As in the Days of Jeremiah, Pt 2?

August 25, 2021 at 2:50 PM 3 comments

Audio for this article here: As in the Days of Jeremiah, Pt 2?

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  2. No vax mandate job board
  3. CV vaccine religious exemption forms

While I do not agree with everything Brother David Cloud says in the above first linked article, I will state that I fully agree with him when he says CV-19 has become exceedingly divisive. The constant pressure by government agencies, employers, mayors and governors supported by the media has quickly become fascist and tyrannical. Attempting to shame or coerce people into getting an injection makes intelligent people question it.

Consider this article from Forbes: Vaccination Status May Be Considered To Get ICU Beds At Dallas-Area Hospitals If Covid Spread Worsens. How about this one regarding Delta employees? Unless you’re a Leftist, this likely seems seriously fascist.

People are rightly concerned about the CV injection(s). Of course, anyone who refuses to take this particular vaccine is automatically labeled “anti-vax,” which is the Left using a derogatory label to guilt people. I’ve had all my childhood vaccines. My children had all theirs and their children are in the process of having theirs. The huge difference between every previous vaccine and the current CV injection(s) is that it is the first time mRNA has been used for human beings. If the inventor of the mRNA component (Dr. Robert Malone), has concerns, why shouldn’t average people or are we to discount any medical authority who disagrees with the accepted narrative about the CV vax? There are zero long term studies on how the mRNA component affects people.

Never in modern times has society been under this much pressure to submit to an elective medical procedure, which is quickly becoming mandatory. We are to believe the same people who want women to have the freedom to kill their unborn child up to the moment of birth (or let it die after), are now promoting “life” and “well-being” by insisting we all get an injection for an illness that has an extremely high survivability rate?

The whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test. Am I to believe government cares so much about me that they don’t want me to die? That’s absurd. The government only cares about my tax dollars to keep them afloat and when they don’t have enough of that, they simply print more, creating more national debt. To believe government cares about the millions of people in the USA is, I believe, startlingly naive.

If we consider the path federal government has taken just going back to the 1950’s we clearly see a considerable attempt to grab and consolidate more power in order to control the population, including making churches come to heel with the 501(c)3 rule. Prior to this rule, churches were automatically exempt and did not need to “register” with the IRS in order to be “approved.” More governmental control usually involves a loss of rights and/or privileges for people (for the greater good, of course, comrade).

In critiquing aspects of David Cloud’s article, I certainly hope it does not appear that I am attacking him. I am simply offering my opinion, which happens to be different from his. Readers are encouraged to come to their own conclusions. Cloud admits certain governmental agencies are given to politics and not infallible, so shouldn’t that alone cause us to question their veracity. Is their fallibity accidental or on purpose? Cloud further states he does not know anyone who has died or been harmed by the vax, but so what? I don’t actually personally know anyone who has died of CV-19 (which does not mean people have not died), but I do know folks who have been harmed and died potentially from the CV injection. In fact I know people who work in hospitals who are seeing an uptick in kidney failure and heart problems after they’ve received the CV injections. In fact, my wife’s sister and her husband are spreading the word about the need for more prayer requests because more folks in their church who have had the CV injection(s), are experiencing blood clots and other problems.

While CDC does acknowledge the possibility of adverse events, it seems that they tend to downplay them. Certainly readers can judge for themselves by going to the CDC reference page regarding adverse events. On that page, the CDC does actually admit a “plausible causal relationship between the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine and TTS, a rare and serious adverse event—blood clots with low platelets—which has caused deaths.” What about those events associated with Pfizer’s and Moderna’s injections?

Most people I personally know who haven’t taken the CV vax, did not take the annual flu vax either. They are not anti-vax at all. They simply don’t see the need, especially considering CV has a survivability rate of 99.8%+. People are far more concerned about the encroachment of the government. That life should be made difficult for those who do not want to be included in the current “double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials,” which ends in January 2023, is of great concern to many.

Jeremiah & Lamentations
Moving on…we introduced Jeremiah in a previous article. I’ve decided to include aspects of the Book of Lamentations in these articles on Jeremiah, since it is generally accepted that Jeremiah wrote both books. Jeremiah warns of Israel’s destruction by God’s judgment (promising final eventual restoration), while Lamentations highlights the results of God’s judgment on Israel (and other empires), from Jeremiah’s perspective. Neither book is easy reading because the tragedies that Israel dealt with were palpably real in description. Yet, within each lies hope for the future for Israel.

There are in both books application to the Church and Christians, living today in a world that has increasingly abandoned God and His moral law in favor of all phases of self-worship and deification. We need to take note.

America has lost her way, through an ideological invasion of Marxism. First, the affront to God is remarkably high and reaching the stage where it is clear that His judgment will rain down, not only on America, but the entire world. This is what the coming Tribulation is all about in a nutshell; God’s vengeance on the nations who have done all they can to cast Him off (Psalm 2). Second, though what may appear to many today to be a period of “enlightenment,” the truth is that humanity continues its spiritual decline toward the exact opposite of what God originally created and intended. This downward trajectory is evidenced by the way the visible Church (Christendom), is moving further and further away from the sanctity of scriptural truth, morality and obedience to God.

Just a cursory glance across the landscape allows us to see just how far much of Christendom has strayed. Not only have gays and lesbians made inroads into Protestant churches as leaders, but we are now beginning to see transgenders ordained to positions of authority over church bodies.

As well, what has always been fairly mainline and understood as biblical, like being pro-life, is now being forcibly pushed to the background with louder voices demanding “fairness” for women who choose to exercise the “right” to their bodies and their medical choice. Of course, this only works where feminism and pregnant women are concerned but does not extend to the area of health for all people, allowing them to make their own choices based on informed consent, but I digress.

There are those who believe that pro-life organizations are a huge waste of time because it is believed that they simply will not “win” their case against abortion so why bother? In reality, this belief does not measure up to Scripture. Christians need to stand up for what is right regardless of whether or not the cause is “winnable” in a court of law. That really has nothing to do with it. Right is right and is determined by the truth of God’s Word, not the social or political leanings of any particular society. As long as the Church remains on earth, there should be godly resistance to the world, the flesh and the devil. Besides, who knows how many have gained salvation because of the efforts of pro-life organizations?

Over the forty years of Jeremiah’s ministry, we see a prophet constantly warning Israel of God’s impending judgment because of Israel’s harlotry and idolatry. Those in authority (priest or king), over Israel enjoyed the benefits of that authority and often used it as leverage against the average Israelite, in order to enrich themselves and shore up their position of power over Israel. If they wanted something, they often simply took it.

Many priests were no better. The New Testament pictures a “den of thieves” who controlled who brought what type of animal to the Temple for sacrifice. It was easy enough for a priest to reject an animal forcing the worshiper to buy from the those in the outer court of the Temple. Usually these prices were exorbitant, but the average Israelite was over a barrel. If the animal you brought to sacrifice wasn’t accepted by priests, something else was needed. It was a racket.

Jeremiah offered Israel a way out of coming judgment but it required then as it does today, a complete willingness to repent properly and to prove it by a change in lifestyle and attitude. Jeremiah’s warnings were rejected out of hand.

We touched on several aspects of Jeremiah in our previous introduction. Jeremiah 1:4-18 highlights the call of Jeremiah as a prophet of God. What is most important here, aside from the fact that Jeremiah thought he was too young, too inexperienced and wasn’t a great orator, is that God chose Jeremiah specifically. God also filled Jeremiah with the exact words that he was to share with Israel. Jeremiah was true to his calling in spite of the dangers and opposition he faced.

Jeremiah’s message was unlike the so-called “prophets” of his day or even today, who essentially tell people what they want to hear. Even today, when their words turn out to be fully incorrect, people continue to listen to them. The false prophets of Jeremiah’s day filled the people of Israel with warm thoughts and ideas eagerly embraced because the message was that God was not going to judge Israel after all. Jeremiah was considered a “doomsdayer,” who preached only “negative” things that the people didn’t want to hear. Jeremiah tells us that those false prophets are nothing but wind because God’s Words are not in them (Jeremiah 5:13). It is the same with today’s “prophets;” just wind, yet they are esteemed.

We also often hear of the need for revival and I would agree. But there can be no true revival without true repentance, which includes a willingness to turn from sin and fully to God. But it seems that too many within Christendom today want a revival that simply makes them “feel good.” They want God to pour out His blessing, but are unwilling to exercise true repentance in order to bring that about. I’m hopeful you realize that just because you may have truly received salvation, this does not mean an end to your repentance, correct?

True repentance cannot happen until people and those who lead this nation are willing to examine themselves, repent of their sin and commit themselves to God. Do you think this is going to happen? According to Scripture it will not happen until the Millennial Kingdom. The failure to fully repent is constantly on display throughout Scripture with Israel. That cycle is often mimicked and repeated in the lives of many who call themselves Christians as well today.

Jeremiah is a book warning of God’s judgment on a wayward nation that refused to truly, from the heart, bow the knee to Him. This would of necessity result in obedience to Him. We see examples of people throughout Scripture who stood out for their loyalty, commitment, love, devotion and fear (of offending) God. These people were considered righteous by God Himself (cf Hebrews 11). It seems that the majority of people in the biblical text were not loyal or committed to God, did not love, have devotion for, or a fear (of offending) God. Yet, many of these same people went through the motions, didn’t they?

What God did to Israel as recorded in Jeremiah and Lamentations, He will do to the entirety of this earth in the coming Tribulation. The world cannot escape what is coming. Do you know the Lord? Do you follow Him? Do you keep short lists of sin in your life? Examine your heart.

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  • 1. rob45  |  August 28, 2021 at 7:46 PM

    Thanks for another good article. They are always encouraging and keep me thinking biblically. It’s very easy in this world to start thinking “am I wrong about this or that?” Even when we know what the Word says and believe it emphatically. Hearing another believer affirm our biblical beliefs is really important sometimes…”Yes, he sees exactly what I see.” In this day and age when most of Christendom doesn’t even have a clue it’s easy to get discouraged when you mention something that is firmly anchored in scripture and they look at you like they have no clue what you are talking about…even in your own church. I think this is true even in the best of churches today, at least to some extent. I’m a member of a great church with a well trained and faithful pastor who is an avid expository preacher and he goes deep…yet I still see it. I don’t know if this makes a bit of sense but your articles encourage me nonetheless.


    • 2. modres  |  August 28, 2021 at 8:51 PM

      I think I understand what you’re saying, Rob, yes.

      “In this day and age when most of Christendom doesn’t even have a clue it’s easy to get discouraged when you mention something that is firmly anchored in scripture and they look at you like they have no clue what you are talking about…even in your own church.”

      Sadly. Seems like things are up for grabs these days, doesn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person


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