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Wars and Rumors of Wars

When dealing with the subject of global or world wars, it’s good and reasonable to ask why they occur at all? Who is behind them in the spiritual realm and here in the physical dimension in which we live? Maybe a better question to ask is why they happen? If we understand why these wars occur, we are probably that much closer to understanding who is behind them.

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Babylon? 6.66? Intense Red? All from Loreal

What we are seeing throughout society are the birth pangs that are signalling this coming time of imperial revolution. At the height of the Tribulation period – starting at the midway point; three and a half years in – the person Paul calls the “man of sin” (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2) will make his way into the rebuilt Jewish temple, go into the Holy of Holies and there he will sit and declare himself to be God. From that point onward, anyone who does not worship him will be executed.

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Toward the End of the Age…

The rhetoric in the Middle East ceases to go away, with Fatah Party leader, Abbas, calling for an “unofficial” boycott of all Israeli products. Madman Ahmadinejad continues his pompous tirade against Jews and Israel. More and more Muslims seemed poised for the next jihad, and the world is completely on edge, though trying to remain calm and approach life normally. With fears of a nuclear Iran, that becomes a near impossibility.

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