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Would You Know God, Pt 2?

In 2 Chronicles 33, we read of horrible king Manasseh, who began his reign at 12 years-old and ruled for fifty-five years in Judah. He was thoroughly idolatrous, even offering his own children to Molech. He also used witchcraft and sorcery (v 6). He was very likely originally advised by counselors who were evil themselves. However, as he became an adult, he alone bore the responsibility of his actions that ultimately caused God to send Assyrian armies to Jerusalem to take Manasseh captive.

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Deuteronomy is Moses’ Swansong

This is a great time for us to reflect on this area of idolatry. Most people today do not bow down before graven images. We don’t have shrines in our homes and I’m referring to Christians here. I know that those within Buddhism, and other Eastern religions often have some form of shrine in their home or around their home. Moses told the people to not make any type of image of anything that might tempt the people to worship it. This is anathema to God because He alone is to be worshiped. 

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Jonathan Cahn’s The Paradigm

Dominionism is the belief that if Christians work hard enough to spread the Gospel and turn people to Jesus, a domino effect will occur throughout society that will change America into a nation that glorifies God. I don’t see this in Scripture at all. I see things getting worse and worse until the Tribulation occurs wreaking the worst persecution on earth that has ever been or will ever be. This will be “cut short” by the physical return of Jesus, who will then set up His Millennial Kingdom where He will rule with a rod of iron for 1,000 years. He will literally show the world how it is done.

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Christman Means Jesus Whether World Likes It or Not

Centuries ago, if a person brought a tree into their home, decorated it, and set it in a corner, it was clear to everyone then that the tree was dedicated to Asherah. No one would miss that fact, so God told the Israelites that they should not do that. In fact, God pointed out that they were to avoid every form of idolatry. God gave plenty of rules and laws through Moses that the people of Israel were to obey. The Church is not Israel and because of that, many of those rules do not apply to us, especially rules that are culturally based from hundreds or even a few thousand years ago.

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