Cancel Culture is Marxism

February 24, 2022 at 5:16 PM 1 comment

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Klaus Schwab is becoming a very well known globalist who has amassed a huge financial fortune over the decades as the head of his World Economic Forum (WEF), and who has many agents who have graduated from his young globalist school and who have been placed in many governments throughout the world. These young globalists think as Schwab thinks and refer to themselves as “woke.” While that sounds enlightened and hopeful, it’s the exact opposite. Being woke actually means diligently working to cancel anyone who does not agree with your opinion; to forcibly push them out of society.

We’ve seen this in action with all the mandates surrounding Charlie Vector 019r. People who do not want to get the jab are vilified and made to feel as though they are keeping the pandemic alive. Because of this errant thinking, they’ve faced canceling in the form of loss of employment. Don’t want the digital vaccine passport? Sorry, but you cannot buy food or go to any of the venues that those with digital passports have the option of going to. Many want these folks pushed completely out of society and have stated as much, for not going along with the program. Regarding this “program,” notice that no alternative solutions are allowed, only those from the lips of Dr. Anthony Fauci and his protocol are acceptable. Don’t like it and don’t agree with it? Too bad. Just close your mouth if you’re in the medical field or they’ll cancel you by taking away your license to practice medicine. Even before that, the woke crowd will cancel you from all social platforms they control and/or remove your presence from the Internet. They want you to not exist.

Cancel Culture is Marxism because Marxism cancels people, often to death. Wokeness thrives on “multiculturalism,” yet it is virtually impossible for Marxism and multiculturalism to co-exist. One cancels out the other by virtue of the fact that they are completely incompatible. Multiculturalism always leads to elevating one group over others due to perceived wrongs. Schwab has built this and is at the leading edge of canceling anyone who does not agree with his economic policies. We’ve seen his attempts at it recently in Canada, though Trudeau backed off on the recent use of the “emergency act,” passed by a wide margin in Canada’s Parliament. I’m sure something else is coming though.

The Bible reveals to us many things that are going to occur in this world prior to the physical return of Jesus, who will not only destroy Antichrist, but will claim ownership of this world and set up His Kingdom that will last for 1,000 years as proof of that ownership (2 Thessalonians 2; Revelation 10). We are going over these things in the class I’m teaching, A Walk thru Revelation. However, long before we get to the point of His physical return, with all the tribes of the earth (meaning all culture groups), mourning because of His return, this world will undergo quite an extensive shaking and judgment. When He returns, this same world will face the truth it has denied for generations; that He is King and rightful Ruler (Matthew 24:30).

The Now
What is happening right now throughout the world is something that is understandably creating fear within many. Who enjoys having to deal with inflation, shortages of food, disruptions in the supply chain, the amount of “sudden deaths” occurring, with many more on the way (likely due to the experimental CV jab), and now, war between Russia and the Ukraine, which will only worsen things? The only people who seem to think those are good things are those who support the Biden Administration, part of the “woke” crowd who wants to see America destroyed for its “capitalism” and “white supremacy.”

The mysterious “Q” from a number of years ago was likely a CIA psyop used to placate people and build up hope that things would change for the better. Looking back, at least some of what Q posted was based on actual truth and Intel, which made his “crumbs” (posts), believable. The left side of the chart shown highlights the things that Barack Obama did to help bring about the demise of the USA. According to Q, it was supposed to be handed off to Hillary, who would finish the job.

Hillary as president didn’t happen because of Trump’s win, but now with Biden, we seem to be picking up where Obama left off. However, there may be a problem. I don’t think the globalists like Schwab truly expected the level of push-back they’re government lackeys are receiving. Have they bitten off more than they can chew? There are some very intelligent people who are saying so, people like Martin Armstrong (Armstrong Economics). In a recent video Armstrong is interviewed and he discusses this very subject. You can view the interview here: The New World Order Desperate as Plan Falls Apart The plan is falling apart specifically due to the fact, according to Martin, that the resistance they are receiving was not seriously considered.

[Globalists] are basically desperate at this stage. I don’t think they anticipate the amount of resistance that they are getting. It’s not just with the truckers in Canada, but this is starting everywhere. There has been an awful lot of resistance consistently that the press does not cover in virtually every city throughout Europe…They never step out and talk to the people because we are too stupid to actually have an opinion. They know better. This is what Klaus Schwab…does. He is far more sophisticated than people realize. He has methodically gone out and created his young global leaders. He is basically sticking people in government positions that are loyal to him. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is one of them…They think communism is a step up, and the last time this was attempted, it led to the death of 200 million people. This is absurd…You are not allowed to think freely. That’s what communism really is…You don’t realize this whole thing we are going through right now is the same thing. This is cancel culture. Someone said something I don’t like, and that was 20 years ago, so cancel them. This is exactly what took place in communism. You are destroying the right to speak freely.

Martin’s comments do not mean that things will adjust themselves and go back to what they were before. No, later Martin says we can expect more inflation due to supply chain shortages as well as the fact that the world is now entering a new war, which always means an increase in prices and shortage of supplies. Armstrong goes onto talk about the results of the plan falling apart.

[Armstrong believes things are] “not going to work out well for the globalists pushing communism. Armstrong says, ‘With Karl Marx, at the time, people owned nothing. Schwab is saying, ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy.’ This is absurd because what you are doing is creating a fake image. Schwab is saying I am going to relieve you of all your debt…That is a front because the government has gone to the point of no return. What you have to understand here is it is really the government that has to default. What I have said is, look, governments are going to have to default because this is no longer sustainable.’

Martin Armstrong understands Schwab better than most because he’s sat across the table from him on numerous occasions with government leaders. He’s also written a report – The Great Reset – in which he outlines and fleshes out the amount of funding and detail that has gone into the attempt to gain full control of the world. Martin Armstrong, an economist with superior credentials, stated last year that the current financial system would end because it cannot continue to be sustained. Obviously, this is one of the things that needs to occur before the world can become “one” through the birth of the final global kingdom first mentioned in Daniel 2.

In fact, the Bible describes a future time in Revelation 13 where it appears that all forms of democracy will be eradicated globally and without the mark of the beast, no one can buy or sell. This is the total absence of freedom because of Marxism; something Satan has used for generations to thwart God’s purposes and destroy humanity. But what is coming will envelope the entire world.

The Future?
Klaus Schwab wants to completely eliminate any and all remnants of the democratic process globally. Schwab does not believe the average person is intelligent enough to use their freedom for the good of others. The variety of democratic processes works against globalist ideals because it keeps them from having total and unquestionable control. Therefore, the democratic process in all its forms must be completely eradicated. This sounds evil, but Martin doesn’t believe Schwab is deliberately evil. He believes Schwab is creating evil but not that he sees himself as evil. Martin may see a difference, but I doubt God does. If Schwab fails to achieve his dreams, another will come after him who will make it happen. Of that, we can be certain.

Martin believes by the end of 2022, interest rates and product prices will soar along with shortages. It will be tough for most people. This is why a plan should be in place by everyone to make up the difference while it can be made.

I don’t want to hear that those who prepare are somehow not trusting God. This is blatantly false and in fact, I would submit that those who do not prepare in the face of what is here and what is coming are in danger of tempting the Lord. If we know that inflation is going to go higher (that’s a surety), should we not try to prepare ourselves against it, as much as possible? There is nothing wrong with stocking up on food and other supplies. This can be done fairly easily and quietly now. When you go to the store, buy more of the things you normally buy, but don’t buy the store out. Just buy what you need plus some so that over a short amount of time, you have stocked up on canned goods that won’t expire until sometime in late 2023 (always check dates). If you can afford it, buy an extra freezer and fill it with meat and other items that last for 6 to 12 months. Buy a generator if you can and then buy some fuel for it to have on hand. My lawn won’t get mowed as often as it has in the past. I want to save gasoline for the generator if needed. To see things coming and not prepare is not a smart move.

In Genesis 41, Joseph is the guy called upon to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. Pharaoh dreamed he saw seven fat cows and then seven sickly cows who came and ate up the seven fat cows but showed no sign that eating those cows did anything for the sickly, thin cows. God was telling Pharaoh that there would be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. Joseph’s advice to Pharaoh was to appoint someone who could help all of Egypt prepare for the coming famine, so Pharaoh appointed Joseph for the job and Joseph did a wonderful job of saving as much grain as possible, which saved millions of people. Schwab is not Joseph and has other plans for the world.

If we know things are going to get bad, in the sense of rising supply costs (food, fuel, electricity, etc.), as well as shortages, shouldn’t we take the time to do what we can to prepare for that as much as possible? Even if Armstrong is right about the upcoming failure of globalists like Schwab, he is still warning us that inflation will continue to rise as well as interest rates. Shouldn’t we take his warnings seriously and do what we can to prepare for what is coming? Doing nothing will only make the situation far worse for ourselves and our families.

Ezekiel 38-39
Many are talking about the Gog/Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39 since Putin has declared war on Ukraine. There was no war under Trump. Under Biden, war is now happening. Will this war ultimately lead to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39? Possibly because an added dimension is that Russia has recently stated that they do not recognize Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights and says Golan Heights belongs to Syria. This comes after Israel’s announced support of Ukraine against Russia. But for these chapters of Ezekiel to be fulfilled, other nations would also have to get into the mix. We will see what unfolds.

We know that ultimately, at some point, a final global kingdom will come into being. We don’t know when. It is of the utmost importance that Christians peacefully resist its growth and at the same time, prepare for its coming.

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