Chicks on the Right and the Tea Party Community

January 23, 2013 at 8:36 AM

Just a quick blog to let folks know about a new community that has been created.  Because of the fact that one particular social network – Facebook – seems to hate conservatives, they threatened to shut down the individual page of Chicks on the Right; two gals who are seriously conservative and call it like they see it.

Apparently, to the powers that be at Facebook, it goes against the grain to reflect conservative values, but it’s okay if you have a page of child porn.  No problem there.

For anyone who is truly conservative, they know it isn’t long before the attacks begin by the leftist “Nazis” at Facebook who take the time to warn conservatives that their posts may not be aligned with the community standards of FB, yada, yada, yada.

Well, yesterday, the two gals who run the site – Chicks on the Right – could not log into their site.  They were eventually told that they were going to be shut down.  No real explanation other than the blanket “your posts have gone against community standards” was offered.

FOX News contributor, Todd Starnes got wind of it and ran a story about it.  In short order, the dweebs at Facebook apologized and rescinded their threat to shut the gals’ site down.  In the interim the Chicks on the Right began their own social network and this one is essentially for people of the conservative mindset.  It’s called The Tea Party Community and you can find it here:

Right now, anyone can sign up and a lot of people have.  As of this writing, membership is just under 40,000 people.  Sure, that’s paltry compared to FB and other sites, but give it time and the numbers will swell.  Conservatives have gotten very tired of being treated like lepers on FB and other social network sites.  There really is no such thing as free speech there, unless you are on the Left and that is common knowledge.

Of course, we can expect that people who are liberal will also want to sign up but they will be rooted out rather quickly and sent packing back to FB.  I suppose if a liberal wants to be part of the Tea Party Community, it would be either because they want to pretend to be conservative at first, they are interested in actual dialogue with conservatives, or they simply want to create problems there.  In any case, their real motivation will eventually come to the fore and they’ll be rooted out.

If you are conservative and you are really tired of dealing with the hypocrisy of the Left on Facebook, I would strongly suggest giving the Tea Party Community a shot.  It’s nice to talk with people of like minds, even though we don’t all agree on every issue.

It seems that being a conservative today is too often vilified and frankly, I’m sick of it.  If you paid attention to Mr. Obama’s inaugural address, you undoubtedly noticed that it was a nuanced attack on the values of this country as well as conservative values in general.

What’s ironic is that now that Mr. Obama has been successfully installed for a second term, the media is now quietly starting to present news in a somewhat unbiased fashion.  This will likely become more obvious as time goes on because they do not have to protect Mr. Obama anymore from the possibility of not being re-elected.  Now, they have likely been given permission to get back to the job of actually reporting news.  Whoopee.  Only idiots will fail to see the subterfuge and it appears that there are plenty of them in the United States too.

That’s all for now.  If you’re conservative and want your voice heard among others of like mind, give thought about joining the Tea Party Community.  It works like Facebook, without all the drivel from the Left.

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