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Eschatology in Romans Related to Israel and the Church, Part 2

Unfortunately, in today’s religious climate, many even within Christendom see Israel as a problem rather than the source of blessing from God’s perspective. They point to the nation’s rejection of Jesus as Messiah and God’s judgment upon that nation in AD 70 by Rome. This, they believe, is when God not only judged the nation, but chose at that time to cut all ties with Israel forever. While God certainly judged, He most certainly did not cut all ties with Israel. Only through incorrect exegesis and allegorical maneuvering can God’s Word be said to teach that. The whole of the Bible does not support such an untenable position.

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Rapture, Increasing Lawlessness, and the Tribulation, Part 3

The Rapture is PreTrib in nature. It will happen prior to the beginning of the Tribulation. It needs to do so in order that lawlessness might become truly lawless. This will help pave the way in global society to receive the “man of sin” who will be the embodiment of lawlessness himself. It is not so much that the world itself will become more evil through malicious crimes and lack of concern for other humans. That will certainly be part of it. The lawlessness that Paul speaks of is the result of global society doing everything they can to rid themselves of the belief in God and His absolute truth.

As long as the true Church is in society, the Holy Spirit holds things in check, not allowing this world to become as lawless as it will be once the true Church is gone. Once the true Church is gone, so too, is a major avenue of influence that the Holy Spirit uses to literally keep Satan at bay. Lawlessness in the form of a society being thoroughly “anti-God” will become so emboldened leading up to the Tribulation (after the Rapture) that as Jesus said, “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will,” (Matthew 24:21).

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Working, While Waiting & Watching

In both cases, we see that Noah and Lot were in the world. They had to deal with the trials and tribulations of dealing with evil people. Because of it, both Noah’s and Lot’s worlds were difficult. However, in neither case, was what they experienced representative of God’s wrath. In both cases, when God’s wrath poured out onto the earth, both Noah and Lot (along with their families) were kept safe, away from the destructive forces poured out by God.

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Jacob Prasch’s “Shadows of the Beast”, Pt 2

I have completed Prasch’s book and as I mentioned in my last blog, I am finishing my review of it.

Prasch makes some great points. He brings in a good amount of historical and biblical data to help us understand how the spirit of the antichrist is at work in the world. This, he says, is to help us know the identity of the coming, final “man of sin” when he is revealed to the world.

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Reasons Why People Believe the PreTrib Rapture!

Please feel free to participate with your comments at the end of this brief blog, but please, hold your sarcasm and/or denigrating attitude in check. All I want from people is a brief sentence or two that you have heard why PreTribbers believe what they do.

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A Word About the Rapture…

Let’s just get along and realize the most important thing we can do in this life is serve God, and evangelize the lost. We are not here to enter into stupid, asinine, time-wasting debates about aspects of Eschatology! It is a complete waste of time.

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Mosque at Ground Zero? Give Me a Break…

It is time that we put a halt to Islam’s reach in this country, and take back what has been lost.

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Demons in Disguise

The preponderance of evidence suggests that they have created this complex masquerade to mask their real mission. Certainly part of that is to lead humanity to a one world government, headed by a one world leader.

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Death or Rapture

We are all going to die and we have no clue about our day or time of departure. If I am living my life daily considering the fact that I could die at some point in each death, am I being spiritually mature, or lazy and unspiritual?

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The Holy Spirit Taught Me…

But let’s be clear here. When people start making statements like “I prayed that the Holy Spirit would teach me,” one must stop to ask how could the Holy Spirit be teaching three or four different versions of the same theological topic?

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