Closing the Circle

February 22, 2022 at 12:11 PM 3 comments

I apologize for the length of this article. I do try to keep things under 2,000 words, but sometimes, that’s impossible to do. I didn’t want to break this up into two parts either for consistency’s sake, so I’m leaving it as it is. I hope you all don’t mind because I know how difficult it is for folks to find the time to sit down and plow through a longish article. I hope I’ve made it interesting at least. I may add audio for this article soon.

A question I’m hearing but not necessarily hearing responses to from the preponderance of pastors in pulpits is something like, “What are Christians supposed to do now, during these evil days concerning what seems to be approaching the world?” or “How do we resist Satan and continue with God’s work for us as His Kingdom approaches?”

Great questions. Recently, a reader wrote me and I share a bit of what he said:

I do want to thank you for the ongoing articles. There is a real need for your encouragement and you certainly fill that void. There is a real heaviness going on in the world in so many ways and on so many levels. The darkness that is. It can be discouraging. I can literally feel the weight of it all at times (like a canopy). I am sure many believers out there (those aware or concerned anyway) feel the same. The heaviness/weight all over the world. Thank you for hanging in there, Fred. The articles continue to encourage even when many times I feel like giving up honestly. I just don’t feel like doing anything sometimes. I really don’t. I know we all feel that way to some extent and to some degree. Yet still, your articles are there and have been a real source of encouragement even then and continue to encourage even now. The very fact that you continue to stand at the front line in the crossfire (of the enemy) remains encouraging. Thank you again, Fred. Keep the articles coming and you hang in there too! You continue to take care and the Lord bless you and yours. I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers as we all move forward in these dark days. Endure we must! God bless you, brother.

Let me say how much I appreciate that though I’m NOT looking for accolades. I’m really no different from readers. I have doubts and concerns about what is happening in life. It makes me wonder if I’m doing everything I can to shed light on God’s Word and am I doing it correctly? I certainly hope so.

To one of the points above in the quote, the reader mentions a “darkness.” If you’re paying attention, I’m certain you’re aware of it too. The tendency is to either not want to notice it and go back to happier days or focus on it too much. These are extremes that can be avoided with some work. If the darkness is there and growing, the logical question is what do we do so that our peace is not robbed from us?

Oh Canada!
We see the Canadian government’s response and reaction to the truckers protesting Canada’s vaccine mandate. The US (and I believe Mexico), followed suit with the same mandate. Now, Canada has seemingly won the debate with the truckers after the police (brown shirts), forcibly moved in with violence. Interestingly, the Canadian government had absolutely no problem shutting down the economy for a great length of time. People lost their jobs, their businesses, their health, and their lives, but that was okay because it was for the “health and safety” of that nation. However, when truckers used peaceful protests in an attempt to push back against the government’s vaccine mandate, then all of a sudden, how dare these truckers try to harm Canada’s economy! Don’t they realize people need food??!! That didn’t matter much before.

Because PM Trudeau is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s Young Globalist Leadership school, Trudeau is fully aligned with Schwab’s “values” as highlighted in The Great Reset and The Great Narrative. These books present points for the course of the world’s future and it is not bright for anyone who is not among the rich and powerful. People like Trudeau (and those in his cabinet who also graduated from Schwab’s leadership school), along with others in Canada’s Parliament and those in the United States Congress like Tulsi Gabbard and Dan Crenshaw (both graduates of that leadership school), are rewarded above and beyond by globalists like Schwab for whom they ultimately work.

Now that Canada has given Trudeau what he wants – unlimited emergency powers – we will see him morph quickly into Hitler because there’s nothing to stop him. Parliament has given birth to this new fascism by a wide margin apparently. That should tell you that Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Form (WEF), has placed many people inside governments to align those respective governments to The Great Reset/The Great Narrative. If you are not familiar with The Great Narrative here is a thread that’s not too long, but provides a good amount of information. Warning: the author of that thread uses language that some may find offensive.

In short, The Great Narrative is little more than Communism/Marxism adorned with fake jewelry. It’s where the “haves” gain it all and the “have nots” lose everything; a true serfs and lords of the manor situation. This is what the globalists want; fewer people in the world eating their food, messing up nature and polluting the air and water. Of course, it doesn’t matter what they do regarding these things (see China). They were put here to rule over the rest of us. They are the true blue bloods and yearn for that day when their “faith” shall be sight. Satan will give them what they yearn for though he will do so only to bring forth his coming spiritual son, Antichrist. The globalists are not aware of the fracturing of their league that will occur once the Antichrist steps up to rule solo. They think he will welcome them and lean on them and even need them. They’re in for a huge surprise, according to Scripture and we are covering this in our Walk thru Revelation series.

A Look Back
When I was a kid there were no cell phones, no computers, the news programs were usually once in the evening for either 30 minutes or an hour, Mondays through Fridays and newspapers came out either early in the morning or in the afternoon. There was no sense in which information constantly assailed people. As a kid, my main mode of transportation was my bike, or I walked. I played outside; catch, football, roller skates, tag, or just hung out. My friends and I got a lot of exercise because of it but never really noticed because we were simply active. The goal wasn’t to exercise. The goal was to play and enjoy ourselves with exercise a byproduct. Kids in my younger days were rarely overweight.

Cell phones, as well as PCs, weren’t available until I married my wife in the late 1980’s. The first cell phone I bought my wife was as large as a very large purse and had a handset much like phones in those days connected to the base with a coiled wire. Calls then cost $.75 per minute, but there was no such thing as a dropped call or poor reception because the airways were not crowded with a ton of cell phone users. We did not bring a PC into our home until after our daughter was born. I actually remember the first time I went on the Internet. There was hardly anything there.

Information Overload?
As time progressed, information became much more readily available. In fact today, it’s starting to look like overkill. Whether we want it or not, information comes at us 24/7, 365 days per year. It’s hard to ignore because of the many social networks and hubs of information. In fact, it comes so fast and so much that it is impossible to fact-check everything. I receive articles and news from numerous websites across the Web and some of it I just have to ignore because I don’t have time to consider it all, much less try to determine its truthfulness.

My wife and I recently watched a documentary series called The American West, executive produced by Robert Redford. It’s well-acted and informative, but I don’t have the time to fact-check it. Gen. Custer is portrayed as an egomaniac who wanted to become the president of the United States, but that didn’t happen because he was killed (or committed suicide), at the Battle of Little Bighorn. He was presented as a guy out for himself. In fact, many of the politicians in the series are portrayed as having self-interests at heart. Not different from today.

Apparently, a deal had also been made with the Lakota to give them the Black Hills area of the US and the feds would leave them alone. Unfortunately, the US was experiencing the worst financial depression at the time (this was before the Great Depression of the 1920’s), and President Grant was trying to figure out how to help the US. At the same time, Jesse and Frank James were creating havoc in the south, taking their anger out on railroads and banks thought to be owned by people from the north. Between Indians and outlaws, Grant had his hands full.

When gold was discovered in the Black Hills, the US federal government tried to find a way to get that gold out from under the Native Americans. A purchase agreement was offered to the Lakota for $6 million (but I thought US was in a major financial depression? Maybe they were going to just print money?), but that was rejected as the Lakota wanted to remain on the land they had prior to the settlers arriving. Grant felt he had no choice but to “mandate” that all Native Americans should report to reservations and any who did not would be seen as enemy combatants. Enter Custer, who was sent there to help deal with the Native American “problem.” In response, the Lakota gathered up to 6,000 warriors from neighboring Indian nations to stand against federal troop incursion.

The series even goes into the fact that the 1876 presidential election between Republican Hayes and Democrat Tilden was fraught with problems. Apparently, there was no decisive victory between the two following the election (into February). To break the loggerhead, a group of self-important powerful men gathered to decide who the next president would be. Really? Sound familiar?

Tilden’s representatives said they would “allow” Hayes to claim the presidential victory if he completely removed all federal troops from the south. This was during the time of Reconstruction, when millions of previous slaves had been set free (thanks to Lincoln, though to hear the Left tell it today, Lincoln did not care about the black person/slave). The federal government wanted to embrace these slaves and guarantee them the same rights that everyone else in the US had so placed federal troops to help make that happen. Southern Democrats like Tilden were totally against it and wanted to turn back the clock and had the KKK as the arm of enforcement. Ultimately, Hayes agreed to the demand, took the White House and removed all federal troops from the south, effectively stopping Reconstruction. If this documentary is actually getting the facts correct, it proves that corruption has been around for decades and decades.

In other episodes of the documentary, we learned about Billy the Kid, Deadwood, and an elite group of businessmen in Arizona territory called “The House” versus anyone who tried to move in on their operation (and who also owned the local sheriff). The expansion of the Wild West was rife with corruption. But of course, the Bible reveals this level of corruption and much more since nearly the beginning of time. However, because of modern technology and the speed with which information moves around society today, it’s simply become far more obvious to us all. We can see in real time what is happening in Canada between Trudeau, Ottawa police and peaceful protesters. That would’ve taken days or weeks to become known during the Old West days.

It seems we are living in the time of fulfillment of Daniel 12:4, in my opinion.

But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase. (emphasis added)

Daniel 12 is the final chapter of that book and God is essentially telling Daniel through His messengers that there will come a time in human history (far down the road from Daniel’s day), when the end will arrive, so Daniel was told to seal up the book because its contents, for the most part, were not for Daniel’s time. Way down the timeline, knowledge would greatly increase and people would be looking here, there, and everywhere to find out the latest info.

From a seven pound puppy…

All of this fast-paced information can and does affect our outlook and we need to be careful. Prophetic discourse is extremely important but if it creates fear within us, we are not doing something correctly. Yes, we will see the growing darkness, but this information should also provide us with practical options that we can put into practice.

It seems people want to either ignore what is happening in the world (inflation, shortages, warmongering), or become fearful of those things. Neither is a good approach and I admit that I can easily come under fear because of these things.

Closing the Circle on What’s Important
There are some practical ways to approach what is growing throughout society and I may add to this in upcoming articles.

  • read His Word daily
  • be in prayer about many things
  • spend time loving people
  • enjoy the simple things in life
  • make it a point to gather with other Christians regularly for fellowship
  • don’t waste time debating people over politics (or end times subjects)
  • build up food and other supplies over time

It is easy to focus on the growing darkness, isn’t it? Very easy. To counter that, doing some of the things listed can help. We should be deliberate in taking time to focus on and appreciate what God has given us, spiritually as well as temporally. He provides for us, doesn’t He? He answers prayer. He guides us. He is always there and always attentive. Read His Word every morning. Pray often.

…to a 75 pound very loyal dog.

God has provided my wife and I as well as our children with so many blessings but if I focus mainly on the growing darkness in society (hard not to notice sometimes!), I’m going to miss those blessings. It’s fine to realize it’s there and what is happening, but there is also a good deal in life that can bless us if we allow it. We can, I think, get so caught up in what’s happening throughout the world that we become primarily focused on the evil instead of the good that God also provides. That may not be you, but I know it can be me, if I allow it. Resist the temptation.

I think of my dog, Buster. This boy was literally a God send. He is a rescue, who spent some days on his own as a seven pound puppy fending for himself behind a grocery store not far from us. A young couple found him and because his right eye was damaged (probably by a snake or some other animal), they took him to their vet. Unfortunately, his eye could not be saved and he sees through one eye today, but it has not hampered him in any way. We adopted him when he was about 10-12 weeks old and he has become a very loyal part of our family. He and I have a special connection and he loves to be with me. So glad he is part of our family.

This morning, my wife and I made our breakfast as we always do: two fresh eggs from our chickens, half an avocado, two pieces of bacon, goat cheese, spinach leaves and some fruit. As we gave thanks, I was again grateful for the fact that we have food on our table. It’s very important to consider all of the things God has provided and I’ve noticed when I focus too much on what Klaus or his buddies are attempting to do, it can easily sweep all the blessings off the table.

It is becoming paramount for me to learn to enjoy the important things in life that God has provided; my health, money to meet our needs, family, the church we attend and the loving people there. I have no idea how much more time I have on this earth. I could die tonight or tomorrow in any number of ways. My sister died of a huge heart attack she wasn’t expecting. She was simply going through life and it broadsided her.

When will God call me home? No idea, but I’d like to believe that I will have enjoyed life more than I am now when all is said and done. This life isn’t the end, but merely the gateway to the next. It’s important to have God’s perspective. Maybe you need to work on that as much as I do?

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  • 2. Maranatha Today  |  February 22, 2022 at 12:46 PM

    Thanks for more advice, encouragement and hope.

    “There are some practical ways to approach what is growing throughout society and I may add to this in upcoming articles.

    Read His Word daily (IMPERATIVE), be in prayer about many things (WITHOUT CEASING), spend time loving people (LIKEMINDED PEOPLE WHO ARE AWARE OF THE TIMES WE ARE LIVING IN), enjoy the simple things in life (ABSOLUTELY), make it a point to gather with other Christians regularly for fellowship (EVEN IT’S ONLY ONE OR TWO), don’t waste time debating people over politics (or end times subjects) (WHY WASTE STRENGTH ON PEOPLE WHO LOVE THIS WORLD), build up food and other supplies over time. (IMPERATIVE NOW WE SEE WHAT”S HAPPENING IN CANADA).

    “This morning, my wife and I made our breakfast as we always do: two fresh eggs from our chickens, half an avocado, two pieces of bacon, goat cheese, spinach leaves and some fruit.”

    Hmm Lol…Enjoy the Advos while you can: “Ripe: Avocados are about to cost more green: avocado prices are rising after the US banned imports from Mexico when a US food inspector was threatened amid cartel chaos. Mexico supplies 80% of the US’s avocados” – Source Robinhood Newsletter.


    • 3. modres  |  February 22, 2022 at 12:48 PM

      Yep! Agreed on all points. 😎



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