Sandy Hook and Other Problems NOT in the News

January 22, 2013 at 9:18 AM 2 comments

No matter how you try to ignore them, questions continue related to the Sandy Hook event.  First, let me clearly state that I believe that children and several adults were gunned down.  This tragic event took place and the lives of innocent children and adults were taken by some crazed gunman.

The problem that many reasonable adults have is that there are so many anomalies in the official narrative of Sandy Hook that you’d have to be either an idiot or else someone who also believes that things are amiss, yet you are willing to ignore those misgivings you may feel if the end result of the tragedy brings some “good.”  In this case, “good” to you means more restrictions on the availability of guns and ammo.

I’m including a video in this article because it clearly shows some of the problems with the official version of Sandy Hook.  It’s a video roughly 9 minutes in length and simply points out problems that are not easily explained.  View it and make your own decision regarding the worth of it.

I guess my difficulty is that I no longer trust my government and it’s terrible to think that, much less admit it.  I have seen what this administration has done during Mr. Obama’s first term and based on his “slip of the mic” to people like Russian President Medvedev, Mr. Obama will fulfill his promise of going as far Left as he can.  This is obviously something that was planned for this second term, in spite of his attempt to laugh it off when he was caught saying it.  It was true and he knew it and so did the rest of us in spite of the fact that the pundits tried to tell us we were making something out of nothing.

Of course, it isn’t just Mr. Obama.  George W. Bush had a hand in this as well, setting the stage to remove citizens’ rights through the Patriot Act, as well as other areas.  As the Joker said in Batman, “It’s all part of the plan” and that plan has come home to roost apparently.

I have come to realize that if push comes to shove, my own government would do what it considers to be best for me and America, even if that means trampling all of my rights and essentially eliminating the Constitutional rule of law for this country.  It’s a shame to have to admit the way I have come to feel about America’s government, but research will do that to you.  Either our government rules in favor of its people, or it rules to dictate to them.

It is clear to me that what will be Mr. Obama’s second term, he will continue to do what the powers that be want him to do.  He will continue to move toward the Left and away from any semblance of being what some call “centrist.”  We are even starting to see more of this admission coming from those within the media, as I knew it would.

Yesterday, Brit Hume noted that, based on Mr. Obama’s inaugural address, it should have become clear to everyone that Mr. Obama is very left-leaning.  He is not a centrist by any stretch of the imagination.  Specifically he stated, “His inaugural speech should put to rest for all time the notion much favored by his admirers in the press that he is a centrist. He is not. He looked out to his west today across a country still suffering the after effects of a severe recession and said only that a recovery had begun. And his prescription for accelerating that anemic recovery? None was heard.” [1]

There is no recovery on the way because that is not the goal of this administration.  The goal – presented to him by the global elite – is to bring America’s economy to her knees.  We are going to watch America’s economy tumble and eventually fall.  I’ve talked about this before and so have others who are more intelligent than I am on the subject of economics.

If you consider how much power and money must be in place to continue to shield Mr. Obama from being ousted through impeachment, it boggles the mind.  He has survived “Fast and Furious,” “Benghazi,” “Obamacare,” a terrible – absolutely terrible – economy that he helped create, high unemployment, and much more, yet he was handily re-elected into a second term.  This has happened to no other president in the history of the United States that I can recall.

With so many negatives happening in America that can be traced directly back to the Oval Office, you would think that people would wake up and start to think.  Unfortunately, the capacity to think clearly seems to be a lost art these days.  Too many people act as though they are owed something by our government and that this same government has unlimited supplies of money to pay for the things that people believe they are owed.

There are – what appear to be – major problems coming down the pike all because the people who run our government are using that government to run roughshod over the people.  Instead of being fiscally conservative, spending only what it takes in, the people who control the purse strings of the government continually spend far more than it takes in.  Because of that, our country is borrowing tons of money from places like China.  Are they going to want to cash in their equity soon, as I mentioned in my last article?

While the government institutes more measures in their ongoing attempt to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens and make it a crime for Christians to pray in public, [2] at the same time, they do what they can to hasten America’s fall. According to MRC, 18 of the top 20 papers endorse greater gun control via their editorials. [3]

Beyond this, it is fine (apparently) that there are jihadist Muslim groups on America’s soil that use our land for training purposes in their ongoing struggle against Allah’s enemies. [4]  Nothing is done about this and I have a feeling that nothing is done on purpose.

One day, the government will come for our guns.  Make no mistake about that.  The absurdity will be seen in the fact that they will come for our guns but they will still not be able to remove the guns that criminals possess.  They don’t care about criminals because criminals are not likely to stand up against the government, but law-abiding citizens will, who have continually been shoved against the wall by the illegal actions of a government gone awry.

2013 will be an interesting year.  It will be something to watch the continued downfall of America, in spite of the best efforts of people who see the train wreck coming and are doing what they can to help this nation avoid it.  The problem is that the average person does not have the power necessary to make changes, especially when the ballot itself has become an untrustworthy form of making one’s voice heard.

There is really a good deal coming down the pike.  Freedom of speech and religion will continue to be attacked as more and more conservatives and conservative groups are expelled from social networks and praying people are arrested for praying.  Gun rights will further be implemented so that eventually, the road to gun confiscation will be complete.  Economically, we will watch as the devaluation of the dollar continue until America is merely a hollow shell of what it once was in its heyday.

Finally, the Constitution itself will be overthrown, replaced with some piece of garbage that caters to special interest groups and ignores the rights of the people who have financially made this country what it was before Leftists got hold of the reigns of power.  America is going down, made possible by people who hate this country.  As one person stated on a social network, martial law will probably not be announced.  It will simply happen.  That’s a likely scenario in furthering the goals of the Left as they endeavor to take over more and more control of this country, while pushing out anyone who disagrees with them.

In many ways, we should have seen this coming.  I mean, seriously, how long have “empires” lasted throughout history?  Two hundred?  Three hundred years and then they’re gone?  Most empires that fell without firing a shot did so from within and the same is true of America.

As so many have stated (myself included), the world needs to become one in government and in purpose.  This cannot happen if sovereign nations continue to exist.  While it can continue to look as though sovereignty belongs to individual nations, the truth is that all nations must be controllable by someone.

To this end, the global elite is pushing us.  They use lies, deception, and deflection (as in the many unanswered questions related to Sandy Hook) to gain the upper hand and keep it.  Once they have that, it’s fairly easy to pursue a particular agenda and that’s what’s happening now and has been for some time.

Unfortunately, the Bible makes it clear that one day, there will be a fourth kingdom spoken about in Daniel 2 and 7.  This fourth kingdom will devour the whole world it will ultimately be led by one evil tyrant.  Paul calls him the “man of sin.”  Others call him something else.  The Antichrist he will be and it will be allowed by God because Satan will have his day.

Satan is the god of this age and that is extremely important for us to remember.  As far as the old Jewish sages were concerned, there are two ages in world history; the one we currently live in and the one in which Messiah will reign over the whole earth.

It doesn’t matter how much time passes.  As long as we are living in a time when Jesus is not reigning physically over the entire earth, we are still living in this current age.  The two ages are separated by Jesus’ physical return, which according to Scripture will happen at the end of the coming Tribulation period.  Once here, Jesus will judge the nations and prepare the world for his 1,000-year reign, in which He will rule with a rod of iron.

It’s good to know what’s coming.  It’s also good to attempt to push back against the powers of darkness wherever we can.  However, we cannot give into the temptation to believe that when darkness succeeds in covering the entire earth, it will be due to the fact that we did not do enough.  That is not true at all and I hear too many Christians buying into that concept.

What God has ordained will come to pass and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  Our job is the Great Commission.  Our job is not in doing what we can to save a country, even one like America.  Our job is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ so that people – whose eyes He deliberately opens – can embrace that gospel and receive His salvation.

This world will pass away.  His words will last forever.  Long after this world is destroyed and gone – by God Himself – and we remember it no more, we will continue to have His Word forever and ever.  Amen.


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  • 1. Dan Lowell  |  January 23, 2013 at 4:37 AM

    Once again I take some comfort in hearing another express what I believe myself. It happens less and less it seems. My wife and I both trust God. She, however, has an uncanny ability to trust herself. She knows God loves her and that’s what keeps her going. I think it’s her ability to forgive others that gives her the strength to be forgiven. Even though I can forgive others with increasing ease, I still get down on myself something awful! It’s like the enemy has me doing his work for him!

    I keep telling myself that God loves me for the same reason He loved Jacob, because He’s God! (heard that from some really smart fella lol )

    If it helps let me pass on this old Lebanese saying that works for ‘frustration’ as well as sorrow: the deeper sorrow carves into your being, the more room for joy it creates.

    I probably could have done more. What I cannot, or did not, do myself God will do through Jesus!

    Thanks for the philosophical company. It does get a little lonely sometime, don’t it?

    Chuckling along to heaven,

    Deacon Dan

    • 2. modres  |  January 23, 2013 at 6:46 AM

      I’m going to have to start learning to chuckle more myself, Dan 🙂

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