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Know and Understand

We cannot say on one hand that we understand and know God, while we live in a way that denies His Lordship and authority over our lives. So it naturally follows then that to understand and know God means we will begin to appreciate His ways and act in accordance with His character. This creates increasing spiritual maturity and will bring glory to Him. By the way, understanding and knowing God is not a once for all thing. We don’t “arrive” to a place in this life where we fully understand and know God. That’s impossible. In fact, we will spend eternity understanding and knowing God in far greater detail than we ever will in this life. It is an ongoing process, but of course it will be far easier to accomplish this in the next life when our sin nature has been excised from us and as we are given new, glorified bodies.

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Deceivers Deceiving

Scripture tells us deception has always been alive and well. It first began in the Garden of Eden with Satan working through the compliant form of the serpent, who plied Eve with lies she believed (Genesis 3). It should not come as a surprise that since that time, Satan has been using deception in all forms to bring about his agenda. This is especially true in these last days or end times. All manner of deception is wreaking havoc on global society within Christendom, the political and business arena and even within the medical field. Is it the Christian’s job to change this (I’m not convinced we can), or to simply continue trying to evangelize the lost?

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Anxious? Confused? Fearful?

Habakkuk 3 begins with the prophet’s prayer to the Lord. Habakkuk heard God’s complaint and understood coming judgment was due to the need to purge evil from Israel. Certainly, the nation had been given plenty of opportunities because God is righteous as well as sovereign. There is no way God could continue to overlook the tremendous and continuing evil that existed within Israel. It had become a tremendous stench in God’s nostrils, which required Him to deal with it.

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What Does the Lord Delight In?

Simply put, God is pleased when a person makes the correct decision to do the correct things. Remember how often I’ve talked about fearing the Lord? We need to remember to place the word “offending” after the word “fear” and before “the Lord” to get the gist of what the Psalmist is saying. “The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear (offending) Him…” This is not the fear of God pouring out His wrath or anger on us for slipping up. It’s the idea that our devotion to and love for God is so great that we simply do not want to cause Him any grief through our words, thoughts, or actions.

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Is America Under Judgment?

What should also be noted is that Jones’ message is comforting for the believer. For those who faithfully seek Him, He rewards with blessing after blessing even in difficult times. It’s something that we should be staunchly aware of because our active, ongoing relationship with God in Christ matters in many ways. We grow to spiritual maturity, God uses us to spread His Word and comfort to those who are frail in faith. This cannot happen if we are preoccupied with our own affairs, worry, doubt, and frustration about what we see in society.

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Trust the Lord and Do Good

So what is the antidote for authentic Christians as we increasingly find ourselves dealing with people who have reprobate minds? There is really only one antidote and it is found in Scripture. In fact, it is found throughout Scripture.

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Do Not Fear What They Fear

God warned Isaiah not to fear the enemy as it conspired against Judah. Instead, Isaiah should focus solely on the Lord through his thinking (see also Matthew 10:28). Too many Christians today fear too many things: CV, monkey pox, BA.5, potential food shortages and much more when in point of fact, we should be trusting the Lord to guide us through all of it. If we die, we die and we will be far better off because of it, won’t we? Yes, take precautions, but the overwhelming fear within society is doing more harm than good.

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Above All…Mockers Will Come

Peter is emphasizing to his readers that, while there are numerous signs indicating the last days are upon the earth, one in particular will stand out. That is the number and vehemence of people who mock the idea that Jesus will return. Many will do their best to show their contempt for Jesus (and believers), by ridiculing or mocking the fact that Jesus will return to this earth in victory and judgment.

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Global Communism?

Communism, on the other hand, is a system whereby those in charge are tasked with ensuring that everyone gets the same thing and no one is above another. Of course, like a technocracy, these rules do not apply to those in charge of either system and it takes a group of people to actually be in charge of each system and there are built in rewards for those who obey and want to climb up the communist ladder. Private property is replaced with communal property. Everyone gets the same food, the same living space, the same paying job and all of it is said to benefit all of society.

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Reprobate Minds

There are two main definitions for the noun reprobate. They are, a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person and, a person rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation. The first definition applies to the person from the way God sees them. There are people in this world who are extremely depraved, unprincipled and wicked. Because of that, they wreak havoc on other people in their sphere of influence. The more powerful the person is, the greater the damage done to others. These reprobate people have no shame and the whole of their life is lived with them squarely at the center. Everything they do they do for themselves, for their own betterment. In many ways, these people can easily become sociopaths or even psychopaths because they not only do not care how their efforts negatively impact others, but they can also arrive to a point where they begin to have a god-like attitude about themselves and thoroughly begin to enjoy what they do to others.

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