Federal Gov’t Rejects South Carolina Voting Law

December 25, 2011 at 2:02 PM

It would seem that if Attorney General Eric Holder is viewed as doing something wrong, or even illegal, one of the things he can claim is racism.  In this case, the implication is that Congress is going after Holder simply because he is black (and he says), like Mr. Obama.

First up, Mr. Obama is half-white, so I guess that means that regarding racists, they are going after the white half of Mr. Obama and with respect to Holder, they go after all of him.  With the implication that Congress is racist, Holder tries what may be his last ditch effort to hang onto his job.

Whether Holder is black, white, blue or green has nothing to do with the fact that at the very least there are major improprieties with respect to “Fast and Furious.”  At the most, we have an attorney general of the Federal government who may well have been working with Mr. Obama and other anti-gunners to create an artificial situation that would allow them to play on the fears of the public.  This then would allow them to pass more anti-gun laws.

Had it not been for the efforts of the NRA and other groups like them, the truth simply might not have come out.  However, we now know that “Fast and Furious” was a scheme to create such an outcome.  What was not planned was the gunning down of one of our own Border Patrol agents.

If Mr. Holder (along with Mr. Obama) knew of or had any planning in the “Fast and Furious” undercover operation, then by the fact that they were involved in it, would also imply their connection (indirectly) with the Border Agent’s death.  This is not to say that either Mr. Obama or Holder pulled the trigger.  It means that if they were involved in the operation at all, they created a situation which allowed one of our border agents to be gunned down.

It would seem then that “Fast and Furious” was nothing but a ruse to create general panic among U.S. citizens.  People who are fearful come to depend upon the government and in this case, would have called diligently for more gun control efforts.

In fact, shortly after the situation erupted in Mexico (with the use of guns received in straw purchases), several individuals in Congress known for their activism against guns, started the process of sponsoring/producing bills that would have eroded gun rights even further.  It was almost as if they were dutifully playing their part to accomplish what the administration attempted to create.

But what is even more ironic is the way the Justice Department acts toward much of what goes on in this country.  Recently, Holder held a press conference with respect to the lawsuit that involved Bank of America.  Apparently, the bank had purchased another lending institution that – unbeknownst to BofA – had done some things directed toward minorities that were not, shall we say, above-board?  Because of it, minorities that could have gotten lower interest rate loans for homes wound up paying a good deal more in interest.

So there stood Mr. Holder cautioning the world’s banks about doing things that are criminal and the Justice Department would stop at nothing to ensure this type of racism did not remain unchecked. It was more than ironic.  It was in fact, a joke.  How does anyone take someone like Mr. Holder seriously when in point of fact, he himself has come under fire for doing things that are patently illegal?  To say that this is merely white people ganging up on him because of his race is ridiculous, yet some people will swear on their dying breath that they got a bad rap because of their race.  In fact, people like Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Jesse Jackson and many others all live by that code; the code that says whenever they can – whether it makes sense or not, or whether it is real or fabricated – play the race card.  Because of this, they wind up using people of their own race to create situations that put them (the above mentioned individuals) in a positive light, as purveyors of honesty and simply people who are doing their job of protecting the rights of minorities.  But at what cost?

We know that the Justice Department has “set aside” the case of two New Black Panthers who had been charged with and convicted of blocking voting booths.  All of a sudden, that case is gone; simply gone.  How do you respond to that?

We also know that this same Justice Department, along with the Obama Administration have joined forces to sue several states over their immigration laws; the same laws that the Federal government refuses to enforce.  So, on one hand, our government admits that immigration laws are to be handled and upheld by the Federal government.  On the other, it shows no sign of enforcing them and does not want any state to try to enforce them either.

It seems our government has been taken over by people who either have a complete lack of understanding where the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are concerned, or they know the two documents thoroughly and are simply doing their level best to bypass them.  Which is it?

Now, we again have the Justice Department (which by the way, seems to be a stranger to actual justice) suing South Carolina over its new voting rules.  Apparently, they find the rules problematic because it forces people to show the proper identification to prove they have a right to vote.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez says South Carolina’s law didn’t meet the burden under the Voting Rights Act and may have prevented thousands of minorities from voting because they don’t have the right identification.” [1]  I’m wondering if Mr. Perez is aware of the many allegations of voter fraud in the last presidential election?  If so, what is the Justice Department’s take on that? That’s rhetorical…

Frankly, I’m not sure why creating laws that force people to prove their identity is wrong, or a hardship.  The idea that a person should be allowed to vote even if they do not have the “right identification” is mystifying to me.  I can’t drive a car without proper ID.  Well, I can, but if I get pulled over, I have some explaining to do to the police officer who would be questioning me.

When I fly, I must have proper ID and everyone knows that.  When I apply for a VISA or Passport, I must have the proper ID.  If I don’t, then go away and don’t come back to the Post Office until you have the correct ID.

But with respect to voting, it would appear that the Justice Department is far more concerned about making sure minorities vote than whether or not they have the right to vote.  The allegations surrounding the last presidential election are also mystifying.  Why hasn’t the Justice Department investigated?

Moreover, why does the Justice Department care only about minority issues?  It’s not as if previous administrations did nothing where minorities are concerned, but this current one seems to want to make sure that every ethnicity with the exception of Caucasian gets ahead.  This is a sign of class warfare and our government should be above it.  It isn’t.  Instead, it steps aside when New Black Panthers commit crimes.  It bears down on the states who are trying to shore up their borders so that they won’t have to claim bankruptcy because of the cost of all the additional resources used to fight illegal immigration (something Mr. Obama has consistently referred to as guest immigration).  Guests knock on the front door or ring the doorbell.  They don’t simply barge through the back door unannounced and expect to be welcomed with open arms.  Those are not guests.  They’re either criminals or freeloaders; maybe both.

I’m really hoping that the Lord chooses to end Mr. Obama’s time in office by replacing him with someone else; someone who has a clue and cares about all people in the United States.

So far, it looks to me like the people who continue to support the Obama Administration are working overtime to bring down each of the GOP candidates.  Since Cain was pushed out of the race, I’ve heard or read nothing concerning the myriad women who came out from every nook and cranny to charge Cain with sexual harassment or affair.

Now, it looks like racism will be used to take Ron Paul out of the race.  I’m not a Paul supporter, but this is just too strange and it appears to come out of Canada of all places?  Yes, somebody’s working very hard.

One by one, people are whittling away at the GOP candidates until the only one who remains is the one least likely to beat Mr. Obama even in a fair election.  That’s what happened last time as well.

The truth is that God oversees all of this and whether it makes sense to me is not the point.  The point is that I can ask Him to replace Mr. Obama with someone else.  I can ask and He has the right to say, “No.”  I wish I knew what God was going to do, but I don’t.  I wish I could say that we will not have four more years of Mr. Obama’s Administration, but I can’t say that.

I wish I could say that Eric Holder will be fired soon and Mr. Obama impeached.  I wish I could say that the next president will be a conservative who believes in smaller government and more freedom for the citizenry.

I wish I could say that border issue will be resolved.  Unfortunately, I can’t say any of that because I have no clue.  The one thing I do know though, is that no matter how bad things may appear, God is in control.  His ways are often so high above my understanding that even if He took the time to explain it to me, I would likely not understand it.

Because God is in control, I don’t have to worry about it.  I can cast my vote and leave the results to God.  It is still frustrating at times, but that’s the way each of His children should be dealing with these very real issues.

I have said this before, but it bears repeating.  Many within the visible Church have become completely ineffective.  We have forgotten what it means to pray.  We have placed too many things on the shelf as idols, instead of casting off everything that does not glorify God.

In short, many within Christendom are preoccupied with the world and all that it entails.  We want the best car (or at least a very good one), a nice home, a great family and a good-paying job.  God may have different plans and when those plans intersect ours and they are not the same, something has to give.  It will always be our plans that give, but if we are not prepared to see things God’s way then the frustration will increase until we develop ulcers.

The best thing we can do is pray and trust God for His response.  To pray and expect things to go the way we want is the antithesis of Christianity, because it is self-deification.

However, it is almost funny how often we think we have the power to create things, but we often quickly find out that we cannot.  We are no more gods than the trees in my backyard.

There are a lot of things wrong, not only in the United States, but also throughout the world.  Things seem to be getting worse, but didn’t Paul and Peter (as well as Jude and others) tell us that this is what we can expect? So why do I (or you) react to these things as if something strange were happening?  It’s God who plans things.  It’s God who raises up kings and brings them down.

God does it.  He will continue to do it, whether we think He is capable of it or not; whether we think that His choices are best or not.

One thing we need to do: cling to God! Trust Him for all you are worth! There is no One Person who is as capable, as loving, as perfect, just, and holy as He.  Whether I know the outcome of something before it happens is not important.  The only important thing I can do is trust God to accomplish what He will accomplish in order for Him to be glorified.  That’s it.  There is nothing better, nothing more important, and certainly nothing else worth living for.

[1] http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/dec/23/sc-voter-id-law-rejected-justice-department/

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