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All You Need to Know About Conspiracy Theories, Part 1

You’ll also notice that to make themselves appear more genuine, more believable, conspiracy theorists will often refer to their own private “whistle blower.” You’re really no one if you don’t have one. Of course, they cannot provide the name of the person because they are often high-ranking government officials and if their “covers” were blown, they would not only lose their jobs, but be placed in imminent danger. This makes us feel more secure in the knowledge that what we are reading is legitimate when in point of fact, we have no way of knowing whether or not they actually do have a person who is truly placed high up as they claim and who provides otherwise hidden knowledge to us.

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And a Happy Sequester Day to You!

Kingston goes onto say that this is exactly why he and other fiscal conservatives voted “no” because they didn’t want to raise the debt ceiling again and the spending reductions “specifically protected the main problem – entitlements and welfare.” Raising the debt ceiling could lead to another credit downgrade for the country. Making sensible cuts while possibly adding certain tax revenues would be much more intelligent. Then again, we are talking about the way it works in Washington.

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Sandy Hook and Other Problems NOT in the News

Yesterday, Brit Hume noted that, based on Mr. Obama’s inaugural address, it should have become clear to everyone that Mr. Obama is very left-leaning. He is not a centrist by any stretch of the imagination. Specifically he stated, “His inaugural speech should put to rest for all time the notion much favored by his admirers in the press that he is a centrist. He is not. He looked out to his west today across a country still suffering the after effects of a severe recession and said only that a recovery had begun. And his prescription for accelerating that anemic recovery? None was heard.”

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Federal Gov’t Rejects South Carolina Voting Law

It would seem that if Attorney General Eric Holder is viewed as doing something wrong, or even illegal, one of the things he can claim is racism. In this case, the implication is that Congress is going after Holder simply because he is black (and he says), like Mr. Obama.

First up, Mr. Obama is half-white, so I guess that means that regarding racists, they are going after the white half of Mr. Obama and with respect to Holder, they go after all of him. With the implication that Congress is racist, Holder tries what may be his last ditch effort to hang onto his job.

Whether Holder is black, white, blue or green has nothing to do with the fact that at the very least there are major improprieties with respect to “Fast and Furious.” At the most, we have an attorney general of the Federal government who may well have been working with Mr. Obama and other anti-gunners to create an artificial situation that would allow them to play on the fears of the public. This then would allow them to pass more anti-gun laws.

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