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Ellen G. White IS Seventh-day Adventism

By far, the most oft-repeated comment I receive from current Sevent-day Adventists has to do with the admission from them that even though they are part of the Seventh-day Adventism sect, they do not (emphasis on “not”) necessarily follow the teachings of Ellen G. White. Let me try to keep this short and succinct even though this is a very broad subject.

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Judgment Day – May 21st – is Fast Approaching

Took my wife to San Francisco yesterday and on the way there and back, I saw numerous lighted billboards that reflect Harold Camping’s view on the return of Christ. Mr. Camping has made these judgments before and was wrong. Now, he has arrived at the May 21st day through a complicated set of math problems (Mr. Camping was an engineer before he began Family Bible Radio). He states that in his attempts to narrow down the date of Jesus’ return before, his math was wrong. Apparently now, his math is correct.

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Investigative Judgment – What Do We Know?

I also need to mention up front that there are many who charge that White plagiarized others, yet White herself claimed that she was given a revelation from God regarding the contents of her book. Who is right and can it be proven beyond doubt? Again, even if we or someone else can prove anything, the final decision rests with each individual. Certainly, those within SDA are likely aware of these and other charges against Ellen G. White. If they know of them, the fact that they are still members of SDA would mean that they have satisfied themselves that the charges are false. If so, then there is nothing to be said that will convince them and it is not my intent to do so.

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Investigative Judgment – What’s THAT All About?

Ellen G. White, considered to be a prophet by most if not all within the Seventh-day Adventist movement, has offered a number of theories and theological doctrines that many (to most) within Seventh-day Adventism hold near and dear.

Since it is clear that within the confines of the SDA movement, White is considered to be a prophet, then her words, beliefs, and theological positions come under greater scrutiny. This is certainly fair and exactly what Jesus emphasized and taught during His earthly ministry, about those who were teaching God’s law (the Scribes, the Pharisees and other religious leaders). These, Jesus said, would be held to greater accountability (cf. Luke 20:46-47).

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Let’s Discuss the Seventh-day Adventism!

The apostle Paul tells that we are no longer condemned because those who are in Christ, walk in His Spirit. He ends that chapter with the fact that nothing can or will separate us from the love of God in Christ. SDAs want us to believe that these two statements are not true; that we can lose our salvation, and that in the end, if we are not careful we will be separated from Christ.

Should we take the SDA’s word for it, or Scripture’s?

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Seventh-Day Adventism Orthodox or Cult?

Christ did not appear in 1844. After this “Great Disappointment,” one “little flock” still insisted the date of their original predictions had been correct. They decided the event marked by 1844 was not the Second Coming, but the entrance of Christ into the Holy of Holies in the Heavenly Sanctuary. There, they said, He began the “Investigative Judgment.” (See #6 below.) This doctrine was received and endorsed by Ellen G. White (Ibid., p. 680).

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Seventh-day Adventists – Evangelical Christians?

It is clear from my study of SDA, that the teachings of Ellen G. White are considered to be equally authoritative and on par with Scripture. While the individual SDA might not think so, or may never have come in contact with anything that even states that within SDA, that is either because they have not searched enough, or do not want to search enough.

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