Its Works are Evil

November 7, 2022 at 12:51 PM 2 comments

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John 7:7 states the following (NKJV):

The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me because I testify of it that its works are evil.

Later in John 15:18, Jesus specifically states that “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.

In the John 7 passage, Jesus was talking to his half-brothers, who were trying to goad Him into revealing Himself to the world publicly because they did not believe Him to be who He said He was. It is why Jesus said to them that the world could not hate them because they not only offered no resistance to Satan’s plan, but were being used of him in their disbelief of Jesus such that they were in union (unknowingly), with Satan’s plans. The same thing happens today with too many people. Christendom is literally on fire with false theology, demonic spirits and incalculable error.

In the John 15 passage, Jesus was speaking to His disciples informing them that if they followed Him to do the works of the Father, the world would end up hating them just as the world hated Him. As we continue to see evil growing throughout the world, we should ask ourselves, “does the world hate me yet?” If not, they either don’t know about you or you’ve given them nothing to indicate that you follow Jesus. As evil becomes much more pronounced, the gulf between authentic Christians and unbelievers will become that much more obvious or at least should. They start to stand out like a whistleblower.

We’ve all heard the term whistleblower, “...a person, often an employee, who reveals information about activity within a private or public organization that is deemed illegal, immoral, illicit, unsafe or fraudulent…

Whistleblowers come forward to reveal evil works that they allege occur within the companies for which they work or have been connected. Because of that, whistleblowers often come under fire for their allegations. Depending on how much they reveal and how much evil has been hidden, the resultant action or attempted action against whistleblowers can accelerate to dangerous levels. Some whistleblowers have been killed because of what they are trying to reveal. This is evil at work and nothing less.

It should not come as a surprise to us that evil exists and has worked its way through society like leaven or yeast in dough. Because of this, evil itself has gained a good deal of momentum in seeming to overpower anything that smacks of holiness or righteousness.

I recently saw a video of a man who went to a Beto O’Rourke campaign rally. There, he asked Beto about pedophilia and his seeming support of it. The crowd turned on the guy, beat him and physically took him out of the rally. For those who physically assaulted the guy, they believe what they were doing was fine and even necessary to “squash fascism.” Never mind that they are the fascists who don’t want to allow uncomfortable questions. This is the growing and immovable state of society today; a society where bad is good, good is bad and if you’re caught on what they consider to be the wrong side, they’ll simply deal with you. We saw this occur many times during the many riots and lootings that took place while Trump was in the White House and these were done to show their opposition to the Trump presidency. To date, very few people have been arrested and charged even though in some cases, millions of dollars of damage was created and innocent people were killed.

While the people involved in these riots may not be actual satanists (though many are admittedly avowed Marxists), certainly they still end up doing his bidding, possibly without realizing it. However, they remain culpable in spite of their ignorance of Satan’s schemes.

But understanding the mindset of people who knowingly worship Satan (as Lucifer), and believe Satan is really “Lord Maitreya” provides insight into what they work toward, expect and hope to see occur throughout global society. Without this fundamental understanding, it simply seems to us that evil is gaining in society without rhyme or reason. But friends, there are reasons. The things taking place in global society are deliberate and measured in order to obtain or achieve a desired result.

As a for instance, when people start talking about a “depopulation” plan they believe is being put into effect throughout the world, they are accused of being conspiracy theorists, basing their premises on the musings of crazy people. In the end, these conspiracy theories are said to simply create fear. But to understand the way satanists actually think and why, allows us to understand to a much greater degree the hows and whys of the path that global humanity is on. It provides us with a picture of what those people seek. Climate change and everything else is simply the excuse to make major changes throughout society.

Satanists/Occultists like H.P. Blavatsky (1831-1891), Alice Bailey (1880-1949), and others were not ashamed of what they believed. Today’s modern “New Age” movement is simply a far less offensive label than Luciferian satanism/occultism. The names of today’s leaders within the New Age simply carry forward the teachings of past satanists like Blavatsky and Bailey. Not a great deal changes except possibly the way in which their beliefs are now explained and promoted. Under the New Age umbrella, things are generally presented with more of a gentle (and therefore, believable), approach to humanity’s believed future demise, whereas Blavatsky and Bailey were very stark and direct, without apology when they presented their demonic beliefs, elevating the enemy of our souls. The New Age simply softens some of these tenets for the masses to make it all be about love, unity and Shambala (which has its roots in Buddhism).

But let’s also remember that today’s NAR movement (New Apostolic Reformation, that I’ve written about here extensively [1]), is ultimately, nothing more than Hinduism with Christian trappings. The same Kundalini spirit that exists in Hinduism is now being welcomed into Christendom, under the guise of that spirit being the Holy Spirit (talk about blasphemy!). This is also why the same type of phenomenon occur in a NAR meeting as in a Hindu meeting. It’s the exact same spirit, which is wholly demonic.

A quick read of this thread [2 below], highlights exactly how Blavatsky and Bailey believed things would turn out for humanity in the future. Bailey even names a few dates where she states things will harmonize after major controversies will engulf the entire world. Out of the ashes will rise a new world order. Sounds like what the WEF and other globalists are pushing, doesn’t it? It’s all connected, but with a new generation of Luciferians (satanists).

In fact, as far as satanists are concerned, it’s always been about a new world order rising from the ashes and that is essentially what Biden’s “Build Back Better” entails. First destroying what currently exists, and second, replacing it with something they call “better,” which is simply what Satan (Lucifer) will try to accomplish once he gains control of all areas of this world geopolitically in the final global government of Daniel 2.

For satanists, there are simply two groups of people in this world – PreAdamic and Adamic. One group is completely soulless (therefore useless and can be dispensed with), and the other has a soul capable of uniting with higher beings to create an even higher uniquely deified person for the coming new age world order. I don’t think average Christians understand what is happening behind the scenes. They see the growth of evil and think it can be pushed back. Maybe small pockets of it here and there, but we need to remember that God will allow Satan to gain the throne over the entire world through his spiritual son, Antichrist.

But in order to get there, what currently exists needs to be destroyed and then replaced. That will necessitate the destruction of millions of (useless) humans as well. You didn’t think they simply meant destroying physical structures or businesses did you? No, the goal is to destroy humanity – at least the ones considered soulless, ergo useless.

Consider the idea of GAIA that came to the fore with the then fledgling New Age movement decades ago. Gaia itself goes back to Greek mythology so it’s certainly possible Paul and others knew of it even then. The idea is that we should care for the earth because the earth is alive and has a soul (GAIA) and if we’re not careful, we will destroy that soul and kill ourselves along with it. Because of this, “climate change” has become huge over the past number of decades. This is occurring because the powers that be (the demons in high spiritual places using human beings in this dimension), are simply using climate change fears to foist onto the world the idea that we need to reduce our carbon footprint in order to save the earth. If we don’t, then we will all be destroyed, so they say.

Too many have bought into the belief in climate change and as more of it is being put into place to create less and less of a carbon footprint, thereby “saving” the planet, more and more will die. In effect, climate change literally equals death for many. This is part and parcel regarding the plan that Luciferians believe in and push to reality. These people are sold out to Satan (Lucifer) and because of that, Satan rewards some of them with untold billions of dollars that allows them to be a law unto themselves and to make things happen. They are evil. What they ponder is evil. What they hope to implement is evil. Jesus was right of course, that this world is evil and is the chief reason it rejected Him and also those of us who are Christians and endeavor to follow Him in whatever way He leads us.

Daymond Duck over at Rapture Ready explains 11 ways in which globalist billionaires are doing all they can to restrict what the average person can do by pushing Satan’s agenda. [3] In Europe, energy resources are becoming very scarce. Many are wondering how they will heat their homes this winter. The UK is warning of rolling blackouts starting in early 2023 that will last for at least three hours each day. All over the world, crop production is way down, due either to floods or drought, translating to severe shortages of wheat, corn, soy and other necessary crops. Many areas of the USA and other portions of the world are experiencing severe droughts as well. The supply chain that was interrupted by the CV pandemic, is getting worse as the railroad workers are now threatening to go on strike and barges cannot easily maneuver some of the great river shipping lanes in the US.

The strategic national oil reserves of the USA are nearly depleted. This does not necessarily mean we will run out of fuel immediately. It does mean, however, that we will have nothing to pull from as things tighten up. So with a shortage of energy, fuel, food, fertilizer and other things, it seems clear that multitudes will be negatively impacted this winter. Will it translate to multitudes of deaths? Well, let’s not forget they continue pushing the clot shot, boosters and the new Novavax and the new flu shot, etc. Of course, let’s also remember that new viruses are circulating. Of course, add to that is the potential for world war and it seems clear that destruction is coming in some form.

But on top of this we are seeing multitudes of people “suddenly dying” [4] without explanation. Most of these people are young and/or in the prime of life. Some are actually quite young. Athletes keep falling over during events. Doctors continue scratching their heads in dismay and anyone who asks “Could it have any connection to the CV vax?” is quickly humiliated or ridiculed into silence. All of this is strange and it seems everyone is avoiding discussing the elephant in the room out of fear.

The world is absolutely evil. There can be no doubt about that. The fact that we can still enjoy things in life – family, friends, travel, etc. – does not negate the evil in the world. It allows us to simply enjoy certain things in spite of the evil in the world.

As things progress, the Bible seems to make it clear that persecution against Christians will also increase. Anyone today who is a political conservative or authentic Christian will face a growing specter of persecution. Once the Antichrist arrives on scene, he will begin his climb up the political ladder. In doing so, authentic Christians will be in his way. He won’t put up with that and will make war on the saints of God. It is inevitable because of the fact that the works of this world are evil.


[1] New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)



[4] and and

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  November 9, 2022 at 3:28 PM

    “The world is absolutely evil. There can be no doubt about that. The fact that we can still enjoy things in life – family, friends, travel, etc. – does not negate the evil in the world. It allows us to simply enjoy certain things in spite of the evil in the world.” Absolutely!

    God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a SOUND MIND!

    Thanks for another encouraging article.

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