but it’s more likely that certain stores and businesses will simply preclude those from entering who have not had the vaccine. The government won’t do it because that would violate several constitutional amendments.

The sad truth of the matter is that it appears the world’s populace continues to be played. Truth is as vague as rain in the dessert. We are expected to simply buck up and swallow whatever the experts tell us. A price will be paid by those refusing to go along.

Morality Determined
But there’s also something else going on as well that is meant to break our spirits. It is within the area of morality. Only a few years ago, it was laughable to suggest that a person born a biological male could actually and fully change identities to that of a female. I’m quite aware of people like Christine Jorgensen (from decades ago), who believed he was actually a woman in a man’s body and went through a physical change then. Today, it is far more normal to hear people who believe God put them in the wrong body, so in order to be happy and mentally whole, they must go through the physical changes necessary to be who they were meant to be.

Frankly, I don’t believe for a moment that the spokespeople for transgender groups (or for the LGBTQ+ groups in general), actually believe what they espouse at all. I believe the goal is to simply break us; to bring us to the point where we will agree with them about changing our opinion regarding what actually constitutes a male or female. Once they get us to agree with them (or successfully silence us), they will likely then tell us the opposite; that a man cannot really be a woman and visa versa. In other words, the goal is to destroy our own moral beliefs so that we have no opinion of our own. Do you see? The absurdity of their position is clearly obvious to thinking people. They don’t believe a man can actually be a woman or the reverse. That isn’t even their point really. The point is to get us all to stop thinking and simply go along with whatever they throw at us.

While those folks continually reject our morality (which of course, is based on the truth of God’s Word), they have no problem forcing us to accept their morality (which is based on Satan’s humanism and anti-God talking points). They’ll be willing to accept our opinion regarding God’s morality as “fine” as long as we keep it to ourselves and out of the public sphere. But their real goal is to change the way we think.

Sadly, what I’ve noticed is that more and more leaders within Christendom are doing just that, tacitly approving or fully embracing the Left’s “morality.” Why? Because they do not want to be a target of the Left’s “cancel culture.”

One has to wonder if these leaders believe Jesus would do the same…or John the Baptist, or Paul or Peter or John or others. The answer is a decided NO. Jesus would not hide from those who would try to verbally crucify Him and He proved that often. Yet, too many who say they “follow” Jesus are doing exactly what He did not; caving to the demands of the Left’s cancel culture and in doing so are giving up on God.

The people who refuse to stop thinking and simply accept the Left’s perverted thinking will be, for the time being, relegated to the outer fringes of society. Revelation 5 tells us the final verdict; there will be multitudes of martyrs from the coming Tribulation. In essence, Christians will be forced to give up his/her life if they refuse to accommodate Satan’s demands. There will be no room for disagreement or dissent in the coming world controlled by Satan’s Babylonian spirit. Prepare for that because it is here and growing.

Babylon is being built and foisted upon the world. Who can deny it? The system that undergirded Nimrod’s Babylonian tower was never destroyed, but simply required to start all over again and took millennia to arrive to the same virtual point.

Author Michael Lake notes things about Babylon as well. I’ve noted similar things as well. Right on the poster of the European Union (see end of article), is the image of the Tower of Babel. Though they say it is not a physical edifice – and it’s not – it is still very representative of all people throughout the world, regardless of culture or language. That is, unless you’re a committed Christian, one who truly endeavors to follow Christ through this life and into the next. If that’s you, then prepare to be “canceled.” Lake, in the linked article, notes some of the concepts included in the EU poster.

No, the cavalry is not coming except at the end of the Tribulation. The Captain of our faith, the Lord of Hosts will come through the veil that separates this realm from the spiritual realm and will set up His Kingdom at that point, vanquishing Satan to the pit. Dominionism, Christian Reconstructionism and Kingdom Now all fail to understand the big picture related to future events, in my opinion, and it is disheartening to see how blind many are to the realities of Scriptural prophecy.

But Christians must remain faithful. We must endeavor to live as He would have us live and this includes not fearing to side with God on His morality, not the world’s. This is only accomplished through a perseverance of waiting on Him, trusting Him and adopting the attitude that says, “In His strength, I will bring Him glory!”

I’ll repeat what I’ve said before on numerous occasions. I do not understand why more and more pastors are not speaking of these things from their pulpits. It boggles my mind that we are actually the very Christians living in the days that Jesus, Paul, Peter, John and others saw and wrote about! Yet, too often what we hear from the pulpit has nothing to do with the days in which we live; almost as though prophetic discourse does not apply.

The times are growing dark, friends. We need more than anything to have the mind of Christ. Recently, Pastor James Coates of Canada was released from jail after spending approximately 30 days incarcerated because he would not close his church there during the “pandemic” of CV-19. He willingly went to jail because he could not agree to all the demands foisted upon him and others by the Canadian government.

But here’s another point worth considering. If a person is a Christian, they have an absolute obligation to remain faithful to Jesus. This, by its very nature means rejecting the world’s constantly changing standards of morality. Christians must be willing to stand against the tide that is washing over the world now. Unfortunately, too many Christians apparently believe these battles can be won through elections and voting. They can’t. Others continue to believe that the cavalry is coming with Donald J. Trump leading the charge.

This is just the tip of the coming iceberg. What will you do when Satan’s worldview pushes back on you? Will you cower? Will you silence yourself? Will you give faithful testimony of Him?

The world is pushing us to a point where we will be forced to make that decision. You cannot decide then. You must decide now. God bless you all and do everything to be found faithful to our God and Savior!

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  April 5, 2021 at 5:12 PM

    Another excellent article Modres…

    “Truth is as vague as rain in the dessert.” – or freshwater in the ocean…

    “The point is to get us all to stop thinking and simply go along with whatever they throw at us.” – Lack of critical thinking skills has caused millions to lockstep into this tyranny!

    “Yet, too many who say they “follow” Jesus are doing exactly what He did not; caving to the demands of the Left’s cancel culture and in doing so are giving up on God.” – – “….15 But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.” May we fall on the good ground!

    “The times are growing dark, friends. We need more than anything to have the mind of Christ.” – Luke 1:16 “No one, when he has lit a lamp, covers it with a vessel or puts it under a bed, but sets it on a lampstand, that those who enter may see the light.

    “The world is pushing us to a point where we will be forced to make that decision. You cannot decide then. You must decide now. God bless you all and do everything to be found faithful to our God and Savior!” Exactly, this is where – Isaiah 50:7 “For the Lord God will help Me; Therefore I will not be disgraced; Therefore I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed.

    Blessings to you all…


    • 2. modres  |  April 5, 2021 at 5:31 PM

      Yep! Thx Maranatha as always.


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