Rebounding for Health?

I cannot emphasize this enough. Each of us has only so many days that the good Lord has allotted to us. We can enjoy those days because we enjoy good health (which does affect our spiritual health!), or we can slowly die a little more each day. I know that eventually my body will give out and it’ll be time to go Home because I live in a dying body due to sin. But I do not want to be like the Corinthians whom the Lord put to “sleep” (death) early because of their carnality and lack of concern. They were doing it wrong. I was doing it wrong.

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Shrouded in Mystery?

I’ve read many articles that discuss the Shroud in comparison to Scripture. Emphasis is placed on the facial cloth (the Sudarium) and strips of linen. I know for instance, that the folks at Sword of the Lord refute the claim that the Shroud is authentic and part of the reason this is done is based on the testimony of Scripture. However, the article below addresses that as well as the historicity, archaeological evidence and the Word of God.

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Down into the Sewer?

The reality of evil in this world has become palpably real and it continues to grow. We are destined to get to a time of false peace and security that people will mistake for actual peace. It will be a time when Arabs and Jews will appear to come together in like-mindedness. However, this is all simply a ruse created by the enemy of our souls. The coming appearance of peace will simply give way to total upheaval as the Antichrist reaches his foreordained summit which will allow him to rule over the entire earth in the final Gentile-led kingdom first spoken about through the prophet Daniel.

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What is Revival?

James talks about living the life of a Christian. In fact, his entire epistle breaks down into concrete ways in which Christians are to live practically speaking. Paul does the same thing, as did Jesus. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” (ESV)

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Truth Suppression

It is becoming very difficult to be a Christian in today’s society because of the way the world suppresses the truth in many areas. Authentic Christians are caught in the crosshairs largely because God and the Bible are caught in the crosshairs. We are coming to a time when I can see churches which believe and follow the absolute truth of Scripture will become smaller and smaller. It would not surprise me frankly, if many of the Christians within these churches resort to meeting in people’s homes, not for the purpose of starting what they hope will be a huge church, but because truth will become so difficult to find in too many churches. Those churches will be interested in pleasing the crowd and in so doing, will become part of the group that suppresses truth.

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About Those Open and Closed Doors…

Remember that while we don’t have access to God’s sovereign will for individual decisions, He has clearly revealed his moral will to us and has promised to give us wisdom if we ask. So as long as you aren’t violating his moral will, then ask for wisdom, read the Bible, talk to wise people, consider your personal preferences (i.e., don’t be a martyr) and then choose with freedom.

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Vexing of Our Souls?

What are we Christians doing today? Sure, many of us are fighting the good fight of patriotism. We support President Trump and want what is best for the United States of America. Other Christians in foreign nations are trying to do the same thing.

But shouldn’t we also be using our frustration, vexation and feeling provoked within to bring the Gospel message to the masses who so desperately need it? Shouldn’t this be our reaction to the deep-seated hatred emanating from the godless Left?

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