And a Happy Sequester Day to You!

March 1, 2013 at 2:04 PM

Well, it happened.  Sequestration hit.  How you feelin’?  All right?  You need something?  Aspirin? Some soda water?  Coffee?  A donut?

What of course is troubling is that the Obama administration continues to blame the GOP.  I guess the GOP has tremendous power.  They just don’t know it.

For the record, sequestration was really Obama’s idea.  He wanted it but now that it’s happened, apparently, he didn’t want it and in fact, said it would not happen.  It has happened.  But what is it and how will it affect us?

In today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution, there were two guest columns – one from the Left and one from the Right; Rep. Hank Johnson and Rep. Jack Kingston respectively.  By the way, this is the same Hank Johnson who, in 2010, voiced his concerns about the possibility of the island of Guam tipping over and capsizing due to overpopulation.  Though his office indicated that he was being “facetious,” it is clear that Johnson has a difficult time wading through actual facts to get to the truth.

His article today quickly placed the blame for sequestration at the feet of the GOP, just as Obama and other Dems have done.  He accused the Republicans of doing what he says they always do – “obstruct President Barack Obama.”  Really?  Okay, if you say so, Mr. Johnson.  It seems to me that Obama has gotten nearly everything he’s wanted and for that to have happened, the GOP had to play ball, at least a bit, but feel free to continue to believe that it’s all the GOP’s fault.

Kingston, on the other hand, tells us why sequestration has occurred, providing facts to support his statements.  “Sequestration was created in the Budget Control Act of 2011.  In exchange for another increase in the debt ceiling, the Obama administration proposed using automatic cuts of $1.2 trillion to force action on a larger deficit reduction package.  It was the classic Washington move in which dessert is served up first, and broccoli is left for later.  To make matters worse, the sequestration proposal exempted 107 programs and largely ignored the drivers of our debt.  Half the cuts would be directed toward defense, and 35 percent, toward non-defense discretionary spending.  Less than 15 percent would come from mandatory spending on entitlement programs, which account for 62 percent of our budget.”

Kingston goes onto say that this is exactly why he and other fiscal conservatives voted “no” because they didn’t want to raise the debt ceiling again and the spending reductions “specifically protected the main problem – entitlements and welfare.”  Raising the debt ceiling could lead to another credit downgrade for the country.  Making sensible cuts while possibly adding certain tax revenues would be much more intelligent.  Then again, we are talking about the way it works in Washington.

But don’t tell this to those on the Left because they, in general, believe that more money should be spent on welfare and other entitlement programs.  Fiscally-conservative individuals believe that if someone in Washington would do something to get the economy going, more jobs could actually be created.  This, in turn, would mean that there would be less people on welfare roles and other entitlement programs.  They would be earning money and also paying taxes, instead of simply receiving money from the government from my taxes.

Another good point that Kingston made is that, in the end, sequestration amounts to “less than 3 cents on the dollar over 10 years.”  It’s really not that big of a deal, except as far as the Obama administration is concerned.  They want people to think that the country’s economy will collapse tomorrow.  It won’t.  In fact, if Washington got its act together and did what it was supposed to do (instead of simply spending money it doesn’t have), things would actually be on the road to improvement.  It’s not too late.  We’re far from that happening though, because blaming Bush and the GOP is the name of the game.

The GOP has bent over backwards too many times in the past and frankly, I wished they had done then what they are doing now.  Either way, the Left and the Right will never see eye to eye.

But there is a larger picture here of course that many simply refuse to see.  It is simply that the Obama administration never takes blame for anything.  It really doesn’t matter what the subject is either.  They are never culpable.  Never.

Apparently, the Obama administration knew nothing of “Fast and Furious,” yet claimed executive privilege, which means it did know something.  You can’t claim executive privilege (to ostensibly protect Eric Holder and conversations you allegedly had with him) unless there had actually been communication between the Executive Branch of our government and the Department of Justice.  If there was no communication, then there is no way Obama could claim executive privilege.  He has denied he knew anything at all, yet claims executive privilege to protect him and Holder from what they apparently did not discuss.  Okay, whatever.

Of course, let’s not forget that Eric Holder said he knew nothing of “Fast and Furious” either, originally.  Apparently, nobody knew what was going on here, which means we have rogue agents doing whatever they wanted to do without obtaining proper permission to do something like “Fast and Furious.”  That’s hard to believe.

Benghazi.  Nothing to see there either.  Obama denied knowing anything at all about what really caused the deaths of four Americans at the consulate there in Libya.  Now we learn that the most important man of the free world was not even available during the Benghazi situation and only talked with people after Americans had died and that was done by phone.

Recently, thousands of illegal aliens were released due allegedly to sequestration.  Yet, Obama knew nothing of this either.  Janet Napolitano originally said she was not in the loop and is now stating that her “underlings” released these individuals.

So far, we have a president, the nation’s top cop and the person in charge of Homeland Security who seem to be unaware of what is going on in their own departments.  That seems weird to me.  Isn’t that at least part of the reason these individuals are being paid; to make sure they know what is going on and actually direct things?

We also have Bob Woodward stating he had been threatened by someone within the Obama White House.  The White House denied that.  Eventually, Woodward showed us the emails and we now have a name and a face for the person whom Woodward believes threatened him.  Was it just a case of terrible wording?  Lanny Davis has also come out to back up Woodward’s claim with a claim of his own; that he also was threatened.

It’s interesting because both Woodward and Davis are liberals; they’re on the Left, not the Right, but if their allegations are true, that means that somebody at the White House is threatening these guys who don’t want to play ball with the WH.

Look, the truth seems to be that if we gaze over the landscape of the past four years or so, Obama claims repeatedly that he either has had no knowledge of something or he was not involved.  This latest denial regarding sequestration is simply another rung on the ladder.

I’m getting tired of hearing how he cannot be faulted for anything at all and still gets away with blaming Bush or the GOP at every turn.  If it wasn’t so ridiculous, it would be a bit comical.  Unfortunately, it’s not comical.  Someone is lying.  Obama actually has lied on more than several occasions.  He’s lied about raising taxes.  He’s lied about sequestration.  He has – at the very least – muddied the waters with respect to the “Fast and Furious” operation and it appears as though he has lied with respect to Benghazi.

Richard Nixon lied.  His lie led him to be impeached and he was drummed out of office in disgrace.  Bob Woodward was heavily involved in making that happen.  Watch “All the President’s Men” if you haven’t already done so.

Bill Clinton lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.  He was impeached but managed to stay in office.  People still think he’s a great man, even though he lied.  Integrity means nothing today.

Obama has lied, he has skirted the law by circumventing the Constitution whenever he can do so, and he continues to foist blame on others, instead of taking responsibility to do what is best for this country.  Has he been impeached yet?  Not to my knowledge.  Oh sure, there have been rumblings of it, but nothing serious.  Then again, do we want him impeached with Biden waiting in the wings?

What company would keep a CEO who was always placing blame on others?  CEOs take responsibility for their actions or inactions.  They know that the buck truly does stop with them.  Mr. Obama seems not to have gotten that memo, even though he has given lip service to the idea.

Our political system desperately needs an enema.  It needs to be flushed out.  Will it happen?  Nope.  It’ll continue on, limping along, with the Left doing what they can to bring their brand of change to America, in spite of the Constitution that limits the federal government and its power.  That doesn’t matter to many on the Left (including those pretending to be on the Right).

You know, I’m just really glad that my citizenship is in heaven.  This life is short and it will completely pass away.  The next one won’t.  It will remain for all eternity.

Since January of this year, several people that I personally know have died.  First, several days into January, my mother, who had been in assisted living first and then hospice, passed into eternity.  She knew the Lord.  She is now enjoying the fullness of her salvation as well as the company of others who went before her.  I’m glad her suffering is over.  I’m glad she doesn’t have to deal with the problems in this life anymore because her life was not that easy.

Several years before my mother passed, my sister unexpectedly passed away.  She is also with the Lord and I’m sure she and my mother have had a lot to talk about.  My sister had not been in the best of health and the last few years of her life were not that great for her.

A number of years before my sister passed away, my father was struck down by cancer.  His passing was relatively quick.  I am hopeful that he knew the Lord but cannot stake my life on it.  He certainly knew what salvation was all about because I had explained it to him several times.  We prayed for him often.

But since my mother died this past January, it seems that death has visited people close to me.  About a month ago, a dear Christian brother at church began experiencing severe pain one weekend.  When Monday rolled around, he went to the doctor.  They did some tests and determined that he had advanced leukemia.  They transferred him to Emory Hospital and began aggressive chemo.  A week later, he was dead, gone to be with the Lord.

His mother – at the time – was not doing well and was in hospice.  They could not tell her that one of her sons was ill or had died.  They tried to find a time, but she was in and out of consciousness.  Two days after her son passed, she went to be with Jesus and I’m sure she was surprised to see her son already there.

Just yesterday, my wife and I went to yet another memorial service.  This time, for my brother-in-law (who was married to my sister until her death), it was one of his sister’s who passed.  She had suffered with cancer for eight years.  As one of the officiating pastors said at the service, it’s death in slow motion.

She also knew the Lord and in fact, one of the things she told my brother-in-law a few days before she passed was that she would be seeing “Debbie,” my sister (his wife) again.  Strange when you stop to think about it.

You know, it is difficult to think about heaven at times as we ought.  We get very caught up in this life because this is where we are and what we are most affected by (it seems).  But for Paul, the apostle, and many others, the reality is that they longed for eternity.  They couldn’t wait and could almost taste it.  They knew that the problems of life and life itself was here today and gone tomorrow.  True life is what we have in Christ.  It is the gift of eternal life.

Knowing Christ, being in relationship with Him is really all that matters.  The rest will pass.  In John 3, a conversation is recorded for us that Jesus is having with Nicodemus.  Jesus is trying to explain to Nicodemus what salvation is all about.  Nicodemus seems perplexed, so Jesus spells it out for him.  True salvation is when a person becomes “born again” or “born from above.”  Without this new birth, salvation does not occur, no matter how much a person does for “good” in this life, or how good they may think they are because of it.

This is the spiritual transaction that God wants to take place in the heart of every person He creates.  Far too many reject it though, thinking that they know best, or that they can do it without God.  No, we can’t do it without God.

When we leave this life for eternity, we will instantly be aware of whether or not we made the correct decision in this life.  Did we receive salvation, or did we simply spend time acting like a Christian, putting it on from the outside?  There are a lot of people who do that.  They are simply professing Christians.  They go through the motions.  They do what others consider to be “good” things.  But in the end, what is their answer to the question about whether they actually know God or not?  We cannot know God unless we first have authentic salvation.  That is the thing that separates professing Christians from authentic Christians.  It is whether or not that spiritual transaction has actually occurred with a person.

Oh, and by the way, it’s not up to me or anyone else to determine who is and who is not truly saved.  Jesus said we would know them by their fruit, but that does not give us permission to judge the heart of another person.  We can certainly judge their works and words whether those words/words are good or bad; right or wrong, but we cannot judge the condition of their heart.  That’s God’s territory.  His alone.  We need to stay out of there.

So here we are in March, 2013, here on planet earth, living this life God gave us to live.  America has begun the second term of Mr. Obama’s presidency and the question is, will we be better off as a nation because of it?  I have my doubts.

However, in the end, what happens (or doesn’t happen) in Washington DC is not my greatest concern.  In fact, does it really matter?  The only thing that has any staying power is the change that God brings to the life of an individual because of their faith in His finished work.  Once we gain salvation, the importance of this life begins to fade.  We take on a new outlook and begin to see eternity.  That’s as it should be.

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