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January 21, 2013 at 9:53 AM 1 comment

You know, with all the continued vitriolic rhetoric from the Left – including most Democrats – it seems that it’s very difficult for conservative blacks to find their niche, or be taken seriously.  It amazes me how the Left does everything they can to pigeon-hole anyone who does not agree with them.  It’s the way the Left casts off anyone with which they disagree as if to say that entering into an actual discussion is too demeaning for them.  Yet, there are a number of wonderful groups out there that are willing to stand against the Liberal Machine.

One of the things I really love about the church we attend, is that there are numerous Hispanic and black families who regularly attend our church and are quite involved.  The sad part though is that these individuals are conservative and because of that, they get it from all sides and both barrels from the Left.  They are called “Uncle Toms,” “House Negroes,” and much worse.  In essence, their position is not seen as realistic or true, nor are they taken seriously.

Ever since Mr. Obama became president, more and more on the Left consistently believe (or at least want us to believe) that calling some conservative white person a racist or a conservative black person an Uncle Tom is perfectly acceptable and fine.  In fact, reaction from the Left has ramped up quite a bit and even though Joe Biden probably does not fully realize what he said when he spoke of our culture having become more coarse (with respect to guns), the same holds true of the type of characterization by those on the Left related to those on the Right.  Just looking at the ridiculous antics of Bill Maher, as well as the constant lies of Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, and others like him proves the point.  This type of reactionary, as well as inflammatory rhetoric from the Left is used to stifle conversation.

There are some organizations and individuals out there who stand against this type of chicanery, but it is understandably difficult.  I’ve talked about Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (from Bond Action) in previous articles here, who has made it his goal in life to educate white people (as well as blacks) regarding the tactics used by the Left.  He endeavors to help white people understand that we need not cave into the Left’s assertions that we are racist if we know that we are not.  He also cautions us not get sucked into the “white guilt” game that the Left likes to play as a matter of course.

Besides Rev. Peterson, another group that I’d like to highlight is the Black Republican Forum (  Their goal is “to return black Americans to their Republican Party roots by enlightening them about how Republicans fought for their freedom and civil rights, and are now fighting for their educational and economic advancement.” [1]

These folks work hard to stand against the tyranny of the liberal Left and as can be imagined, that is not an easy task.  Obviously, it’s difficult, especially when the media has wholly given themselves over to the lies of the Left.  The media’s pandering to the Left seems to know no bounds.

The Black Republican Forum have run billboards pointing out the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican, something you would think everyone would know, but most Democrats and liberals either dutifully ignore or have simply forgotten.  I find it very difficult to believe that Dr. King would approve of the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sheila Lee Jackson, Maxine Waters, and many other black politicians who are Democrats and extremely left-wing in their mindset, doing whatever they can to keep the racist verbiage on the front burner.

It would seem that folks like those mentioned above have absolutely no clue about the reality and truth of history, or simply don’t care.  They lie whenever they open their mouths it seems and they have done it for so long and so often, that they can do it without giving themselves away.  Who knows, but maybe they believe their own lies at this point since they say them often enough.  The truth of the matter is that these particular people are actually using those of their own race, to keep them chained to the liberal powers that be; powers that are largely white.  People like Jesse Jackson, et al, do not want blacks to realize this though because they would lose their constituency and their source of income would dry up rather quickly.

Years ago, the Democrats, many of whom were also members of the KKK, did whatever they could to literally keep the black man down.  In today’s world, they still do it, but simply use different methods of doing it.  One of the biggest ways they attempt to accomplish this is through the art of deflection.  They attempt to point out what they see as racism from Republicans so that people will stop looking at the Democrats.

As someone has pointed out, decades ago, the NRA was helping to actually arm and train black people with guns so that they could fight against the tyranny of the Left, made up mainly of Democrats and a lot of racist clan members.  Had it not been for the NRA, those black people would not have had a chance.

Yet today, we have certain black individuals calling the NRA racist, or the modern-day KKK.  It’s laughable and absurd, but unfortunately, because people do not think for themselves, too many are willing to believe this stupidity.

The black community – as far as Al Sharpton and the rest are concerned – needs to be told repeatedly that the white man is racist and endeavoring to keep the black man down.  Unfortunately, this is not only false, but in truth it is those of Sharpton’s ilk who are doing their level best to keep the black community enslaved to the powers that be from the (largely white)Left.  Without this, neither Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or others like them would not have jobs.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.  I truly do not recognize the Democratic Party from the days of JFK.  It has changed that much.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a true conservative and a Republican.  He wasn’t some RINO (Republican in name only) like Gov. Chris Christie or someone else who spouts one thing to become elected, then goes off on his/her own because of their real beliefs. I used to think of Christie as a conservative, but he has said too much of late that tells me of his real values.  He’s no more a true conservative than I am a liberal.  He should be a Democrat because he acts like one and espouses the attitude and beliefs of one.  I guess it was easier to get elected as a “Republican” though.

Dr. King valued life – equality in life – and placed an emphasis on equality and true conservatism.  There were many white people (like Mitt Romney’s father) who marched with King because they believed in him and wanted the same thing he did.  There are many of us in today’s society who want nothing more than to see all races treated equally.  Unfortunately, as far as the Left is concerned, if you are not one of them, you are racist or something else. Whether they actually believe that or not is not the point.  They say it and they say if often; therefore it is accepted by society at large as truth.

Groups like the National Black Republican Forum as well as many others have an uphill climb before them.  More power to them because of what they are up against.  We need to do what we can to support them as they attempt to get their message out there in an effort to counteract the hateful and despicable rhetoric of the liberal Left.


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  • 1. Lester  |  January 21, 2013 at 4:32 PM

    I wonder what Dr King would think of his young follower Jesse if he saw him today! Many of the others also that were with him in the struggle of that day. Those brethren in your fellowship of African heritage are following Bro Dr King on to the hope of his dream. If those who follow the pied piper we see in the Democrat party and hope to see King’s dream, well they are living in La La land! Most like you have said do not realize that the Democrat party was very powerful in the south and oppressed the African American. The KKK and many of the powerful land owners have a long history of using anyone they deemed lower than them selves.Of course King was a Republican as was Lincoln and thousands that created the underground railroad.So sad that we seem father away from Bro King’s dream now than then.


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